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15 Apr 2013
The players and the coach celebrated the victory and are happy with the run of the team within the last month, but they still remembering that a lot still ahead and that the team still has to fight in order to reach the salvation.

Coach Fernando Vázquez admitted that it was a dreamed match for Deportivo, “It was a match with four goals and a clean sheet, which was a pending issue and we did it today. We were scoring a lot, but also conceding a lot. Besides, we controlled the game having the ball and it turned to be perfect.”

“The result means to add and keep advancing; the team is improving, I think so, and the feelings are positive. Levante, as I said before the game, are doing a great work and my total recognition for their coach and their team; also to their fans. Off course the seasons are long and heavy and I had the feeling that Levante has been affect by the big effort made so far, possibly they noticed it.” He added.

The Galician coach was also praising the performance of Valerón, one of the best men in the match, “He’s impressive, he has a great talent and demonstrated it today; besides he always trains at the top. He’s the oil of this team. So, if someone is happy with today’s victory it is him.” About Nélson Oliveira, the comment was, “He was better today and demonstrated his quality, but must keep improving.”

Finally, Vázquez was dedicating the victory to the fans attending to the Ciutat de Valencia, “It was a special game for them. That’s why I celebrated with them. We all are united, the players, the fans, the city… and that’s good. I wanted to approach and share the joy with them, because they deserve this and did it in the name of the team.”

Pizzi was happy with his goal and the final victory, “It was pretty as my goal helped the team. The important thing was to achieve a victory allowing us to leave the drop zone, something that we needed and deserved. It was a complete game by our side; we were fine since the beginning, concreting the opportunities; we knew Levante was a hard rival and we fought for the victory. We are now thinking in prolonging the streak in order to reach the salvation as soon as possible.”

But if someone needed to score a goal it was Nélson Oliveira; he commented that, “I was really needing this goal. Surely I didn’t have a full confidence in my football; I wasn’t involved and the goal was important. I dedicate the goal to the fans and the whole team. We are now happy and living a positive streak, but haven’t done anything yet; a lot still ahead and will try to continue in the same direction.”

Bruno Gama was quite happy with the performance of the team, “The true is that we all are content with the victory. It was an important result and we clinched the victory. We are content. Everything was prefect and we were 0-3 by half-time. It was perfect.”

“The gained confidence after each game is noticed and we are playing pretty well. The streak is positive and must continue in the same way. We were the last place, dealing with a lot of problems, but now we are out of the pit. But we must be alert, a lot of points still ahead and must continue working.” The Portuguese winger added.

Álex Bergantiños had to replace Abel Aguilar at the end of the first half; he was emphasizing the clean sheet of Depor, “The current streak is superb. We are loose. There’s a balance between the defense and the offense. This is the first clean sheet achieved with the team playing on the road.”

“Things were ugly before, but with hard work, and the hope brought by Fernando Vazquez, we’re pulling things forward. Day by day we’re improving and now we’re among the other teams fighting for the same goal; it was exactly what we were expecting to do.” The Galician midfielder added.

Valerón had a great performance in the game; he commented that, “I’m pretty happy for the work done by the team. To claim the lead in the scoresheet was something that brought confidence; it reinforces you and later knew how to manage the game, to seize out chances and things were fine. When you achieve the victories the reality can be seen, and then both, motivation and confidence, flow out. We were in critical condition before the game against Celta, but the team was conscious of the situation and the coach helped us to convince ourselves that yes we can.”

Aranzubia told to reporters that, “Yes, things are quite different from what we saw a month ago; the four victories are bringing back the hope and we’re now in a different situation, but we must also understand that we haven’t done anything yet and a lot still ahead. The true is that, no matter how long you have spent in the game, this is difficult to explain. Nobody believed in the team, only ourselves and those wonderful fans that support us. We started winning the derby and have now chained four wins in a row. Definitely, this is the best away game on the season.”

At Levante, coach Juan Ignacio Martínez simply described the meeting as the worst since his arrival to the club, “This was that rough day that you have at home. It was the worst home game since my arrival, but the responsible for this is only me. The guilty person is in front of you. It’s pretty hard to allow three goals in a matter of 27 minutes. It’s tough and is a heavy burden for the rest of the match, though we improved a lot in the second half.”

“It wasn’t our best day and we need to understand it. We must congratulate Depor, side that was better than us, but right now must focus in clinching the permanence as soon as possible. The true is that we were used to the best and today the fans are leaving upset, because they didn’t watch the Levante they were used to watch.” He added.

Captain Sergio Ballesteros was trying to explain what happened in the game, “Deportivo is a team that was coming in the middle of a positive streak, everything is working out for them; they´ve confidence, but I believe we were fine; we created a couple of opportunities at the beginning that were close to enter. We thought we could win this game, but in a half of an hour they scored three goals. They have good players and things are working out, and to us everything is negative.”

Juanfran was also in shock, “We didn’t expect for this. In twenty minutes they scored three times and it ended at that point. We tried, but it wasn’t possible. I was pretty upset with the whistles from the fans. We are going in the wrong way. It’s the moment when Levante is losing the essence of what we used to be. I believe the people have small motives to whistle the team.”



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