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09 Jun 2013
It’s time to revisit the decisions of Deportivo’s coaches during the season that has ended. The campaign 2012/13 was unusually moved as three different men passed through the bench. All of them had negative records.

Three coaches in one season, it clearly demonstrates the problems lived by the team and normally means to fail at the moment of clinching the goals. This time it was close to work as Depor suffered the relegation until the last matchday. It was also surprising to see Lendoiro making so many changes in one single season, but also to understand the departure of the second coach was out of his hands.

Oltra and Domingos Pacięncia should be seen as the main responsible for the fatal fate of Depor on this season, both committed the basic error of not having a deep knowledge of their resources. Fernando Vázquez also committed errors, but it was the only coach able to find a successful team, and he did it after placing the most in-form players and the ones with the talent. Still, the burden was too big for his shoulders and the sins of the first two coaches brought the team down. In the end none of the three coaches had a positive record on the season.

José Luis Oltra: -Helpless- It was normal to see Oltra staying at Deportivo, after all he restored confidence in a city that was fearing to spend more seasons at Segunda. His team broke all the records at Liga Adelante and was ready to try again at Primera. The beginning was promising, with Depor getting a victory in the opening matchday against CA Osasuna and later clinching three straight draws.

At this moment of the season Depor were one of the six outfits in la liga that remained undefeated and was lying at the seventh position. The 1-1 draw at Granada CF meant the official game number 50 for Oltra at Deportivo and he reached this point with an impressive mark of 33 victories, 7 draws and 10 defeats.  Everything was settled for a solid season, but things turned to bee exactly the opposite.

The team entered a downward spiral in which Oltra lost nine of next thirteen matches; the worst part is that the defense left as negative impression allowing 34 goals in those 13 games. It recalled the defensive problems of the previous season at Segunda, something that Oltra never fixed. By matchday 15, with the historic 0-6 loss at Atlético Madrid, the Galician outfit was already the bottom team at Primera.

Oltra should be seen as the main responsible of the relegation, after all, despite all the problems outside the pitch, his team was in a comfortable position at the beginning of the tournament, but the Valencian coach lost control of the situation and never found the way to fix it. The Catarroja-born coach committed the same mistakes of the past season. He never touched the 4-2-3-1 figure and just made changes with the names at the lineups. He relied in Evaldo (last year it was Ayoze) when everybody was pointing to him and later sat Juan Dominguez in the quest to find a more “defensive” partner for Abel Aguilar. The result is that his team lost the balance and began the painful road to Segunda.

He was fired after matchday 17 (0-2 at RCD Espanyol). A rare thing with Lendoiro, but foreseeable as the president didn’t want to suffer the same error committed with Lotina two years before. His stage at Deportivo just reinforced the image of Oltra before signing for Depor: a coach good at Segunda, but that suffers at Primera due to his inability to control the bleeding at defense. He left Depor with a negative mark on this season of two wins, six draws and nine defeats.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.0

Domingos Pacięncia: -Unexpected- Everybody was surprised when Lendoiro named this Portuguese coach as the new boss at Depor. After all he didn’t have any experience in la liga and the Galicians were needed a total facelift to escape relegation. So, everything surrounding Domingos ended having a sense of surrealism.

Things started well, the Portuguese coach switched the draw into a 4-3-3and Depor got the third win of the season defeating Malaga CF (matchday 19). But it was must a mirage. And it’s that, despite the change, Domingos ended committing the same error of Oltra: not knowing the real level of the players. He rescued Evaldo from the bench and sat both Valerón and Juan Dominguez, the result was a warrior team without football. The team clinched a draw visiting Real Sociedad and lost the next four games, especially painful were the losses at Getafe CF and at home against Granada CF.

And Pacięncia left as he joined the club: without warning. The heavy loss against Granada CF provoked protests at the Riazor, chants against the Portuguese players were heard and Domingos didn’t think twice about leaving. The impression left is that Deportivo wasted the time in the six matchdays that Domingos spent at the club. He left Deportivo with one win, one draw and four defeats.
RCDLC.com rating: 4.0

Fernando Vázquez: -Believer- At the time the Galician coach landed at Depor his team was the bottom club, six points below the safety with only fifteen matchday remaining in the calendar. So, the scarcest resource in A Coruńa was hope. And that’s exactly the main contribution of Vázquez during his stage at the club, because he brought back the hope, with a peaceful attitude at the press room and encouraging at the moment of facing the fans, El Profesor turned into a sympathetic figure for the public and also for the players.

He lived three stages during the last stretch of the season, in the first the Castrofeito-born man struggled to get the team that he wanted, as a result he only picked one of the first twelve points that he disputed, then he rescued the 4-2-3-1 figure, sat the players out of form and picked back the most talented players –Valerón & Juan Dominguez-

And he got the results as Depor chained four straight wins, an unexpected rally that pulled a dying Depor out of relegation putting it in safer lands. Suddenly the eyes of the media were upon him and his optimistic view. But he also committed mistakes, and the biggest one was going to cost the relegation: he miscalculated the real state of the team for the final part of la liga. He was aware that the teams behave in a different way at the end of any season, as he said before the visit to RCD Mallorca, ”You don’t see the real level of the teams at the beginning of the tournament, this only happens at the middle of the championship, and in the final stretch everybody is making their own calculations, and this factor influences in the behavior of the team, it affects the lineups and the behavior of the coaches. You need to learn and play with that.”

And it’s that Depor only won one of its last seven matches, and players like Valerón, Riki and Pizzi looked exhausted and lacking ideas. Vázquez was unable to fix the situation and the team lowered the pace. Still, Depor arrived alive to the last matchday and depending of itself, but Vázquez failed again as he didn’t prepare the last match as he should, the result is a déjŕ vu feeling as Depor committed the same inaccuracies of the match against Valencia CF two years ago. It missed aim and paid the price for it. Vázquez, however, was the coach with the better results, having five victories, four draws and suffering six losses. Not bad, but Depor needed more in order to fix the disaster of the previous two coaches.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0



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