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18 Apr 2013
Nélson Oliveira spent 631 minutes scoreless until he netted the third goal in the clash against Levante UD. It’s a refreshing goal for him on this grey season. The player admitted the problems to adapt and hope to improve in this final stretch in liga.

It hasn’t been a good season for Nélson Oliveira; the Portuguese striker had a promising start scoring twice within the first four matchdays, but later he spent 631 minutes without scoring a goal distributed in 19 league matches. The game against Levante UD was only his second appearance as a starter on the season.

His lack of goal and the good form of Riki pushed him into the bench, at the same time he got demotivated and it was noticed in his performance, which caused him problems with the fans and reporters as the attacker has been hardly criticized.

Now he wants to keep adding goals within the last stretch in the liga tournament, it was his message during the press conference held at the beginning of the week. It was a sincere conversation with journalists in which he admitted his lack of spirit within the previous months.

He started saying that, despite his goal, he didn’t play so well, “I ended satisfied with the collective performance. We achieved a 0-4 win visiting a team that’s very strong. About my personal performance, I am not completely satisfied, because I think I can give more. It was a good game in order to gain confidence. The strikers need goals, but I believe I didn’t do a great match.”

Nélson was also trying to explain why he hasn’t been able to match the fans’ expectations on this season, “You need to understand the players. First to all they’re persons, later footballers. I have some issues, but sometimes the players cannot yield and you need to understand them. The players aren’t machines. I wasn’t living a good moment, but in the last game I responded; I went out with confidence and hope to face the rest of the season in the same way. It isn’t a matter of putting the player and seeing him scoring, there are more important things. I’m a normal person that plays football.”

“I am not affected for what the papers wrote of me; for me the priority is what I think, not what other think or what the papers write. I never doubted of my capacity; I know what I can give and am also aware why I cannot offer what I’ capable to do; I believe this is important. Today I wake up more content, it is the truth.” He added.

There were also positive comments regarding Depor’s coach, “Fernando Vázquez is one of the persons encouraging me, but the partners have also helped a lot. I believe we are fine now, because we help each other inside the group, we celebrate the goals together… Seven games are remaining, a lot, and we are at time to make a solid end of season.”

“Yes, I lost the hope of been a starter, and it shouldn’t have happened. It’s meritorious for Riki, he deserves it; he’s a great person. But no matter who plays the important thing is to pull Deportivo forward. I would erase that discouraging moment for not been a starter, but it doesn’t only happen to me. It isn’t abnormal. The coach is motivating everyone, not only me. What we’re doing is nothing, because we haven’t achieved anything, but it’s a merit of ourselves and the coach. He brought what we were missing throughout the season. We now have that bit of luck that was missed before.” He added.

He even admitted that he was discouraged due to his adaptation problems to the team, “Yes, I would erase that part, though surely these are things that I don’t know how I could react if it happens again, but it’s something that happens to a lot of players, though it shouldn’t happen. Seven games are remaining and it’s a lot; I´m on time to make a solid end of season.”

Finally, Oliveira assured that he hasn’t decided his future, though neither thinks of extending his loan period at Deportivo, “Right now I am not thinking in continuing for one more year, what I think is of the last seven games remaining, later I will think during the summer. I didn’t learn a lot of football in this stage, but of other things that are very important to me. There are two ways to grow up. When you play and are fine then you grow up as a player. But there are other important things. I believe I will leave Depor as a bigger person; I have grown up. I never spent a season where things were so wrong. I still have to grow up, because things are easier for a player when he grows up.”



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