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07 Jun 2013
Black year for Deportivo La Coruña, the Galician team was a disaster in several aspects, especially in the number of goals allowed. The percentage in the ball possession was positive, but at the same time useless.

It was a very negative season for Deportivo, the team suffered a new relegation and the stats demonstrate why the Galician team is going down. It calls the attention that, only one year after establishing so many marks at Segunda División, the team was having a very negative season at Primera. Actually, several of the stats are even worse than the ones of the previous relegation two years ago.

First to all the team only added 35 points after only winning eight games in the tournament, the last time Depor won less than ten matches was on the Primera season 1991/92 (8). The Blanquiazul outfit also lost 19 of the 38 matches disputed on the league camping, it’s the second time in their history in which they lose so many games. The previous opportunity was on the campaign 1966/67, though at the time the team lost 19 of 30 games as Primera División was only composed by 16 teams.

Perhaps the best way to describe the season of Depor is that it was a team that scored a lot of goals, but that conceded much more. The 47 goals in favour was  a better mark than the one had in 5 of the last 7 seasons at Primera, but the 70 goals allowed was an unseen thing at the club since the 80 goals allowed on the Primera campaign 1955/56, this means the worst defense in almost sixty years.

About the record at home, Depor were only able to win six games at the Riazor, it’s the third time in a 38-game season in which the Galicians only win six times at home, the other two occurred at the end of the Champions League era (2004/05 & 2005/06).  Deportivo ended the season as the fourth worst scorer at home (23), though this mark was better than the one had in 4 of the last 6 seasons at Primera.

Also, the record on the road is the worst in the history of the club playing a 38-game season at Primera División; Depor only won two games plus adding six draws, only slightly worse than the mark of the campaign 2009/10 as in that opportunity the team won twice and added seven draws.

Perhaps two of the few positive stats on the season were the ball possession and the pass success ratio, the Blanquiazul outfit had an average of 49% related to the ball possession in their 38 liga matches, it’s a better number than 10 of the 20 teams at Primera.  The game in which Depor had the best ball possession ratio was the home clash with Levante UD (66%, matchday), but it lost the game. The Galicians also lost the match in which they had the worst ball possession ratio: 29% at FC Barcelona (matchday 27).

Besides, the team completed the 79.1% of their passes; it’s the sixth best ratio at Primera only below FC Barcelona (89.5%), Real Madrid (81.7), Valencia CF (80.5%), Malaga CF (80.1%) and Sevilla CF (79.5%). Deportivo were also the second team in la liga that conceded lesser fouls, which can be interpreted as a bad thing too. The team committed 11.4 fouls per game, only above FC Barcelona (10.6).

Back to the negative stats, there are three powerful stats that should help to understand why Depor was a so week in defense. The first is that the team allowed 14.1 shots per game, it’s the worst mark in years at Depor and it was the sixth worse on this season among the other Primera outfits, only below Real Valladolid (15.9), Athletic Bilbao (15.7), Levante UD (15.6), RCD Mallorca (14.3) and Granada CF (14.2).

Perhaps the most amazing stat is that Depor allowed 20 goals within the final fifteen minutes, it’s the highest number on this century for the Galicians and it was the worst among the twenty teams on this league season. Those late goals cost six points to Deportivo. But it’s also true that the major part of those late goals came before the arrival of Fernando Vázquez, actually there were only three late goals allowed by Depor within the last thirteen games, and none of them cost points.

The third stat is that Depor were really poor defending the aerial game of the rival, and it’s that the Galicia team allowed fifteen goals through headers; it’s the highest mark in la liga. The reason for this is hat Deportivo only won the 47% of the aerial duels.



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