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13 Jun 2013
New chapter in the fight between the administrators and the club’s board of directors; the judge ordered to separate the seven businesses of Deportivo and the reaction of Lendoiro is to accuse the administrators of lying.

Rough moment at Deportivo; the club’s board of directors were shocked after judge Rafael García Pérez ordered to separate the seven businesses related to Deportivo. These side companies are the ones controlling the Playa Club, IRIS [visual merchandising], Deporclínica, VIP seats, Deportienda, Zona FIT Gym and Depor Sport.

The reason is that the club’s administrators, Julio Fernández Maestre and Francisco Prada Gayoso, requested on Monday to the judge to give them the control over these companies. In their signed petition they manifested their fear for what’s happening in the affiliates of the club. They protested for not have been invited to the meetings in which their financial situation is discussed.

The administrators have detected that these affiliate business depend a lot from the club, and with Depor at Segunda they fear their activities will decrease so much that it will ruin them, and as a consequence it will drag the club’s main business. They also complained because, according to them, since 201o the financial reports of these seven companies haven’t been inscribed in the commercial register, something that’s an obligation for any legal business in Spain.

Now, the legal control over these seven businesses is over the club’s administrators and not over the board of directors, something that has created fears among the employees about massive layoffs. Fernández Maestre and Francisco Prada haven’t said anything about the case and for now they will use their new powers in order to dig into the companies’ accounting.

But the club reacted immediately, just a couple of hours after the release of the judge’s order they published a press communicate in which they complained of the situation. First to all they showed their discomfort with the judge as he accepted the administrators’ petition in a matter of hours. Secondly, they complained that the administrators never manifested to the club their concern over the related businesses.

The most serious thing is that the club accused the administrators of lying; because the club assures that the inscriptions of the financial reports in the commercial register are up to date. About this point, was able to confirm that these inscriptions were done, so the club is right on this matter. The club is appealing the decision and manifested that they will fight for the rights of the shareholders and employees.

This new incident is just a new demonstration of the harsh relation between the club and the administrators, with judge García Pérez in the middle of the fight. It’s an atypical case of a club on administration and now the confrontation in reaching the point of accusations of lying; definitely it isn’t what a recently relegated club needs.



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