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16 Jun 2013
Deportivo B travel to Asturias with the confidence of the two-goal advantage, but also hesitating for what the rival can do at their small pitch. Coach José Luis Devesa is having the casualty of Paulo Teles, who already missed the last two games.

Once again Fabril face the second-leg in the playoff round with a two-goal advantage, though now the situation is better than in the previous round with UD Cornellà as the youngsters didn’t allow any goal in the first match, so a 0-2 loss would only led the series to extra-time. To remember again that Depor B have never wasted a two-lead situation in a playoffs series, though they were at the edge of elimination in the past round.

Coach José Luis Devesa is once again having the casualty of centre midfielder Paulo Teles, the Portuguese player remain sidelined with a knee injury and will be an important casualty as he’s the motor at midfield territory. Other players out injured are right-back Iván Garrido, centre midfielder Riki, right-back Adriá Gallego and striker Álex Pérez.

But Devesa recovers left-back Ángel Martinez, who returns from suspension and the Catalan goes directly into the starting eleven in order to cover the left side of the defense. It’s expected that the rest of the squad will be the same one of the first-leg.

Marc Martinez remains at the goal, Diego Vela performs at the right-back position, while the centre-backs are Pablo Insua and Uxío Marcos. The two pivote positions are for Oumar Sidibé and Adrián Martinez.

In attack, Álvaro Lemos will play at the right-wing, Víctor Díaz does it at the left, Jorge Romay is the playmaker in the formation and Luis Fernández is the central attacker. Once again Devesa has picked playmaker Bicho and striker Dani Iglesias from Juvenil A, duo that could have minutes in the second part.

List of picked players (16): Marc Martínez, Ricky Alonso (goalkeepers); Vela, Uxio, Insua, Marcos Caridad, Ángel (defenders); Adrián Martínez, Sidibé, Lemos, Víctor, Romay, Jorge Cano, Bicho (midfielders); Luis Fernández & Dani Iglesias (strikers)

Scene from the first-leg played at Abegondo

At CD Tuilla, coach Julio Raúl González is recovering winger Herminio Álvarez ‘Mini’; he scored seven goals on the regular season and missed the first-leg due to suspension. Mini will perform at the left wing and it’s one of the two expected novelties compared to the lineup that played at Abegondo. The other is the entry of Roberto Martin ‘Tito’ as midfielder Ángel González is suspended.

The main fear for Fabril is the combination between the direct game of the Asturian team and the small dimensions of El Candín stadium.  This stadium was renewed in 2008 and the deeds cost €630,000. The pitch is artificial turf and the small dimensions make it perfect to practice the direct game, the specialty of Tuilla. Actually, the Asturians only lost once at home during the regular season: 0-2 Vs. UP Langreo (Nov. 11. 2012).

List of picked players (16): Vilches, Oscar Cano (goalkeepers); Sakamoto, Ginés, Esteban, Roberto Martín ‘Tito’, Pelayo, Iñaki (defenders); Pablo Fernandez, Mini, Robles, Ángel Allende, Marcos Leiras (midfielders); Yoni, Matias Fernández & Marcos Iglesias (strikers).

Tuilla training at El Candín on Friday

Tuilla: (4-2-3-1) Vilches - Sakamoto, Esteban, Ginés, Tito – Pelayo, Víctor Robles – Pablo Fernández, Matías, Mini – Yoni.
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez - Diego Vela, Insua, Uxío, Ángel - Sidibé, Adrián Martínez - Lemos, Romay, Víctor - Luis Fernández.
Referee: Fernando Martín Pérez
Kick-off: 18h00 CET (El Candín)



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