08 Aug 2006
Gustavo Mun??a has broken the silence about the relationship with Depor and Caparr??s. He spoke with La Voz de Galicia about his situation in Deportivo. The Uruguayan goalkeeper said that Caparr??s never gave him an opportunity to shine. However, Mun??a stills repsects him. Now Mun??a is only thinking in finding a new club.

Q: How are you?
A: Sad, because I think that this coach hasn't gave me a chance since his arrival. When he came, I already had a spot in the lineup. But, i understood that when he came nobody had a secure position in the team. I always felt that he neglected me as a member of the team. This began last season when took over the helms of Deportivo manager. Capa told me 2 days before the end of transfer market, he said to me that I will not enjoy of too many chances. I also wanted to stay and prove that that I don't have personal problems with my team mates and they will have my respect.

Q: You ended as starter with Irureta. What happened to be considered as a discarded player?
A: For me, the most important objective was to sleep with the understandign that i am constantly improving as a footballer. I always respected my work, so I am in peace with my conscience, because I believe that my work was at the level that Deportivo deserves. This radical change is very weird to me.

Q: And what options does the club give to an International keeper like you?
A: I already talked with the club and let's see if we can find an exit.

Q: And with the coach?
A: I have spoken with him on two occasions. Firstly, before the trip to Isla Canela stage, he promised me that we would speak in the next ten days. When we returned, he told me that I don't have a spot in the team... At the beginning they didn't want us to work with the rest of the men (the discarded players) and I think that this is weird, because we are all professionals, we deserve respect and I believe that something has failed. About me, I hope to reach an agreement, because in this moment... I don't know if I'm hot, or... I don't know if the correct word is frustration, maybe sadness. I will love to continue, because I'm happy in the city, with the club, with my team mates... but sometimes things can't be as you want.

Q: It's humiliating to be testing two youngsters from Cameroon, when the rest of the team is working with younger keepers?
A: It isn't a matter of being younger or not, we are trying to fight for a place. Nothing more. For me, they could bring ten new goalkeepers, but I also want to enjoy the chance and opportunities they have to offer, but it seems that I won't granted these chances no matter what I do. It isn't a mater of who comes, its just that Mun??a doesn't count. I can't do anything against that and it's a shame since I fell love with the club that has given me a chance to play in Europe. Now, I hope that you will understand, this is a tough situation for everybody, specially to me. I will like to take advantage of my age and play in other team since I can't do it here.

Q: There are rumours about a possible return to Nacional Montevideo.
A: No, no, although that will be the best option for everybody.

Q: But the club must give you a chance in order to find a suitable club...
A: Let's hope for it. We will see, rumours are emerging and we must not be hurried. My chances will come.

Q: In la liga or outside?
A: In any place. I want to play... I hope to show my skills now. If am breaking the silence is because my situation has reached the limit. I didn't haven't spoken to anyone about my positin in the squad last season and now i feel something needs to be done. I didn't break my silence because i respected everyone in the squad and i didn't want to disturb the chances of the team in qualifying for Europe.

Q: The problem with Caparr??s is personal or is it something else?
A: I never had a problem with the coach, at least on my side.

Q: And what if you end up in the squad without been inscribed in la liga?
A: It will be terrible, I don't know how will I react in that case. It's complicated to think about that scenario.

Q: The arrival of Aouate is a fact. What do you think about it?
A: An excellent keeper that has enjoyed good years. I hope that's the better thing for Deportivo.

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