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23 Apr 2013
The coach and the players admitted that this was a grey presentation of Deportivo, Fernando Vázquez even labeled it as inadequate , but at the same time everyone believes that the result is positive in the quest for the permanence.

Fernando Vázquez wasn’t happy with what he saw during the game, “The performance of the team is related to the aspects of the match. First to all, Athletic played really well. I congratulate them. They were impressive. Their individual defense brought problems to us. I knew it was a different game and it turned to be like that. I saw an Athletic that was remarkably high. I cannot use the same description for my team. I can only say that we were inadequate.”

“Within the first part the feeling was that the team was stuck, missing energy, with intensity, but stood, comfortable, serene. We missed spark in our minds. Athletic is a tough rival for us, technically they are different to the other rivals in la liga, therefore it’s a team that blocks your combinative game, and this fact affected our team. In the other hand I had the feeling we were unable to display our technical-physical game, I still have to guess why.” He added.

There was also a complaint for been forced to watch the game from the stands, “Being at the stands it’s difficult for me to adjust all the factors in the games, I didn’t like to talk of this subject before, but today I felt powerless, especially in the first half, the team spent a hard time, because we needed a quick direction and I was unable to do it from the distance. I was unable to talk to the players and determine what was happening.”

The Galician tactician is convinced that his team wasn’t at his best for this match, “The job of the coach is to ensure that the team will be fine to play in the weekend, feeling fresh, but today we weren’t fine. Why? Because physically we were tired, and why was the team feeling tired? Maybe because we trained too much, maybe that the mental state for the game turned to be a big weight for the players’ legs, maybe the Riazor… who knows. These are aspects that we need to analyze. At this point I cannot tell you why my teams missed that spark.”

Despite the previous comments, Vázquez assured that the result is good for Depor, “We have a point, and a point is important: we still there, in the fight, we added a point and it’s the most interesting thing from this game; it was tough, now we must try to win the next game and I think we’re ready to do it.”

Daniel Aranzubia was one of the best players in the game with three key saves; he admitted that Athletic was the best team in the match, “I would say they were superior; we had to suffer; we didn’t feel comfortable in the first part, and in the second, being more delayed, we tried to avoid more opportunities for them, but I believe they were superior; we tried in the end as they lost a man, but they were ordered.”

The Basque man also said that the final result is positive for Depor, “Athletic is a great team, having great players and a solid performance; we knew it was going to be difficult. In the end, when you get a draw in a game where the rival was the better side, you end up assuming that the draw is a good result, and now we remain undefeated. The draw is good. Mallorca got a draw and Granada also drew; we still adding and it was known that we weren’t going to win all the games.”

Similar were the thoughts of Juan Dominguez, “It was a tough rival, very tough; they drown you and were superior in the first half. They beat us and we faced big problems. We were better in the second part and were blocking their game. It was a game in which we had to fight hard; the effort was big as their players are strong and quick. They ran a lot and it was complicated. “

The Galician player is convinced that the point added in the game was positive, “I am not sad, but had the impression that we could have won when they were reduced to ten men. It makes me think, but I am leaving home content as we picked a point. We must see things in a positive sense, now we must try to win the three points on next weekend.”

His partner at midfield, Álex Bergantiños, was commenting the game, “The true is that it wasn’t one of our best games, but they have great players and it was difficult to surprise them in the counterattack. The pace of the game was high and it affected us. We were playing better in the second part, though they had a couple of clear chances. We had our own opportunities at the end of the game and we added a point. They gave problems on the right side with Marcos, and we corrected that during half-time. “

Just like the rest of the team, the midfielder is convinced that the point added in the game is a positive outcome, “We only got a point, but it's important to add in order to keep going. We suffered, but added an important point. We were unable to chain a fifth straight victory, but are also conscious that we could have lost. We are content as we still adding points, normally we had lost these games during the first round in liga.”

The scorer of the goal, Bruno Gama, commented on Monday that, “Truly there was a decrease in the intensity during yesterday’s game, it could be a coincidence, and we hope to be fine in order to win the next game. We ran a lot, but a lot of times without any sense. Perhaps we were lucky, but it also affected us before and you cannot always have bad luck.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was content with the result, “People might think this is only a point, but it’s a point after chaining four straight victories, so it’s something to celebrate, with measure. It was a difficult game, we were scare of Athletic. We knew the meeting was going to be complicated, because they were playing for a lot of things. It wasn’t the ideal thing, but I believe the result was fair. There were moments when they were superior, perhaps we thought we could have won within the last minutes as they lost a man, but we couldn’t materialize the opportunities. One more point and it’s to celebrate it. If someone would tell us one month ago that we were going to add thirteen points then surely we wouldn’t believe it.”

Depor’s boss is also optimistic ahead of the upcoming games against Betis and Atlético, “Well, those are tough rivals, but all the teams are facing tough rivals; perhaps the most difficult teams, at this point, are the ones fighting for the permanence, and we already faced those teams, now many of our direct rivals are facing each other, which means that either they draw or one side wins. I believe our team can win anywhere and it was demonstrated at Levante.  In the first round game against Betis it was clear they weren’t superior to us and I believe we have enough quality to add the points facing the next two rivals.“

At Athletic Bilbao, coach Marcelo Bielsa was feeling sorry as his team missed the victory, “The game is easy to define: dominion, scoring opportunities, solid recovery of the ball, ball possession and missed goals. It sums all the feelings. The defense was fine, we had the ball always trying to reach the opposite goal and the individual performances were equal. ”

He was also asked why Llorente was a starter and also why Aduriz was replaced after just thirteen minutes on the pitch, “I made that decision as I thought that both, Llorente and Aduriz, weren’t ready to play for the full ninety minutes. I thought the best thing was to see Llorente starting and Aduriz ending the game. Later we were closing the game and Aduriz was performing as a third winger and I though the risk was too high, so I decided to introduce a defensive midfielder with the other two wingers. I felt guilty, just like it happened before with Muniain [Bielsa did a similar thing against Granada as Muniain entered just to be replaced 20 minutes later]”



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