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15 Mar 2013
First Galician derby for Resino, but not for Fernando Vázquez, who already lost against Depor coaching Celta. Both men are cautious before the match, but both know the importance of the three points regarding the permanence.

Curious Galician derby, with both coaches only spending a few matches at their current clubs. This is just the fourth game of Abel Resino Gómez in command of RC Celta. The Velada-born coach landed in Vigo on February 18 in order to replace Paco Herrera. He’s a former goalkeeper that made a solid career at Atlético Madrid –he earned the Zamora trophy in 1991-

As a football coach, his career has been more instable; his biggest achievement was to qualify Atlético Madrid to the Champions League during the season 2008/09, but as fired one year later due to the poor results. Last year, he signed for Granada CF after the exit of Fabri (January) and saved the club from relegation, but his contract wasn’t renewed. Totally he has an experience of only 73 games as a coach at the elite of Spanish football.

More prolific is the career of Fernando Vázquez, who despite only been completing his fifth appearance as Depor’s manager, already has an experience of 345 games at Primera División. This is the first Galician derby for Resino, but not for Vázquez, who already lived the experience with Celta. Vázquez is the sixth man that disputes a Galician derby with both Depor and Celta. The first five were: Jose Planas, Alejandro Scopelli, Joselito, Juan Arza & Javier Irureta.

Depor’s coach addressed the media after Wednesday’s training; he spoke to reporters for fifteen minutes in a very relaxed environment despite the upcoming crucial Galician derby; he started explaining the status of Marchena and the rest of injured players, “No, it isn’t a worrying situation. He [Marchena] had flu and also fever. It was just a precaution measure. Nothing more. The only doubtful player is Salomão; he’s dragging a quadriceps problem [thigh] and will undergo new scans. We will see. Jesús [Vázquez] is dragging a groin problem, but well... in the beginning the more doubtful player is Salomão.”

A reporter asked if the game was a matter of life or death and the Galician tactician answered that, “I never liked the tragedies. For me it’s an important game, but won’t say that it’s the last hope. Anyway, clearly the margin is now smaller and the mathematics is more complicated. These three points will bring oxygen for the city and for all of us in order to spend the next fifteen days waiting for the day of Mallorca. We need to win, above all the things, it’s evident, but the clear thing is that eleven games are remaining and we need to win seven, that’s the reality.”

He also said that Deportivo won’t be overexcited for the derby, “I take care of that. Deportivo showed up in the last derbies that they can match the expectations. They never were overexcited. In the last derby Deportivo was better than Celta and we need to repeat that. It’s good to have a derby right now, because the team is at the emergency room and needs help. I can take care of the brain but need help for the lungs and heart. The fans are here for this. If the heart, the brain and the lungs are safe, they the sick patient won’t die.”

Then, the Castrofeito-born coach explained why he hasn’t decided yet the lineup for the game, “The lineup will be up one hour and twenty minutes before the kick-off, I mean the players will know it at that time. I don’t have a clear picture right now, because I haven’t watched yet the Celta of Abel. Later I will know what we’ll do, for now I’ve been more focused in my own team. We’ll make a plan in order to defeat Celta.”

There was a comment related to the state of Galician football as the main two clubs are fighting to survive at Primera, “The situation isn’t comfortable for Galician football, but well… any side winning will have a real chance of reaching the salvation. The situation for Celta is easier as they are closer. If Celta wins at the Riazor then possibly they will leave the pit, we are farther. The team is running out of gas and need to reach the next gas station, without it we’ll be left behind on the road.”

A reporter from Radio Marca asked if he’s thinking in any striker from Depor B in order to be the alternative to Riki and Oliveira, but Vázquez answered that, “Camuñas…. Camuñas…. He was a striker at the beginning. I don’t think is right to call anyone else, because there are strikers that are underutilized. I think it’s enough and we need to use more often the ones that we have at the squad.”

He neither left any clue about who will be the starters at the centre of the defense, this after been asked if there was any doubt on who will play, “I don’t have doubts with them. What happens is that I need to make a choice. Of three centre-backs that I have available the question is who can play. I need to choose. It’s not a matter of having doubts. I have confidence in them. I am content with the performance of Aythami and Insua in Barcelona, and both can repeat. But Marchena has the chance to play too.”

Once again Depor’s trainer was defending Nélson Oliveira, who didn’t have a good game in the previous meeting against FC Barcelona, “I see that Nélson was little better on this week, perhaps it was too strong for him to debut at the Camp Nou, but I realized that he was happier and focused on this week’s trainings.”

Asked for Evaldo, the coach said that the only reason why the Brazilian isn’t part of the latest plans is a mere tactical decision, “Out for tactical reasons, just by that. He was in before and is now out; he could rejoin the lineup too.”

Then he insisted that Ayoze didn’t play against Barca, because there were other players with the needed qualities for the job, “I knew he had four yellow cards, but it isn’t the factor that influenced in my decision. It was a decision of putting a player for certain reasons; I didn’t look at the number of yellow cards.”

There was also an interesting thought regarding Iago Aspas, his importance for Celta and his declarations, “Aspas is a player that evolved in an extraordinary way regarding the sporting sense; he has the talent and the level, so he’s the offensive reference. He’s a menace due to his goals and passes. A great player. I cannot say that Aspas is a bad person, but what happens is that you need to measure your words when you start to become a noticeable player. I will always think that it’s stupid to wish evil to the enemy before wishing the best to your own side, why you need to do that? But well… in that sense he can be criticized.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez was remembering the players that were with him in his stage at RC Celta and the difference between the past derbies and the one that will be played on Friday, “Borja Oubiña was there. Sergio, the second keeper, left-back Lago, the same Iago Aspas, who was picked when I was the coach, though he didn’t debut… Mallo, Toni and Tuñez were too young. I believe that this derby is different, because before there was tranquility in a sporting sense, now it seems the points are more important than the derby itself, so we are more worried. That’s the difference I can distinguish.”

Celta’s coach offered his press conference on Friday’s morning; he started saying that there’s no favourite team for the derby, ”I see the game 50-50 regarding the opportunities. They’re saying that this is their last chance to stay hooked to Primera División and let’s see the Deportivo that we will meet: if they come out for the game since minute one or if they are more conservative.”

He’s pretty aware of the importance of a victory at the Riazor, “It’s a very important game, not only because Depor is the historical rival, but also because the team needs a push playing outside home. The final goal of salvation passes through winning on the road. The team is evolving, but the only way to confirm it is winning. If you don’t win then it’s harder to believe.”

Resino also commented on the presence of Levy Madinda, a young midfielder picked for the game and that could make his debut with the first team, “Madinda has been a grateful surprise. Truly you cannot judge the performance of a player until watching him play, but I believe this kid has an important future.”

Before the press conference, the Velada-born coach offered an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; he compared the sensations of this derby with the one Real Madrid-Atlético, “Well, I have lived a Real Madrid-Atlético Madrid and it’s similar. The derbies are different and a cool mind must be the main quality in order to compete with enough guarantees. These are hot matches in which the fans transmit a lot of stuff. For the people in Vigo it’s really motivating to defeat the eternal rival and I guess it’s the same in A Coruña.”

He was also remembering the current situation at the standings, “The picture in worrying. These are the last two places and a lot of matchdays have already passed. Their situation is complicated and for us is tough too, because we need to win this game in order to confirm the improvement witnessed in the previous matches. The team has improved, but we need to reaffirm it with results. A derby is a great opportunity to add points on the road and reinforce our fight.”

Finally, Abel Resino is convinced that Celta is playing for bigger things in this derby, “I believe that ours motives are stronger. We play for a lot. By winning this game the calculations that I made before will fit, this means to reach the game against Barca still in the fight. If we win on Friday then we will be in the fight, which means to not lose the track of the other teams.”



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