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17 Mar 2013
Happiness at Deportivo after the victory in the Galician derby; Fernando Vázquez and the players are hoping this could be the beginning of a positive streak. At Celta, regret and criticism towards Iago Aspas.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was trying to remain calm after all the excitement carried with the victory, “We still at the emergency room, it was just an important victory. As I said throughout the week, we were running out of gas and oxygen, and we have just filled the tank, nothing more. I’m happy, because we brought joy to the fans. We fulfilled the goal and they are leaving home very happy.”

About the game, he said that, “I, without knowing too much their players until you see them competing, didn’t completely understand how they act, so I thought Celta were going to push us with their long game, and in order to surpass that pressure we needed talent, so I thought that this talent was going to be offered by Juan Dominguez and Valerón.”

“But Celta didn’t put the pressure that I was expecting, so things were easier. We scored an early goal, something that was very important for the team, and when you play with ten men then you play with ten, and if Aspas is the one sent off, then the problems are multiplied, because he’s a great player and he made our victory less complicated.” He added.

Finally, Vázquez believes that the break in liga will be good for his team, “The prettiest thing is that now there are fifteen days without football and it’s enough time to prepare the game against Mallorca. We still in the fight and I’m pretty happy with the team. We must thank them, not only the players that performed on the pitch, but also to the ones on the bench, they are united, it’s a solid group. This commitment could lead us to make something big. I still trust.”

Carlos Marchena was one of the players in the spotlight as he provoked the red card of Iago Aspas; about the incident he said that, “I don’t know him to have an opinion if he loses his mind or not. Today he just made a mistake. That’s it. Sometimes these things happen during the games. He hit me with the head and the referee saw it. There’s no doubt that I have a large experience, but it had nothing to do with it. It’s a big mistake when the referee sees it. Nothing more.”

About the result, the ex-Valencia centre-back said that, “The fans needed a night like tonight, a very special night, with a victory over the eternal rival. It was a great result, a big score in a derby. This little step is what we need as an incentive. We need to go step by step and today it was special, because it was a derby and the people needed it.”

Sílvio Azevedo was another of the players on the spotlight, this after scoring a great goal, he commented that, “It was a pretty goal, besides I am content as it was an important goal for both the team and the game. I scored a similar goal at Braga, but wasn’t as pretty as this one. It just worked out. I still have to watch it again. When I attempt a shot on target I always do it thinking it could be a goal, but frankly I wasn’t expecting to place the ball up there [he laughed]”

Regarding the result, the Portuguese defender commented that, “It was an important victory, especially for the changing room, because we needed a victory and the three points bring courage for the upcoming matches. I always said that hope is the last thing that dies. The fans are always with us and it was special to us.”

Riki also scored a goal and was feeling content with his performance, “I feel proud to walk away in a match hearing all the applauses. It’s special to go out knowing that I brought things to the team and later to see people valorizing it. People from Galicia, especially the ones from A Coruña, should feel proud of the team. It’s one of the years in which I am enjoying the most in terms of continuity and regularly. Football is about this: to be better each year no matter how old you are.”

“About my personal stats, this is the best year in my career, but in a collective sense we are suffering and let’s hope this victory will help us to pull things up. We’re conscious of the situation, because we need to win six or seven games of the ten matches remaining in the schedule. This victory is a moral boost and will try everything until the end.” The Madrilenian attacker added.

President Augusto César Lendoiro was also content with the result, “Let’s hope this is the first day of many days of joy during 2013, a lot still ahead; what’s evident is that we can do it. I believe the triumph was fair, we deserve it. Even the result could have been bigger, but let’s say that it was fair. We don’t even won the game, but also the tie-breaker and this factor is very important having a tight tournament; we also won it against Osasuna and let’s hope we can do it in the coming weeks against Mallorca. The competition is pretty open, we already passed the worst part and now the other must do it.”

“The team demonstrated that the y want, which is pretty important. The fans are also hopeful and that’s the strength of Deportivo. That’s why we spent so many time at the elite. We have the feeling that this job is already done as we clinched the victory. It wasn’t only a derby, but a must-win game. It was like the last opportunity to hang up and the situation would have been difficult if we would have missed the victory. It’s the lesson of tonight’s game. This could open the doors to see Deportivo staying at Primera División. In previous opportunities we missed luck, tonight we cannot say that we were lucky, just that luck didn’t play against us this time.” Depor’s boss added.

At RC Celta, Abel  Resino commented that, “This wasn’t the night for Celta and it was the night for Deportivo. There were several circumstances that conditioned the game: the early goal and the red card, plus seeing the whole defensive line carrying a yellow card at the beginning of the match. Fate was conditioned by these circumstances. We were trying to have the game under control, but after been reduced to ten men, losing your reference up front, we had fewer options to attack. Everything worked out for Depor and they scored a fantastic goal.”

“Today things are pretty difficult and the players must learn the lesson, everybody must learn the lesson. It’s tough, but Celta is forced to give everything until the end. Football isn’t stopping, in fifteen days we face Barcelona. Today we were expecting to add points, it wasn’t like that and must pull things forward against Barcelona or in the coming games.”

Veteran Mario Bermejo had strong words towards both Hugo Mallo and Iago Aspas, the first for appearing in a picture insulting Deportivo and the second for been sent off early in the game, “It is said that when you go to sleep with children then you wake up pissed. We aren’t mature enough, this isn’t a team from the neighborhood; we are professionals and are representing a club from Primera. Now they must assume the responsibility for all the things they said.”

“The expulsion was absurd, these are things we talked before the game. The coach told him [Aspas] thousand times that these things could happen. I haven’t seen Iago, but if he’s a man then he has to make a step forward and admit that he screwed things up; he must realize that this isn’t a schoolyard and that he has colleges.”

Keeper Javi Varas also talked of the issue, “It was clear since the beginning that the derbies are long and that we needed to be alert throughout the ninety minutes. We were reduced to ten men very early and it affected the team. He [Aspas] is a good kid, but these things affect the team. We need him and he must fix these things. He made a mistake and I hope this will help him to learn ahead of the future.”



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