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17 Mar 2013
The media emphasized the contribution of Valerón and Juan Dominguez and their importance for Deportivo; at the same time the papers condemned Iago Aspas for his expulsion, something that was considered as a key to understand the result.

La Voz de Galicia: Towards the salvation through the talent. In Seville, just after landing at the club, Fernando Vazquez kept the model of Paciência and planted a trivote that never bothered the Andalusians. From there, the Castrofeito-born coach put his stamp recovering Valerón and sacrificing Bergantiños. However, the duo Assunção-Aguilar lacked someone who could connect them with El Flaco. Against Madrid, Rayo and Barca, the team was pretty well covered, but in order to escape from the bottom places you need something more than shielding Aranzubia. Depor only occasionally generated danger inside the penalty area.

The solution to the lack of offensive flow has appeared in the boots of a homegrown player that has received a few chances by Vázquez in recent games. Juan Dominguez left a message in the press room a few weeks ago: "I am happy at the individual level, because in three months I had played like five minutes and the other day I played ten." Yesterday he had an hour and a half to prove he can be the ideal partner of Valerón on the road to salvation. Among the Canarian and the Galician both players offered a recital of assists that removed Celta from the ground.

Los Celestes were unable to stop the local game, especially after the expulsion of Aspas. The first ball that landed at the boot of El Flaco immediately went over the net of Javi Varas. The number 21 poked the ball over the defense allowing Riki to open the account. Fifteen minutes later, Juan Dominguez brought his class with a measured pass from the ground to Bruno Gama and he was unable to capitalize in a one-on-one action. The recital continued before the break with another cross of Valerón that allowed Riki's run, but this time Varas was quicker.

Three assists in the first half in anticipation of another three in the second. An account opened with a perfect pass from Juando placing the ball from his own side of the pitch that allowed Riki to face the keeper having many meters of advantage over the visiting goalie. However, the striker missed the target. The homegrown player still made another great service to Bruno Gama before Valerón had provided the definitive pass to Salomão. A concert seizing the presence of only one defensive midfielder, an easy role for Abel Aguilar. It is true that the opponent played an hour with ten, but the road to salvation passes through the talent. Xurxo Fernández

La Opinión A Coruña: Roller of hope. Yes, we can. It was proved last night, Deportivo passed all over Celta based in courage, football and three goals for framing. More than goals, great goals signed by Riki, Silvio and Salomão to transform the Riazor into a real party, deserved and long expected after all this time of sorrow. Celta, no trace of them. Neither before nor after the expulsion of the temperamental Aspas, who condemned his team to a certain defeat.

It was a matter of winning above all else. With courage, of course, but also with football.  Juan Dominguez took care of that, the big surprise at the starting team. Fernando Vazquez called the Galician midfielder seeking for temple, ball possession and clarity of ideas in the wide area. Some criterion in the hottest night of the year. And the bet couldn’t have been better. First, because Dominguez was particularly feeling comfortable, and second, because Celta left him play too much. Not only him, also Valerón, unmarked to turn on and play comfortably. Thus was born the early 1-0, a great assist from the Canarian to Riki, a play he defined as the angels. Control with the thigh and volley to the top corner. Unstoppable.

Meanwhile, Aspas began to despair, well controlled by Aythami and especially by Marchena. The Moaña-born striker, disappeared in the game, starred another of those episodes characteristic of those great players that, like him, lost their head too often. His aggression against Marchena cost him a red card and left his team with ten men for one hour. It was his conviction.

Celta suffered, but stayed alive. The entry of Orellana didn’t improve things. Celta remain crouching, without giving up to the counterattack, but much more concerned to attack than to defend. They gathered and spent the time waiting for Depor in order to steal the ball and run. It was the plan until Sílvio sealed the game with the second goal, another great volley, but this time from outside the area. Direct to the top-corner. Directly to the gallery. Now it was time to enjoy playing. And what better way to do it than having the ball. Depor were dominating and didn’t give up to the third. Riki, Pizzi, Bruno, Abel... All tried until Salomão rounded the party with the third goal after another great assist from Valerón. Park responded with the 3-1. It didn’t matter. The three points were already tied. And with them, an extra life. Eugenio Cobas

Marca: Depor left Celta sold. Hugo Mallo, though without knowing it, played at the Riazor. The poster of 'for sale' with the badge of his rival with which he posed only served to turn on Deportivo, side that showed that they will not give anything away. To stay at Primera may be a miracle, but they left clear the message that no one is going to be sold. Deportivo took the derby with clarity and it must be said, they found another unexpected help, Iago Aspas, an antihero expelled from the game.

With one less man and without their best player, Celta could do little at the Riazor. Aspas is good, very good, but made a mistake that was expensive in A Coruña and that has consequences. He was trying to find a cross into the box and eventually hung with Marchena and gave a header that everyone saw. Even Velasco Carballo, who showed him the emergency exit. Celta also left by that door, team that ran out of options with one less man. Not because of the inferiority, but the figure vanished.

Deportivo scored soon. Valerón shone again. It has less jewelry, but the pearls remain shinning. A pass of him meant the great goal of Riki, who controlled the ball inside the area and finished with anger into the net. The Canarian made the assist and had no compassion for Celta. He celebrated as the goal deserved, full of redemption. If Depor are still alive it is for his saving goals. The goal by Silvio condemned Celta, side that received another goal from Salomão and found the one for the honor netted by Park. Deportivo won the derby with a sign on his chest: 'Not for Sale'. Delfín Melero

El País: Brain against bad head. The XXI century derbies still decided by players from the twentieth century. In the era of social networks, Valerón succeeds, a pre-Twitter player, who contrasted his skills to decide against the ones of Iago Aspas, many times savior of Celta and who now condemned his team with an error. An expulsion caused by nerves and rapture, a monumental goof that clouds the horizon of Celta, leaving the three points for Deportivo, revived last place, anchored as few teams are in a single lighthouse, the one of Valerón. Juan L. Cudeiro.

AS: Depor go out alive from the derby. The lights in the derby were upon two players: Riki and Aspas. The two appeared, but in very different ways. Deportivo’s striker to open the scoring with a great goal that transformed him into the dark beast of Vigo after scoring goals in three of the last four derbies. Celta’s striker, to condemn his team with a header worth a slumming fight at any night dive. His aggression over Marchena will also have more serious consequences, because Abel will lose his best forward for several games, some of them vital for survival at Primera

The true is that Aspas has a problem with Depor, team against whom he never scored and against whom he had always passed unnoticed, victim of his anxiety, the one of a misunderstood rivalry. At the Riazor he reached his lowest point with his pre-derby words ("We hope to leave Depor with both feet at Segunda") may return to Balaídos like a boomerang. A shame, because these behavior are hiding his great talent.

The aggression conditioned a match that began dying with the expulsion of the Moana-born striker, and that taking in mind that Celta dominated a Depor that spent the time pending in the counterattack to sentence the meeting, with Riki becoming into a real pain to the visiting defense. The lace didn’t arrive in a counterattack, but through a great goal by Silvio causing the first race of Fernando Vazquez on the sidelines. Then it was the turn of Salomão, one-on-one with Varas, and Park, who at least achieved the honor for a poor Celta.

The victory in the derby is the first one of Vazquez and is useful for the fans and the players to join the faith of his coach: Yes, we can! Just as a very popular add would say: to win a game worth three points, to win a derby is priceless. Luis De La Cruz.

Faro de Vigo: Nightmare at the Riazor. The team from Vigo suffers a painful loss against a Deportivo that have signed their first victory since the arrival of Fernando Vazquez. Celta remain as the second-bottom club and wasted a chance to sleep off the relegation. The expulsion of Iago Aspas sentenced a team that was already in disadvantage because of the early goal from Riki.

Deportivo had installed the party at the Riazor. The score was favorable. Assaulting the stadium had gone uphill for Celta, now, accusing their numerical inferiority. They could not find clarity in the final meters. That lack of punch, perhaps one of the reasons for their situation at the standings, caused the counterattacks from Fernando Vazquez’s men, which became increasingly dangerous. The wound was enlarged with the third goal of Salomão. The Portuguese, who had just entered the field, signed the judgment of Celta. History repeats itself. Riazor again is pulling the salvation away from Celta. Carlos Castrillón



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