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17 Apr 2013
Things have drastically changed at Depor within the last two months; from been a dead team to be the sensation in the media. The cause of this pleasant surprise is Fernando Vázquez, a coach that’s just returning after six years of exile.

February 10, Deportivo have just reached the bottom after a 0-3 loss at home against Granada CF, Domingos Paciência escaped by the back door while Fernando Vázquez was driving at night from Santiago to A Coruña thinking of the task awaiting for him at the Riazor.

One day later he was presented at the Playa Club, "It isn't easy to clinch the salvation, but there are chances. I always say that eleven players that are united are always tough to beat. This is my opportunity. I believe that I was always good trying to revive a team. I think this team can give more.” He said during his presentation.

At the time surely only a few fans would have dreamed that the coach was going to be right with his initial speech, but it turned out that president Augusto César Lendoiro had finally made the decisive move that the team needed in order to avoid a new relegation to Segunda División.

Truly the first results weren’t positive as Deportivo only added a point in the first four matches with the new trainer (losses against Sevilla, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, plus a goalless draw against FC Barcelona), but he was still relying in the options of his team.

“We know it’s difficult; eleven games are remaining and must win at least seven of them. It’s complicated but there’s no one that can prove to me that we are unable to win three straight games against Zaragoza, Celta and Mallorca. It can’t be probed and, as long as there are mathematical chances, we are going to fight for it.” The Galician tactician said after the 0-2 loss visiting FC Barcelona.

Once again he was going to be right, word by word, because his team was going to clinch three straight victories against three direct rivals and crowned the road to hope with a resounding victory at Levante UD. The formula for the miracle? Optimism, motivation, knowledge and a charismatic personality to pull the fans’ will.

He always kept a positive perspective before the media and the players, especially the players, the resources of the club that were motivated by his messages and attitudes, besides Vázquez was smart enough to realize that the team needed to improve the physical condition in order to face the last stretch in liga, so he prepared a mini pre-season during the break in liga, plus finding the right combination of players to face the games Finally, he was accessible and frank enough before the fans to provoke sympathy, which revived the hope among the fans.

Fernando Vázquez arriving to the Riazor on Saturday’s night after the win over Levante UD
Suddenly, this Castrofeito-born man, who before joining Depor spent six years on the sidelines just watching football, was in the spotlight. Several TV stations presented special reports on him, he was interviewed in the local radios and even journalist Sid Lowe wrote an article on him for British Guardian. ”El profesor returns to La Liga to give Deportivo hope at the bottom” He wrote about the coach.

Depor aren’t saved yet, but the important thing is that the dream is becoming into a sweet reality; only time could tell if the Galicians are going to survive one more year at the top-flight, but for now what’s clear is that the arrival of Fernando Vázquez is the keystone paving the way to salvation. Several papers are even reporting that the club is open to renew the contract of the coach ahead of next season, this no matter the team could suffer the relegation to Segunda.



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