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21 May 2013
The players admitted the nervousness in a must-win situation for Deportivo; the incident with Oliveira was another of the topics that was discussed; everybody believes that his gestures towards the public were incorrect.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was emphasizing the courage of the players to achieve the victory, “We were able to win the game, though facing problems, but I believe that it was fair. The only alternative left was to win the last three games, and we already conquered the first victory. I liked many things from the game, especially the heart of the players, no matter the important errors in the game, the team is under a lot of pressure, which led to commit tactical errors, but the point is that they always thought we could win. Sometimes the game turned to be an exchange of blows. You may not like it, but I believe that we threw more punches than Espanyol. “

“It seemed that Espanyol were going to eat us, because in the first plays we were too innocent. The game turned to be like that: we were unable to be solid at defense and avoid the attacks from the rival, but at the same time it seemed that there were some facilities to attack with a sense of danger. I believe that little by little we solved the first problem, which brought tranquility.” He added.

The Galician trainer also explained why the team switched to a defense of five men with the entry of Kaká, “We knew the team was suffering a bit, mainly with the long passes to the side of Manuel Pablo, so I decided to extend the width of the team, so Manuel Pablo could be closer; at the same time bring more guarantees in the aerial game, also to push Sílvio to midfield, even Manuel Pablo and well… I believe that since the modification the team earned more defensive stability. We were calmer.”

About the incident with Oliveira, Vázquez said that, “First to all, the changing room is locked and there’s nothing to say; secondly Nélson could be the player that could become into the hero, I said it before, and today he scored an important goal; for now I want to leave this subject at this point, because I don’t have enough information and will study the situation with calm. If the coach has to make a decision then I will do it. If his action was disrespectful then we’ll see. I will have to study the subject.”

Daniel Aranzubia said that, “The true is that, beyond the numbers, today’s game was very important; fortunately things went right and we achieved the victory. At the beginning of both halves they had clear opportunities, and we were able to clinch a clean sheet. We even switched the defense to five men, and we still suffered.”

The keeper is also feeling confident ahead of the last two games as Depor lived a tougher situation in past months, “In the end we faced a tougher situation before; it seemed that everything was lost and now we are here, though the situation remains complicated. Two matchdays are remaining and the situation is to be confident and to continue fighting until the end.”

Juan Carlos Valerón was satisfied with the victory, “I believe it was an equal match, they even had the chance to score at least a goal, but well… we pulled the game forward and since the goal we were more relaxed, knowing how to keep the advantage and even scored a second goal. They pushed strongly as they were playing for their goal, but we were always there and this is a big joy for everybody. We still alive and having options.”

About the incident with Oliveira, El Flaco commented that, “I believe the current situation brings a lot of nerves and, taking in mind his situation, sometimes the nerves move you to do things that you should not do. He was wrong and we need to talk to him. It’s a tough moment for him and let’s see if we can’t talk with him tomorrow, so he could realize of what has happened. He should realize about his error and change his mind.”

 Manuel Pablo analyzed the match, “We knew we should go out for the victory; the team was asleep at the beginning, but it’s also true that we had more depth than the day of Valladolid. There were a lot of nerves in the first part, and in the second, with the 1-0 in the scoresheet, it was the same, because you felt that they could score in any play. In the end we scored the second and breathe calmly.”

The captain of Deportivo also commented the incident with Oliveira, “Clearly it was a strong reaction from him, I believe he’s a little frustrated with his situation, but well… I believe he should be the first realizing of what he has done. He should reconsider what he has done. He should be smart and think of it. Now he should think and realize that this situation isn’t good, neither for him nor the team. We’ll need him in the next two games, so he needs to reconsider his position.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro admitted that he suffered throughout the whole match, “There was only tranquility within the last thirty seconds, because this was a game in which there was no other way than to win, and this situation brings nerves, and it leads you to miss your scoring chances. They are also a good team and had their opportunities. So, you only had tranquility for the final moments, and therefore you must celebrate it though a lot still ahead. Six golden points and let’s see the other results.”

Asked about Oliveira, Depor’s boss said that the player could be fined, but preferred to call for unity, “I stick to the result, and it’s a pity to have witnessed those scenes, but firstly we must know what really happened. I didn’t see what happened and I want to remain with the score, because we must remain united no matter how difficult the situation is. What we must avoid is to give facilities to the rivals, so we cannot be distracted; yes these facts are reprehensible and must have a sanction, but the tree should not prevent us seeing the forest.”

At RCD Espanyol, coach Javier Aguirre admitted that his team is practically eliminated from the European race, “It’s now tough to reach Europe, for not saying that’s impossible, but our obligation is to remain honest, to dignify our profession and our shield, because I cannot reclaim anything to my players.”

“If the rival has more aim than you, then congratulations, because I believe we watched a pleasant spectacle, having tension on the pitch, and it won the team that had more aim, but the business in this game is to score goals. “ The Mexican coach added.



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