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01 Apr 2013
Huge victory for Deportivo; the Galicians made a serious game and seized their punch in attack. Mallorca were too anxious and never found the way to surpass Depor. The salvation is now only four points away.

Coach Fernando Vázquez decided to repeat the lineup that succeeded in the Galician derby; in this sense Aythami Artiles and Juan Dominguez kept their spots at the starting eleven. It was a 4-2-3-1 figure; with Dani Aranzubia at the goal; Manuel Pablo performed at the right-back position, Sílvio played at the left, while the centre-backs were Aythami and Marchena.

The two centre midfielders were Juan Dominguez and Colombian Abel Aguilar; Bruno Gama covered the right wing, Pizzi did it at the left flank, Juan Carlos Valerón was the playmaker and Riki was the central attacker.

At RCD Mallorca, coach Gregorio Manzano was presenting the expected 4-3-3 system, though with some novelties. Argentine Fernando Tissone was fit to play and was a starter at midfield, while Tomer Hemed was a substitute; so Víctor Casadesús was the central attacker joined by the flanks by Giovani Dos Santos and Alejandro Alfaro.

Not the best of the presentations as both Depor and Mallorca were too cautious at the beginning; things were more moved at the middle of the half as both sides scored, and the protagonist was Sílvio, who deflected the ball in the goal of the Majorcans and later scored a great goal to equalize the score. The true is that the game was equal, both teams dominated the actions in certain frames of the first part and the demonstration of the equality was the ball possession: 50-50 by half-time.

Nervous start for both outfits; there was a lot at stake and neither Mallorca nor Deportivo risked in the quest to reach the opposite goal. The locals had the ball possession in this first part of the game , but there were no shots on target within the first ten minutes. At minute 10, VictorGiovani, but the striker was offside.

Depor’s first approximation came at minute 12, Bruno Gama made the play on the right wing and his drilling cross was cleared to corner-kick. In the next play Juan Dominguez found the loose ball after the corner, but his attempt was stopped by Dudu Aouate.

Mallorca responded seizing an error of Sílvio, the Portuguese side defender couldn’t clear the ball at the left side of Depor’s area and the locals regained the ball; Hutton released a cross into the box and Victor missed the target when he was alone at the penalty spot (13’).

Despite the triple pivote figure of Mallorca, Deportivo were having plenty of possession to release quick attacks; in one of this opportunities Valerón assisted Bruno Gama inside the area and the winger fell down before the pressure of Hutton. The visiting team protested a penalty, but the referee made the right call as the Portuguese man just fell down alone.

In the next play Giovani attempted a volley from the left corner of the area, the ball hit Sílvio and went over the crossbar. Then Mallorca scored and it was a big mistake of the whole Galician defense, one of the main reasons why the Galician outfit is living this complicate situation.

Alfaro entered the area by the left wing, he tried to pass the ball to the centre, Marchena arrived on time and should have  cleared the danger, but he missed the ball and Víctor Casadesús got it at the edge of the area, the striker attempted a drilling shot that was going to the near post of Aranzubia, but it hit Sílvio first and fooled the keeper as the ball entered by the centre.

But Depor only needed five minutes to react; first Bruno Gama attempted a drilling shot that was too easy for Aouate (23’) and three minutes later the visiting team scored the equalizer. It was after a corner-kick action at the left, Manuel Pablo sent a cross into the area, the ball was cleared by the defense and Bruno Gama assisted Sílvio Azevedo, then the side defender eluded three man and entered the area to release an impressive crossed shot past Aouate.

The goal hit hard Mallorca and the Galicians were looking better than the Majorcans: attacking in fast counterattacks that found the cracks at the local defense. Riki was unusually absent in the game, but it didn’t reduce the options of his team. Pizzi missed a great chance to get the second goal after a long throw of Marchena. The winger was left alone before Aouate, but his final attempt was cleared by the ex-Depor goalie (40’).

Mallorca lost the order as their long throws were harmless or were ending in offside calls; but they pushed within the final five minutes and had two chances to score. In the first Pina made a long run from midfield and was facing Aranzubia, but he tried to simulate a penalty and as booked for it (39’). In the second Marchena fouled Giovani at the edge of the area, and Mexican threw the free-kick with the ball passing close to the top-left corner of the goal (45’).

The decisive factor were the way in which both teams controlled the nerves. Mallorca were too anxious and relied too much in Giovani, while Depor was more calmed and clinched the victory just seizing their main attempts up front. Besides, the modifications dismantled the tactic of the locals and Depor had a more accessible situation.

The beginning of the second part was moved and it meant to see Depor scoring the second goal. Riki, who hadn’t appeared until this point, was fouled by Geromel at the right corner of the area, the resulting free-kick ended in a cross of Pizzi into the far post; Abel Aguilar headed the ball there and it went to the centre, Juan Dominguez couldn’t head the ball into the back of the net, but his attempt assisted Marchena, who scored from close range with Aouate lying on the ground. It’s the first goal of the veteran defender with Depor, also his first since August of 2011.

The goal opened the game; Mallorca were pressed to get the equalizer, but they were having problems to dominate the actions, mainly as Depor were looking dangerous with their counterattacks as they attempts were too hurried and only focused in passing the ball to Giovani.  Manzano didn’t look things clear and ordered a double change as Hemed and Nsue reinforced the attack replacing Victor and Marti.

Those changes were a terrible call, because Mallorca were broken in two pieces. Depor got the ball and unleashed dangerous counterattacks. The exit of Marti, just opened the field to Valerón, who begun to be a key at midfield.

And Depor didn’t last too much in scoring the third goal. A long throw of Aranzubia ended in a counterattack that left Pizzi alone before Aouate, the final attempt of the Portuguese was cleared by the Israeli goalie, but luckily for the visitors the ball hit the head of Geromel and as result of the “pinball” Riki got the ball at the box and only had to head it into the net.

It’s the goal number 37 for the Madrilenian playing at Primera with Deportivo, so he’s now the tenth best scorer for the Galicians playing at the elite. The best of Depor came after the goal; the Galicians found the cracks of the local defense and left the feeling of been in a better shape; Riki was close to score the fourth, but his attempt was stopped by Aouate (66’).

But Mallorca started to push and had a couple of clear opportunities; the clearest one a cross from the left that Hemed sent wide (69’). Four minutes later Alfaro assisted Nsue and youngster’s attempt was stopped by Aranzubia.

At minute 72, Bruno Gama chipped the ball into the box searching for Abel Aguilar, but Hutton cleared the danger with the arm and no call was made. Despite the local pressure, Depor were looking strong and closer to score. Fernando Vázquez begun to make changes and Salomão and Nélson Oliveira replaced Bruno Gama and Riki

Oliveira made a great play at minute 83, he got the ball at the left and his cross was looking for Valerón, but a defender cleared the danger first. And then Mallorca scored a goal that was going to change the picture for the final five minutes. It was a corner-kick coming from the left, Aranzubia cleared the danger and Alfaro fired from the edge of the area, the ball hit Juan Dominguez and Nsue before going in. The Galicians protested a possible offside, but the true is that Juan Dominguez and Valerón were at the goal line.

The goal brought the nerves of Depor and the Galicians lost the control over the actions; so the final five minutes were dramatic. Fernando Vázquez allowed the entry of Ze Castro replacing Valerón, and the team ended playing with three centre-backs, though the true is that Mallorca couldn’t complete any shot on target in this part of the meeting –actually they just made five in the whole match- mainly as their anxiety forced them to hurry up the plays. In the end there were no clear scoring opportunities in this last stretch of the match.

Big win for a serious Deportivo that could hold on the pressure. Mallorca were too anxious and fell down before the aim of the Galicians. The Blanquiazul outfit didn’t have the ball possession, but completed nine shots on target, enough to clinch these three vital points.

It means the first away victory on the season and the first time the team achieves back-to-back wins, besides it’s the first time they clinch a comeback in the score during this season. Now the salvation is just for points away and with a new final on next Saturday as Real Zaragoza, the direct rival marking the frontier between salvation and hell, visit the Riazor (20h00 CET).

Mallorca: (4-3-3) Aouate – Hutton, Nunes, Geromel, Luna – Pina, Tissone (Javi Marquez 77’), Martí (Hemed 56’) - Alfaro, Víctor (Nsue 56’), Giovani
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo, Marchena, Aythami, Sílvio – Abel Aguilar, Juan Dominguez – Bruno Gama (Salomão 73’), Valerón (Ze Castro 88’), Pizzi – Riki (Oliveira 79’)
Referee: Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez. He showed yellow card to Marti (31’), Pina (39’), Marchena (44’), Geromel (47’) and Aranzubia (87’)
Goals: 1-0: (19’) Víctor Casadesús, 1-1: (26’) Sílvio, 1-2: (48’) Marchena, 1-3: (60’) Riki, 2-3: (86’) Nsue
Venue: Iberostar stadium (15,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (53% - 47%); Attempts to score (5 – 11); Total shots (20 - 14); Shots on target (5 - 9); Saves by the keepers (7 - 3); Corner-kicks  (10 - 4); Offsides (7 - 3); Fouls committed (12 - 6); Passing accuracy (79.14% - 75.52%)



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