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23 Jun 2013
Riazor witness the return of Depor B in the quest to secure the promotion to Segunda División B; coach Devesa recovers Teles and prepares the same lineup of the last games played during the regular season.

Deportivo B returns to the Riazor for the second time in five years targeting a new promotion to Segunda B. Taking in mind that in the previous two round the team has lost the away game playing in small pitches, and remembering that the rival for the occasion is a repetition of the previous stages, then it’s basic to clinch a solid result in the first-leg, preferably a two-goal lead as it happened in the two previous rounds.

This is the game number 13 for Deportivo B playing at the Riazor [since 1994, year in which Fabril Deportivo passed to be the B team of Deportivo], there’s always the concern of the behavior of the youngsters regarding been playing in a big scenario, but historically the results of Fabril at the Riazor have been solid: 5 victories, 4 draws and only 3 defeats.

The only three rivals that defeated Depor B at the Riazor were Elche CF (1997), RC Recreativo de Huelva (1998) and RCD Espanyol B (1998); this last team was the last one that got a victory there: 1-5 on June 20, 1998, curiously Joan Capdevila scored one of the goals.

Teles on Tuesday training at the Riazor

Coach José Luis Devesa has been boosted for the return of centre midfielder Paulo Teles, the Portuguese has missed the last three games due to a knee injury. He’s a vital piece at midfield and goes directly into the starting eleven for the game, which means that Adrián Martinez will be moved to the left side of the defense.

In the end the coach will present the normal 4-2-3-1 figure presented in the last matches of the regular season, Marc Martinez is the goalkeeper, Diego Vela performs at the right-back position, Uxio Marcos and Pablo Insua are the centre-backs, while Adrián Martinez covers the left sector.

The two pivotes are Oumar Sidibé and Teles; the right wing is for Álvaro Lemos, Jorge Romay is the playmaker in the formation, Víctor Díaz attacks from the left flank and Luis Fernández is the central attacker. Luis is the top-scorer at the team with 24 goals in favour, but Víctor is also in fire as he has scored three goals within the last four playoff meetings.

Once again the Juvenil A duo, Bicho and Dani Iglesias, are part of the team, right-back Iván González returns from a muscle problem, but striker Álex Pérez (stress fracture) remains sidelined. Long-term injury cases, Richi and Adriá Gallego, are also out.

List of picked players (17): Marc Martínez, Ricky Alonso (goalkeepers); Vela, Iván González, Uxio, Insua, Ángel (defenders), Adrián Martínez, Sidibé, Teles, Lemos, Romay, Víctor Díaz, Jorge Cano, Bicho (midfielders), Luis Fernández & Dani Iglesias (strikers).

El Palo celebrating the victory over FC Jumilla

CD El Palo arrive to the meeting impressed for been playing for the first time at the Riazor, but also with a sense of self-confidence after destroying FC Jumilla in the previous round (7-2). Coach Pablo Adrián Guede is basing the success of his team in the quartet composed by left winger Jorge Joaquín Durán, right winger Javier Serrano Sevilla ‘Javilillo’ plus strikers Ismael Ruano ‘Isma’ and Ibón Arrieta.

Arrieta was the top-scorer during the regular season netting 14 goals, Isma is a skillful player that performs behind him, while Javilillo and Durán penetrate by the sides. This last duo had also netted double-digits marks during the regular season (10 & 11 respectively).

Guede has the doubts of captain Jesús Sánchez ‘Jesule’ and centre midfielder Francisco Flores, the first is dragging a muscle problem, while the second suffered a knock in the past game and was replaced before the final whistle. Both men traveled for the game, but it isn’t certain if they will .

The expected formation is a 4-4-2 figure, with Lorenzo Gallardo ‘Loren’ defending the goal, Óliver Bocos performs at the right-back position, the centre-backs are Jesule and Nacho Aranda, while Antonio Muñoz performs at the left.

Francisco Flores and Jan Gerrit are the centre midfielders, Javilillo attacks from the right wing, Durán does it from the left, while the strikers are Ismael and Ibón Arrieta.

List of picked players: (18) Loren, Bueno (goalkeepers); Diego García, Juanma Párraga, Óliver, Jesule, Nacho Aranda, Antonio Muñoz (defenders); Gerrit, Francisco Flores, Javilillo, Durán, Julio Cobos, Galo (midfielders); Ibón Arrieta, Ismael, Joseíto & Antoñito (strikers).

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez – Vela, Uxío, Insua, Adrián Martínez – Sidibé, Teles – Lemos, Romay, Víctor – Luis.
El Palo: (4-4-2) Loren - Óliver, Jesule, Nacho Aranda, Antonio Muñoz  - Javilillo, Gerrit, Flores, Durán – Ismael, Ibón Arrieta
Referee: Francisco Manso García
Kick-off: 17h00 CET (Riazor)



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