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17 Mar 2013
Colorful derby at the Riazor; four incidents called the attention of the media. The main one the behavior of Hugo Mallo, then the expulsion of Iago Aspas, then the little fight between Fernando Vázquez and Oliveira, plus a banner at the Riazor.

The derbies always leave pictures and thousand stories, but the Galician derby played on Friday at the Riazor is leaving enough to write thousand pages. The main thing that called the attention was the behavior of Celta’s Hugo Mallo. The right-back is out for the rest of the season due to an injury and was off the trip of Celta’s first team, but he was at the derby in a scandalous way.

He attended to the Riazor in a bus joining the peña of Celta called “Iago Aspas” In the way to A Coruña some pictures were made and the player was holding a signboard saying “For Sale” with Depor’s badge on it and switched for a Portuguese flag.  The picture spread like wildfire through Twitter and Facebook.

The pictures were also at the top of the main digital versions of the Sportpapers, starting with Marca, AS and La Voz de Galicia, even before the kick-off of the game. RC Celta’s officials were informed of the incident and tried to contact the player, but he never answered the phone [later the player himself confessed that he ran out of battery]

The polemic picture of Hugo Mallo on the way to A Coruña

Hugo Mallo at the Riazor
To make things worse, a video from channel Cuatro witnessed how Mallo behaved at the stands of the Riazor. He had a verbal fight with some fans of Depor, who never knew who he was, and there was an exchange of insults and obscene gestures. Even a policeman had to chill him out. All the media across Spain hammered the player for his “childish behavior”. Video 

The situation was so outrageous that RC Celta forced Hugo Malllo to address the media on Saturday; he asked for apologies during the press conference, ”This badge doesn’t deserve this. I ask for apologies. I am screwed up. It won’t happen again. I ask apologies to Deportivo and their players. I didn’t want to offend. Besides, it’s a club that had a nice gesture with me when I got injured.” He said.

Aspas walking away after been sent off
Still, the club will fine the player. Also Iago Aspas will be fined by RC Celta and will probably get a four-ban suspension by la liga. The striker was sent off early in the game. He was hardly criticized for his aggression over Marchena, also as he was provoking the rival since last week with his speech. He also apologized; it wasn’t in a press conference, but in a message released in Twitter.

“I want to ask for apologies to my partners, the club and the fans. These are tough moments for me and RC Celta don’t deserve this. Everyone has the right to make a bad call and I screwed things up, but this will only make me stronger for the future and I will return with a stronger will in order to help.” Aspas stated.

The discussion between Fernando Vázquez and Nélson Oliveira
The third story from the derby is related with a Depor’s player: Nélson Oliveira. It called the attention that a winger –Salomão- replaced Riki at the end of the game, more strange was to realize that coach Fernando Vázquez only made two changes. What happened is that Oliveira was going in, but he had a verbal dispute with the coach.

 It isn’t clear if this is the reason why the third modification wasn’t made, but a journalist from Marca reported that Oliveira throw his shirt after the discussion and didn’t enter into the game. Neither the club nor Fernando Vázquez have said anything regarding this incident.

The “Vigo no” banner at the Riazor
In Vigo, people also complained of a huge banner that was hanging from the Torre of Maratón at the Riazor. It said “Vigo, no” and the picture also spread through Twitter and Facebook. The banner was taken off before the kick-off and the club didn’t assume any responsibility in the incident as the tower is outside the stadium, so they have no control over it.



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