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15 Apr 2013
The media applauded the performance of Deportivo at the Ciutat de Valencia, mainly the leadership of Valerón. At the same time the papers hammered Levante for their poor game and lack of passion.

La Voz de Galicia: A luxury game. Deportivo is the living image of the therapeutic effects of a good mood. The Galician team had fantastic 45 minutes and later they perfectly managed the booty before a sad Levante, team that didn’t have options. Depor  seized every opportunity to demonstrate why the team is more alive in the fight against relegation. Fernando Vazquez’s men signed, perhaps, their best game of the season, and away from the Riazor, with four beautiful goals of Valerón, Pizzi, Nélson Oliveira and Bruno Gama, which reinforce the miracle crusade: fourth straight wins for Depor, leaving the drop zone 17 matchdays later, fourth straight matchday scoring at least 3 goals, Nélson resurrects ... The dream becomes increasingly real after a match in which Depor was much better and even allowed the luxury of slowing down within the last 20 minutes.

Depor was a beauty in the opening act. They took advantage of the relaxed state of Levante, very low in recent weeks, justifying why they have only added 7 of the last 30 points at stake. The Galicians seemed carefree and unattached at the standings, relaxed against the low pressure of the rival, liking themselves in a sweet moment led by a rejuvenated Valerón, a playmaker in a state of grace. Depor found a soft rival and the rest was a positive inertia of the group released before Munúa. It was perfect for Deportivo to see Levante giving up the initiative, because in the counterattack Acquafresca isn’t Martins and the local team was missing the final pass of Míchel to beat Deportivo’s defense, line that was playing in an advance position, more than usual. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Roller of salvation. Overwhelming. Overpowering. Convincing. And without allowing a goal, which is news. Four goals were netted before a crestfallen Levante, side to whom the season is getting too long. Led by a great Juan Carlos Valerón, Depor was a steamroller at the Ciutat de Valencia. In the blink of an eye they sentenced the meeting and later spent the time managing the advantage moving the ball at will. They felt so comfortable that ended up turning the game into a rondo embarrassing Levante, unable to make a goal for the honor.

Depor arrived to the meeting released, in the middle of a winning streak and with the possibility of sleeping out of relegation after 17 matchdays in a row in the pit. A prize for the Galicians as they strictly met Fernando Vazquez’s orders about the sole purpose of winning. Nothing of been speculating. It was time to give another blow on the table and move up at the standings. Said and done.

Everything was good news for Deportivo, side that finished merging into a joint celebration with the fans, who supported the team in Valencia. Everything was perfect, except the injuries of Marchena and Abel Aguilar. After so much suffering, the team finally sees the light. They believe above all things and definitely seem released in the quest against relegation. With 29 points, and with seven games remaining, there still a long way to the target, which as it stands today only one thing can separate them from it: complacency. Eugenio Cobas.

AS: Deportivo now sleep outside the drop zone. When the last liga matchdays arrive you can notice who's playing for their life and who doesn’t almost care about it. At least that’s what you can guess up from the first part at the Ciutat de Valencia, with a manor Deportivo, absolute ruler of the match. The shirts of Levante seemed like ghosts rather than anything else. The Galicians played, received the ball alone, and arrived with astonishing ease to the penalty area without Levante been able to understand what was passing above them.

Between two old rockers like Manuel Pablo and Valerón signed the first of the goals. The Canarian, who did what he wanted during the whole game, just finished the play at the penalty spot. Levante didn’t react and the latter fitted with their own medicine: a counterattack carried by Oliveira and topped by Pizzi. The Portuguese scored the third and game over.

The second half was played because the rules say so, but it could have been saved and things stayed as they were. Depor waited until the 90 'to kill in another counterattack with the signing of Bruno Gama and leave the Galicians out of relegation. Los Granotas, farther from Europe. Víctor López

Marca: Depor feeling Super again. If someone had said during last month to the fans of Deportivo that their team was going to leave the drop zone four games later then it would have been called crazy. Cabals of salvation, in the best case, spoke of taking forward the games against the direct rivals to regain hope. Depor overcame these meetings, faith returned to A Coruña and, this Saturday, coach Fernando Vázquez continued with the streak: victory at the Ciutat de Levante and, more than four months later, finally one night out of the drop zone.

The Galicians didn’t resent the absence of Riki or the injuries of Abel Aguilar and Marchena during the game. With a physical state above their rivals, Vazquez has stood  broad range of players that were in free fall. Whether you call them Silvio, Manuel Pablo, Juan Dominguez Aythami or Juan Dominguez. Even Nelson Oliveira, the greatest of all disappointments, was a starter and scored.

To the sound of Valerón, Deportivo moved the ball across the field during the second part, with the players of Levante as eyewitnesses, to suffer as little as possible. The slogan of half-time was not only met, but also Bruno Gama, at the stoppage time, rounded out the scoresheet for a team that returns to trust in itself. Álvaro Olmedo

El Pais: Valerón, the key to success. From the stand, suspended coach Fernando Vazquez watched his great work. It was a resounding victory at the Ciutat de València, without discussion, set in a first half an hour for framing. Attack and counterattack to serve the happiness of Valerón, the axis of the spring at Deportivo. The pleasure of the Canarian was transmitted to each of his teammates to score their fourth consecutive victory. Vazquez has managed to project his confidence into this group that was lost barely a month and a half ago. And the wisdom to hide the weakness (defense) and promote the virtues (the combination between the passes of Valerón and Juan Dominguez with the overflowing of Pizzi and Bruno Gama). If to this we add a Nelson Oliveira determined to confirm his resources, then Vazquez enjoyed a complete picture. Before a Levante without passion or the many outings offered by Martins, they were in no man's land.

The absurdity of Levante was portrayed in a double header of Ballesteros that was about to surprise his own goalkeeper. JIM responded at the half hour with Michel replacing Diop, something that gave him a little more sense. But the script didn’t change. Depor were defending with order, a little more tired, and accusing the exit of Marchena, injured. JIM tried to take advantage of the presence of Roger and Acquafresca up front. Aranzubia was required in a couple of shots, especially one from close-range by Roger, the keeper responded with a solid save. Heels, spur pipes, first touches, Depor ended the game recreating their superiority with the ball. Valerón, almost walking, feasted and was drilling the ball. The touches that preceded the shot with the left foot of Bruno Gama completed the scoresheet, the sweet spring of Deportivo. The nearly 400 fans traveling to Valencia spent a great afternoon. In the end, everyone wanted to hug Valerón even the Granota players. Ballesteros had no doubts about it. This skinny Canarian playmaker deserves the highest of accolades. Cayetano Ros

Mercantil Valenciano: Granota debacle in Orriols. When everything goes wrong and when you see how the rival shows a total effectiveness, then you want to say "three points for you" and go home. Yesterday, Levante, couldn’t it be otherwise, weathered the downpour in the field until the end, same goes for the fans that didn´t like what they saw and that were demanding more from their team, undoubtedly, they could offer more.

The enthusiast fans of Deportivo began to win the game before it started. Their songs were felt at the Ciutat de Valencia when people were still settling, oblivious to what was coming. The hope to stay at Primera was stronger than the motivation to close almost mathematical the permanence and start thinking of higher goals. The first three goals in just 27 minutes for the visitors maddened the Galician fans, located precisely at the goal where Valerón, Pizzi and Nelson Oliveira managed to beat Munúa.

On the other hand, Levante, again with Acquafresca as the most advance man, was a “I want but can’t”. Combinations in the vicinity of the goal of Aranzubia that weren’t bad, but died after they approached the area, either by bad crosses, personal abuse of the plays with impossible dribbling moves or mere frustration for watching the game had turned uphill too soon. Gerard Sánchez



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