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14 Jun 2013
Augusto César Lendoiro is completing 25 years as Deportivo’s president; the anniversary is arriving in a low point for him, just after suffering a second relegation in three years and in the middle of an administration process.

June 13, 1988. Those were dark days for football in A Coruña. Deportivo have just escaped the relegation to Segunda B in a dramatic final matchday against Racing Santander. The club was dragging a debt of 600 million of pesetas (€3.61 million) and was playing at Segunda after an exile of fourteen years from Primera.

 So a drastic change was needed and the figure of Augusto César Lendoiro showed up to lead a new project. The crisis was so big that Depor had four presidents during the season 1987/88 and was desperately searching for a fixed project; some shareholders encouraged Lendoiro to present his candidacy. He was coming after been the president of football club Ural and, more importantly, after helping in the foundation of HC Liceo, the successful hockey team in A Coruña. A group of shareholders thought he could do the same at Deportivo.

On June 2, Lendoiro admitted in a letter sent to the major of A Coruña that he’s ready to present his candidacy, twelve days later he presented 1,601 signs asking to accept his candidacy, one day later it was confirmed that he was the only candidate that have presented at least 577 signs, the minimal in order to be accepted as a candidate.

So, by June 13 it was already known that he was going to be the president. Four days later, on June 17, Lendoiro assumes the presidency of Deportivo La Coruña and immediately started a campaign in order to increase the number of socios to 12,000, the so called “Deportivo camina o revinta” [Deportivo walk or burst]. He also renewed the contract of coach Arsenio Iglesias, who was going to be a keystone in the coming years.

Lendoiro reading Marca in the years of the Super Depor
Lendoiro based his campaign in controlling the expenses and touching the heart of the fans in order to increase the number of attendees to the stadium. A Couple of years later the debt was erased and three years after his arrival, Depor were already back at Primera División.

Then the golden years began, the most successful period in the history of Deportivo, with the team fighting at the top of la liga for more than a decade, from the teams of “Super Depor” to the “Euro Depor” era. A successful run that including conquering one liga tournament, two Copa Del Ret trophies and three Supercopas, plus the countless good memories watching Deportivo competing in the UEFA Champions League. Until this day Deportivo is the only Galician football club with titles.

Things began to fall apart in 2005, Lendoiro lost control of the debt and the weight of the financial problems reduced the quality of the team. The worst part has been witnessed within the last three years, with Deportivo suffering twice the relegation and with the club going to administration in January of this year.

Lendoiro with the photos of his predecessors
Currently Lendoiro is at war with the administrators of the club as he’s losing powers, ahead another big challenge lies: to find the solution to a crisis in a club that’s dreaming to relive the good memories of the recent past. A very similar challenge to what he lived twenty-five years ago, though the amounts are bigger. Many people believe he should step down, while others are waiting for a new miracle. It’s just another defining moment in the history of Deportivo and in the career of Lendoiro.

Lendoiro this week during the presentation of Fernando Vázquez
Since Lendoiro landed at the club, Deportivo have had thirteen coaches, and with them the Galician outfit have disputed 1,220 official games (806, at Primera División, 156 at Segunda División, 4 in playoffs, 136 in Copa de Rey, 6 in the Spanish Supercup, 62 in UEFA Champions League, 42 in UEFA CUP and 8 in the UEFA Cup Winners Cup). The record in the period was 549 wins, 306 draws and 365 defeats.



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