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28 Jul 2006
Valer�n's new injury has worried Deportivo's fans around the world. The confrontation against Benfica was the second match for him after the serious injured he suffered last January whilst playing at the Riazor. All reports and claims that have been made are pointing towards a cartilage injury (Meniscus). A problem that could leave him out of action for the next 6-8 weeks (2months). But it's too early to make conclusions. New exams in Madrid will determine the exact magnitude of the injury.

Juan Carlos Valer�n suffered a new injury that has worried the club's doctors. The Canarian rotated his left knee in the 27th minute of the match against Benfica and the alarms bells started to ring. He was immediately substituted from the match and taken off the field in a stretcher. Doctor Cobi�n proclaimed that it could be a cartilage injury. Specifically, he is talking about  the meniscus cartilage.

The recuperation of the Canarian player will depend on the magnitude of the problem. According to stoneclinic.com the injury could reacquire a surgery: "If the meniscus is torn in the peripheral thirty percent, the blood supply is adequate to permit healing if the tear is repaired in a stable fashion. If the tear is in the inner zone, with less blood supply, the likelihood of a repair healing is diminished but not eliminated. Newer techniques to provide stable repairs and increased nutrition to this tissue have provided a high rate of healing. Due to the supreme importance of the meniscus in knee joint function as described above, every effort to repair torn menisci is now made at the time of arthroscopic surgery."

Cobi�n said that he believes that the injury happened in a peripheral zone, meaning that his recuperation will be easier. In the worst case scenario, Valer�n could be out of action for the next two months. But further analysis must be done first. Valer�n flied to Madrid on Friday's night and he will go trough a complete medical scan in order to know the exact problem that he has suffered.

On January the Canarian playmaker suffered a serious injury in the same knee, for this reason the fans are worrying that this case could be as serious as the previous one. But doctor Cobi�n has said that this is a different case. Valer�n himself spoke about the incident minutes after he left the pitch: "It wasn't the same situation. It wasn't so painful. I hope that it's only a cartilage injury as the doctor said."

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