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03 Jun 2013
Hard hit inside Depor’s changing room, only two players were able to speak to the media. Meanwhile, Lendoiro was saying that Fernando Vázquez was staying, while the coach responded that it isn’t official yet.

Sad moments lived inside the changing room; as always president Augusto César Lendoiro was the first one that faced the media, “What can we say? It’s a sad night. What we were expecting, to save ourselves, it didn’t happen. But what we cannot deny is the support from the fans and the sacrifice of the players and the coaching staff. Now we must raise the head, because tomorrow is another day and we must return to Primera, the place where we should be due to our sporting and social status.”

Depor’s boss sent the message that the new Deportivo will be composed by young players coming out from Fabril, “We will do anything possible in order to have a new project every day closer to Abegondo, because little by little we are seeing players of a higher level and this new project will count with them. The plan is now clear.” Later he told to TVG that coach Fernando Vázquez was going to continue ahead of the season 2013/14.

Precisely, it was Depor’s coach the next one that faced the media; he talked with reporters for thirteen minutes, “You can notice what’s going on looking at my face, and it should tell you what’s going on at the changing room right now… the effort that we were requesting since months ago, the sacrifice and the slogan that yes we can, well it wasn’t enough. In the end we were unable to do it.” He started saying

He was trying to send a message of positivism to the fans, “We lost a great opportunity of staying at Primera División knowing the importance of it for the club, but if I have to remain with something positive, then I should say that we are going to return, because it’s very difficult to say that we lose having an stadium so impressive as the Riazor, there was a lot of support and an incredible respect at the end. We have a great opportunity to reinforce ourselves and go out stronger. We will comeback.”

The Castrofeito-born trainer also left a hint of the project that should put back the team at Primera, “Deportivo have a huge group of fans, and that’s why this club is so big. We’ve a great treasure, it’s impressive, the club will be able to surpass this tough moments thanks to it. We’re coming back with a younger team, with future, the future of Deportivo is the youngsters, surely this project will bring satisfactions. We will try to return as soon as possible, but evidently we need to do it safer, this need an agreement between the club and the fans and it depends of the capacity to administrate it.”

Vázquez also said that he will love to stay, but that for now his continuity can be considered as a fact, “I will be enchanted to direct the project, I will be enchanted; I guess I will be the one directing it, but at this point nothing is definitive and cannot confirm it. We, the president and I, are condemned to reach an agreement, but for the moment it hasn’t happened.  We haven’t talked yet of Segunda División, because we never thought of it.”

After these declarations almost an hour passed before the journalists could talk with the players, it was commented that there were tears inside the changing room and that the scene was dramatic. It was informed that Valerón was going to offer a press conference [he announced his retirement] and also that the other two captains at the team, Riki and Manuel Pablo, were going to talk, but it the end only two players addressed the media: Juan Dominguez and Daniel Aranzubia.

The Riojan keeper was speechless, “Little can we say. You don’t even are in the mood to speak. We tried. It’s a pity that we were unable to do it when it was so close, but we didn’t make a good season because, if we are going down, it is because we deserved it. We were in the fight and this could happen and it happened. Now there’s only desolation here, inside the changing room, it’s a tough moment and we need to surpass it. And if you add the situation with El Flaco, a player that’s loved by everybody, to see him saying good-bye in this way it is painful.”

Then the Galician midfielder was talking of an unfair result, “We are very sad, hurt for how the game was, because the result was unfair. The team didn’t deserve it, several players leave, among them Valerón, who doesn’t deserve this end, but football is like this and we must fight against a lot of things and in the end it happened this.”

“It’s totally unfair our position at the standings. We fought against everything, passing through very delicate situations, changes on the bench; we rowed and rowed to end dying at the shore in a very unfair way, now it’s time to get up. No matter the obstacles we are going to stand up again. The economy also has an impact, though it wasn’t the cause of this. We assume our responsibility, because what matters is what happens on the field.” Dominguez added.

At Real Sociedad, everything was happiness, though coach Philippe Montanier accepted that Depor didn’t deserve to lose the game, “I want to cheer up Deportivo, because it isn’t an easy situation. We are very happy, satisfied for seeing us playing the Champions League for the second time and doing with a French coach. The game was very tough, especially in the second half, time when Deportivo gave everything in order to win the game and the true is that they didn’t deserve to lose.”

Captain Xavi Prieto also expressed his happiness with the season made by his team, “We were dreaming with this and in the end it was fulfilled. The joy of Real is there. The draw wasn’t good for any side, and the true is that, without doing a great game, we have taken the victory. It’s a pity to see Montanier leaving, but it’s time to enjoy it.”



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