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06 Jun 2013
Fans from the five continents thank Juan Carlos Valerón for his glorious days at RC Deportivo La Coruña. This is the tribute of RCDLC.com family to one of the biggest legends that have passed through the Galician club.

RCDLC.com decided to open this article to the Depor’s fans across the world in order to express their feelings towards Juan Carlos Valerón, one of the most loved players in recent decades and that decided to leave the club on Saturday, sadly after Deportivo suffered a new relegation to Segunda División.

There are comments from the five continents, from the Fiji Islands to America. All of them thanking El Flaco for his sacrifice and dedicating throughout the thirteen years that he spent in A Coruña. Truly he’ll be missed in these delicate moments, just when Depor search for the way out to their problems. The following is a resume of the messages that were received.

Thank you, Flaco, from the all fans of football. With your excellent game you have made all of us stay with the mouth wide open. You have always been the best example not only for children but for adults too; not only on the camp but in the real life too. You should know that you have been loved; you are loved and will be loved forever! You have completely dedicated to one club and have made it a grand club! You are the best! You will always be in our hearts! Good luck! Forza Depor!

Fans from a site deportivo-fc.ru, the USSR (namely: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Moldova)

Thank you for everything Flaco .You are the best Playmaker that I have ever seen in my life! Gracias por todo Mago
Vahansn. Armenia

 Gracias El Flaco, Aleksandar from Bosnia and HERZEGOVINA

  Gracias El Flaco, Valerón, thank you for your years of service. Your vision on the pitch was the thing that mesmerized all, including your opponents. You were always a true professional and a true gentleman. You will be missed terribly. Thank you again. Good luck with whatever the future holds for you. You will always be welcome in A Coruña and especially at the Riazor. Xanuco de Nueva York

 Gracias El Flaco, Thank you Valerón for everything what you have done for Depor and for us and we wish you good luck and you will always be a member from Deportivista's family. A big fan of u and Depor from Morocco

  Gracias El Flaco, Always the gentleman, on and off the pitch. An inspirational magical man. Thanks for the years and good luck with your next adventure. Vince Potter, UK

 Gracias El Flaco, Thanks for all the great moments, Good luck in the future. From Martin in Denmark

 Gracias El Flaco, Thanks for all the magic! Edvin Ekholm, Sweden

  Gracias El Flaco, Dear Valerón: You are one of the greatest of all time!! Thank you for your service to Deportivo La Coruña. We the fans are forever indebted to you and your greatness! You will surely be missed but at the same time I am so happy that you spent the best years of your life with Depor and wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Hope to see you back some day as a Coach! All the goals, the clever passes and the humble personality will never be forgotten and cannot ever be replaced. Love You El Flaco!!!!! Shelvin Chand, Suva, Fiji Islands

 Gracias El Flaco, Gracias Valerón por todos los momentos grandes!Saludos desde Alemania!

 Gracias El Flaco, Thank you and good luck; you're really Mozart of football. nasrul from Malaysia

 Gracias El Flaco, Thanks for everything you have done for Depor. Hope that one day I will see you as a coach of Depor. Darko, Rep. of Macedonia

 Gracias El Flaco, Thank you Juan Carlos Valerón, you have become part of Depor legend!! Hendri from Indonesia

 Gracias El Flaco, Greetings from Barbados! We have lost one of the last genuine and universally respected footballers. we will miss your humility on and off the pitch and your magic with the ball. enjoy your retirement! I hope you can help rebuild Depor from behind the scenes. You did not deserve the last game you got but you handled it with class as usual.

 Gracias El Flaco, Thanks for everything Valerón. You are great player. All these years you only gave us joy. It is impossible to see Valerón losing the ball. Good luck to you! AZERBAIJAN

 Gracias El Flaco, Sir Valerón you don't need to cry, if you cry then everybody here will also do the same, be happy for us, so that good thing will come back if you are not happy, I think something else will happen. I love everything about you, the way you love the club and will always be a fan of Valerón; you will always be at Deportivo. God will be with you, with your family and friends and with all the fans in the world, as for me, I love you Sir Valerón El Flaco. Wales Nigeria

 Gracias El Flaco, You are the greatest midfielder of all time, can't forget your magnificent assists to Makaay in the CL match against Bayern! Best wishes. Andres from Hong Kong!

   Gracias El Flaco, Good bye and thank you for everything... Siamrath / Thailand


 Gracias El Flaco, Thank you for all the exciting moments, great memories and glories you brought to us, Valerón. You are the most faithful and respectful player ever. Wish you good luck in your future and I hope you stay with Depor. I'll keep supporting and watch Depor games even in La Liga 2. We will see the moment we come back. I'm from China living in America, on behalf of me and my best friend, who's also a crazy Depor fan but cannot use facebook in China.

 Gracias El Flaco, Big THANKS for everything you have done for the club. You are one of the reasons why I started to love Depor. You'll always be icon of our club. I wish you all the best in your life! Vejsil, Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 Gracias El Flaco, Dearest Valerón, Your departure has been equally painful with the relegation. You might have left the club but you will remain forever at our hearts. Thanx for the memories! George, Greece

 Gracias El Flaco, Thanks for everything! Looking forward to see you coaching Depor in the future!! Denmark

 Gracias El Flaco, I will always respect you EL FLACO. Serbian fan.


 Gracias El Flaco, Thank you for everything, Valerón. Thank you for your magic moves on the pitch, thank you for your goals, thank you for being such a great person, thank you for bringing me and so many Depor fans around the world so much joy. El Flaco, you are the artist on the pitch, one of the best ever. You are the icon of this club that will live forever. I hope to see you back at Depor one day, in some better days. I will miss you, terribly. Filip, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Do not cry Mr. Football,
Wipe the window of your soul,
Let me see my football dreams
again under the clear blue skies. 

Do not cry Mr. Football,
I'd rather chant your name,
And if you need something more,
I'd cry for you.
Kálmán, Győr (Hungary)

 Gracias El Flaco, To Valerón: You are a true role model as a professional footballer and as a person. Modest, hard-working and professor of footballogy. Your brilliant touch and football intelligence cannot be found in the world of football anymore, combined with fair play, positive attitude toward team mates, coaches, opposition players, referees and especially fans you represent what football is (should be) about. Your devotion to Deportivo and the years of joy you, together with your team mates brought to us, the fans, is priceless. You are and will always be an icon of Deportivo La Coruña. All I can say is thank you. Iztok, Slovenia

 Gracias El Flaco, Thank you for everything Juan Carlos!! You're my hero and always will be! You played geniusly and lead Depor in the glory days as well as the hard times. I wish you the best of luck in your future career - be it football or not - and in your personal life! Thank you, Gracias Kiitos!! Petri from Finland

 Thank you, for a wonderful career and many great years representing Deportivo! I'm sorry it ended this way, and not in success. Daniel from Sweden

 Dear Valerón: I know you before knowing Depor, then I loved you before loving Depor and I can't imagine what Depor will be without you, football has lost a legend and I have lost a unique joy in my life Nazik, Jordanian living in UAE

 Gracias El Flaco, Thanks for Valerón, for Super Depor too. When I was a kid, I have dreamed to play with you and Diego Tristan. Thanks, you are my inspiration. Ahmad Abdurrahman from Indonesia.

 Gracias El Flaco, Dear Juan Carlos, Thanks for everything, my hero. Feel very sad because I have to see you leaving us. But I believe that you will come back someday in the future. I was very lucky that I could see you twice, whenever I visited La Coruña. Especially, last year I could meet your family with Semin for some time and they were very nice and kind. Please remember that those moments would be my happiest and best moments. It is not the end but another start for you. Hope everything goes fine with you. Ki, South  Korea

 Gracias El Flaco, Dear Valerón, Thank you for everything you have done for Depor, and I appreciate your being in Depor since 2000 until now. I respect you choice, but I hope to see you in Depor again as a couch or as what Beckham did with England national team Tears cannot express my sadness and thanks words not enough to reveal my Appreciation. Many thanks and good luck Amal, Saudi Arabia  

One word to describe him!!
Good luck legend.
Ademir, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina



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