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04 Nov 2005
Molina, V?­ctor, Romero, C?©sar, Dani Mallo and Jes??s Mu?±oz end their contracts in June of the next year. For the moment their continuity in Deportivo is doubtful; in fact, the club's official hasn't started any dialogue in order to negotiate their renovation. According to FIFA's rules in January they will be allowed to establish negotiations with any club interested in them.

Of this list of players only Molina and Romero are usual names in Caparr??s' lineups, V?­ctor's roll in the squad is uncertain since he has been injured; meanwhile C?©sar, Dani Mallo and Jes??s Mu?±oz don't have a place in the plans of the Sevillan trainer. The following is a review in the situation of this six players:

Francisco Molina: He's 36 and continues to be the starter goalkeeper without discussion. His personal desire is to continue in the game, but the Sevillan keeper doesn't know yet if he will do it in La Coru?±a or in another place. For the moment Molina wants to see how does his performance evolves during the season, he wants to know if he still in the elite or if the moment of his retirement is knocking at his door. His agent, Gin?©s Carvajal says that Molina have a couple of offers over the desk, but nothing coming from Deportivo. Apparently the club is also waiting to see his evolution in order to take a decision.

V?­ctor: He's living the seventh season with Deportivo. He was a regular starter during Irureta's era, but the injuries stopped his continuity with Caparr??s. He was mentioned in the pre-season as a possible reinforcement of Liverpool and Atl?©tico Madrid, but nothing happened at the end. It seems that his continuity will depend of his performance with the squad during the following weeks. Recently, newspaper La Voz wrote that Getafe is interested in him; after all, is the club in which he started his career. Also recently, Depor Sport wrote an interview in which the Madrilian winger appoints that he will love to end his career at Depor.

Enrique Romero: He was the main choice to cover the right side of the defence with Irureta, but Caparr??s prefers Capdevila. Also, His age (34) is another thing that affects his renovation. This two facts are crucial aspects affecting the final decision of the club's officials. It's expected that his renovation won't be signed. Rumours appoints that his future is in C??diz or even with X?©rez.

C?©sar: His continuity is almost impossible; in fact, he was near to be transferred to Villarreal in the pre-season. The presence of Andrade, Coloccini and Juanma is closing the doors to him. The player himself said in recent interviews that he will leave the club if Caparr??s doesn't give him chances to play. He's one of the possible departures during the transfer window of January. In other case he will leave the club in June.

Dani Mallo: The Galician keeper was tired of been considered as the third choice of the squad, but the fact of been 'ascended' to the second spot has changed his view. He wants to continue, but not at any price. He wants a better deal in the sporting aspect and also in the economic sense. The continuity of Molina and the possible arrival of another keeper will affect his final decision. Mallo will leave Depor if he sees that his destiny is to be the third goalkeeper of the team, he will think twice the situation if his roll as second keeper continues.

Jes??s Mu?±oz: He arrived as part of Acu?±a's negotiation and since the beginning his roll in the squad is virtually non-existent. Jes??s knows that the club doesn't want to renovate him. Deportivo will try to negotiate his exit in January, but if the club's official don't succeed his departure will occur in June.

After this cases are solved the officials of Deportivo will have to take care of the players’ situation that end contract in 2007. The list is conformed by eight names:  Scaloni, Capdevila, H?©ctor, Juanma, Pablo Amo, Acu?±a, Duscher and Changui. Of this list only Scaloni has been mentioned as a candidate to be renovated. The club's officials spoke with him already, but the deal has to be negotiated yet.

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