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04 May 2013
Lendoiro denied any link with the match-fixing scandal that’s hitting Levante UD; for him Depor played the best game on the season during the visit to the Ciutat de Valencia and is now demanding for more information and for an apology.

Anger at Deportivo after the recent comments in the media related to the result of the past match against Levante UD. On Friday, president Augusto César Lendoiro and his board of directors offered a press conference in order to deny any relation of the club with the match-fixing scandal that’s hitting the Valencian team.

The main two things said by the president were: the club hasn’t been informed by the LFP of any investigation in which Deportivo are involved. The other is that the board of directors is angered as the name of the Galician club has been involved in a cloudy subject in which there are no proofs against the players of against any club’s official.

“This meeting is to show our indignation with this subject, with the declarations of this player… Barkero. We cannot talk of the real declarations of Barkero, because we don’t know what’s going on, but this is outrageous. I waited two days to see if someone will ask for apologies to Deportivo, but nothing happened. If there’s a team that has been honorable in Spain, both legally and in a sporting sense, it is Deportivo. I hope Barkero understands the mess in which he entrapped himself, and unfortunately we are on it too.” He begun saying.

He also stated in several opportunities that no one at the club is involved in any attempt to fix a football match, “There’s no possibility that we are part of this and we are in everybody’s speech for nothing. The papers are writing things in which we aren’t involved. Let’s hope this situation will be solved, but beyond this to demand for apologies.”

Depor’s boss is pretty sure that nothing weird occurred in the meeting against Levante UD, “In this game we witnessed the best minutes of Deportivo on this season and the goals were great goals, there were not weird plays and we did our best effort, which is demonstrated by the fact of scoring four great goals.”

One of the main messages from the president is that Deportivo haven’t been informed of any investigation on this issue, “I tried to contact the president of la liga before this press conference, but couldn’t do it. We don’t have any information that la liga is investigating this situation. The first ones that got surprised by the articles in the papers were us, because we don’t have any communicate of a possible investigation.”

“Deportivo are not involved on this and don’t understand why the media is linking the club with this case. I can assure you that neither the club nor the players are involved in this match-fixed investigation. It seems there was a phone conversation and that it’s the base of this case, but we don’t know anything.” He added.

For him the situation is unfair as the same situation happened in previous seasons with other teams and nothing happened, “There were other cases in the past, including some ones with real proofs, but no legal actions were taken, and now they want to put us inside the scandal. This case is disgusting and terribly unfair.”

“There are other clubs of whom we cannot speak greatly and it cost us the relegation two years ago.  I never spoke of these things before, because I didn’t have proofs. Deportivo don’t deserve this, neither the players. Many times there were other teams reaching agreements at this moment of the season and Deportivo never used these ways that for others were normal.” He added.

Finally, Lendoiro didn’t want to confirm if the club is going to sue Barkero for his statements, because he prefers to have a notification of what’s going on by la liga, “Our legal advisors will take the needed measures as soon as we are informed of the details. We’re waiting for an official statement.”



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