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02 Jun 2013
Tragedy revisited the Riazor after the Galicians were unable to beat the ghost from the past; once again the team missed aim and later the nerves killed the game as soon as the rival got the advantage. Depor relegated to Segunda.

No surprises at both lineups as both coaches presented the expected lineups; Fernando Vázquez sent to the pitch the same 4-2-3-1 squad that defeated RCD Espanyol. Aranzubia covered the goal, Manuel Pablo played at the right-back position, Sílvio covered the left side, while the centre-backs were Aythami and Ze Castro.

The pivote positions were for Abel Aguilar and Juan Dominguez, the right wing was for Bruno Gama, who became into the 2nd outfield player in the history of the club that plays a full 38-game season as a starter. Pizzi performed at the left wing, Valerón was the playmaker and Riki the central attacker.

At Real Sociedad, coach Philippe Montanier presented his luxury squad, with Xabi Prieto, Antoine Griezmann, Carlos Vela and  Imanol Agirretxe as the references in attack. There was a great environment before the game, the streets of a Coruña were full of people and there was a big crowd waiting for both teams before the game started.

Deportivo revisited the nightmare of Valencia as it allowed a goal and saw, nervously, as the direct rivals were clinching good results. The game of the Galicians was fluid within the first half an hour, but the goal of Real Sociedad opened the gaps at midfield and the Basques could have even reached the half-time mark with a 0- result, but the wasted their chances.

The game begun with Bruno Gama making the first shot on target just twenty seconds after the kick-off. It left a good impression, but it was only a mirage. Real Sociedad responded five minutes later with a corner-kick in which Agirretxe couldn’t sent a proper shot, then Carlos Vela attempted from long-range and it was saved by Aranzubia.

Deportivo were a little nervous within the first minutes, the locals were missing precision with their passes, but at least they were stepping into the rival’s area, mainly with Bruno Gama, Riki and Pizzi penetrating by both sides.

At minute 14, Bruno Gama was close to score; he collected a volley from Juan Dominguez and tried to cross visiting goalie Claudio Bravo, but his attempt missed the target. Both sides were exchanging the ball possession, though Deportivo was the side having more depth.

Little by little Deportivo gained confidence, but once again it missed aim as the team only made one shot on target, and then it came the goal for the Basques, a real blow for the Riazor. Vela assisted Agirretxe at the right side of the area, the French released a drilling shot that was saved by Aranzubia, but Antoine Griezmann came from behind to score the goal crossing the keeper.

At this moment RC Celta were already leading facing RCD Espanyol (1-0) and RCD Mallorca were defeating Real Valladolid (1-0). The ghost of two years ago reappeared in order to torture the local fans and Depor were facing a tough situation, playing against itself and also against the dangerous counterattacks from the rival.

Both sides had a chance to score at minute 30, first the visiting team scored a goal with Griezmann, but it was disallowed due to an offside. It was after a new rebound that occurred after an attempt of Vela. In the next play Riki collected the ball at the edge of the area, but his strong shot looking for the top left-corner was stopped by Bravo.

Two minutes later Valerón was assisted by Pizzi in a free-kick action, but El Flaco missed the target. Real Sociedad was very dangerous in the counterattack and b>Carlos Vela missed an incredible chance at minute 36. He was assisted by Griezmann, but sent the ball over the crossbar from close range. At this point Bruno Gama was no longer attacking as he was dragging a thigh problem after suffering a tackle.

Depor’s last opportunity in this half came at minute 45, Bruno Gama assisted Abel Aguilar and the Colombian attempted from outside the area, but his right footed effort was saved by Bravo. At this point the Galicians were the last place at the standings as RC Celta (1-0) and RCD Mallorca (2-1) were winning, while Real Zaragoza was goalless (0-0).

Deportivo were too tense in the second part, just what Fernando Vázquez was fearing, The Galicians did nothing within the first thirty minutes and just pushed strongly in a frame of ten minutes, at the time the team missed some luck as it had three clear opportunities, the first was almost an own goal, the second went wide and the second hit the woodwork.

The environment was tense at the Riazor, and to make things worse Bruno Gama had to be replaced, so Diogo Salomão took his place at the right wing. The script of the game was pretty clear since the kick-off: Depor had the ball possession and Real Sociedad were locked at the back waiting to define the game through a counterattack.

The first opportunity in the game came at minute 48, Manuel Pablo assisted Valerón at the edge of the area, but El Flaco sent the ball wide. The first chance for the visiting team came at minute 52, Vela got the ball at the left corner of the area, but his curved attempt missed the target.

With everything lost Vázquez switched the draw into a 4-4-2, this since Nélson Oliveira replaced Aythami. With this move Abel Aguilar delayed his position to the centre of the defense, while Valerón was playing behind Riki and Oliveira.

Deportivo were close to score at minute 60, Oliveira was assisted by Valerón and his attempt went close to the crossbar after the ball hit Iñigo Martínez. The Blanquiazul outfit was falling into the same mistake of the past, because it was too hurried and their attempts were missing the target. And it’s that only five of the twenty attempts in the game ended between the three posts. Neither Oliveira nor Salomão had a direct impact in the match.

Meanwhile, Real Sociedad was feeling pretty comfortable. Waiting at the back and releasing dangerous counterattacks, which are their specialty. Still, with the passage of the minutes they ended locked at their zone of the pitch, it was then when the best minutes of Depor arrived.

At minute 71, Oliveira attempted an acrobatic shot after a cross of Pizzi, but he missed the target, though a defender of Real Sociedad was close to score an own goal. It the end the ball went close to the post. The play just opened the best moment of Depor in the game. Salomão missed an incredible chance after he got the ball at the far post and after neither Bravo nor Riki got it first in a cross of Pizzi, but it was hard to send the ball on target as it was coming very fast, so his header went wide (73’).

Two minutes later Abel Aguilar hit the crossbar in a very luckily play for the Basques, because the Colombian headed the ball with Bravo already defeated; but his curved attempt didn’t enter. It was going to be the last clear opportunity of Depor at Primera, in the remaining minutes the team was in panic and was unable to complete any shot on goal, this no matter the rival was reduced to ten men after Bergara was sent off with two yellow cards.

It cannot be said that what happened at the Riazor was a surprise, actually it was very similar to what occurred two years ago against Valencia. There was hope and desire, at some punctual moments in the game there was even some depth, but as soon as the rival got the advantage then the team was mental blocked, playing too hurried and anxious. There was a reaction at the end of the second part, but then the team missed luck.

To mention that there were no incidents after the final whistle, the players of Real Sociedad celebrated as their clinched a spot in the next UEFA Champions League, something that some fans didn’t like. The rest was just applauses and even a small tribute to Valerón.

Depor begun the matchday at the 17th position, and at some point of the match the Blanquiazul outfit was even the bottom team, but the loss of Real Zaragoza facing Atlético Madrid (1-3) left the team at the 19th spot, one point above the Aragonians, one behind RCD Mallorca, side that got a 4-1 win over RCD Mallorca, and two points below RC Celta, side that got the salvation with their 1-0 win over RCD Espanyol.

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo, Aythami (Oliveira 56’), Ze Castro, Sílvio – Abel Aguilar, Juan Domínguez – Bruno Gama (Salomão 46’), Valerón, Pizzi – Riki.
Real Sociedad: (4-2-3-1) Bravo - Carlos Martínez, Iñigo Martínez, Mike González, De la Bella – Illarramendi (Chory Castro 78’), Bergara – Vela (Zurutuza 69’), Xabi Prieto (Ansotegui 85’), Griezman – Agirretxe.
Goal: 0-1: (21’) Griezmann
Referee: David Fernández Borbalán. He showed yellow card to Sílvio (37’), Aythami (40’), Juan Dominguez (66’), Aranzubia (81’), Zurutuza (83’), Abel Aguilar (86’), Oliveira (88’), Griezmann (88’), Riki (90+1’). Bergara was sent off with two yellow cards (29’ & 83’)
Venue: Riazor (34,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (60% - 40%); Attempts to score (6 – 7); Total shots (20 - 13); Shots on target (5 - 6); Saves by the keepers (5 - 5); Corner-kicks (7 - 1); Offsides (4 - 4); Fouls committed (13 - 19); Passing accuracy (83.12% - 76.49%)




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