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23 Jun 2013
Coach José Luis Devesa gave an interview to Depor Sport ahead of the first-leg against CD El Palo; the coach of Depor B is convinced that his team is ready to give the last step towards the promotion and also admits the players are dreaming with the first team.

Q: How is the team after knowing the name of the rival in this final round?
A: Well, on last Sunday we were asking to ourselves what our preferences were and we coincided that, no matter who the rival is, we were wishing to play in a pitch in good conditions and with normal measures. But those conditions weren’t fulfilled. The pitch of El Palo is in good conditions, artificial turf, but it is a small pitch and it means problems to us. Later, it is one more rival, difficult as any other fighting for a promotion.

Q: Do you already have information on CD el Palo?
A: Yes, we have several reports. It’s a veteran rival, pretty competitive, having players with experience in promotion rounds. A tough team, a rival that alternates quality players with men having a more strong physical presence and a strong aerial game. They ended as the first place in their group and it is for something. Besides, when a rival reaches this farther round then it is for something.

Q: They already were a tough rival for Burgos in the round of champions: 0-0 and 2-3. Besides Burgos complained of the rudeness of the Andalusian team.
A: Almost all the results on the playoff have been narrow scores, but you must pay attention to the game practiced by both teams in both legs. About their rudeness, people have warned us about it. One of the references is that this team improves a lot playing at home, they put a lot of pressure and use all their resources in order to intimidate the rival and the referee, managing all the situations and the emotional aspects surrounding those games. Let’s see if we can manage the tie. I trust in my team.

Q: Do you also trust in the Riazor factor and the big promotion of the game at the social networks?
A: The players are thanking all the support of the public, because the team always felt loved at Abegondo. In the last game with almost 5,000 persons at the stands, the players felt great. We felt pretty comfortable… but people didn’t feel comfortable due to the lack of capacity. We thought of the fans; they gave us the option to play at the Riazor and let’s hope people will cheer us up as it happens at Abegondo. Many of us have lived a round in Copa Del Rey playing at San Mamés with 20,000 persons. It will be great to have the same attendance at the Riazor, or at least to be close to it. It will be great for Fabril as we face a tough opponent.

Q: How do you see the team at this crucial moment?
A: I see the team fine; they’re yielding in the playoffs; they’ve a clear picture of how to face all the situations and are even playing great football at home, just as it happened in the previous round. We can have a bad day, but let’s hope that in the two remaining games we can be at the top. If people come to watch us then I’m sure that this Fabril won’t disappoint them; they’ll make a great game and the public will enjoy it.

Q: Is a plus for the players knowing that next season the first squad is going to promote a large number of them?
A: The players always thought of that. Right now Depor have suffered the relegation and the door is more open in order to be promoted, but they’ve fought hard throughout the year, always thinking the option was there. Everybody believes on it. Now they fight in order to put Depor B back at Segunda B; they’ll love to be with the first team, but if it doesn’t happen, then they want to remain at the club and play at Segunda B. They dream of doing great things on this league. Only one round is left in order to reach the promotion and they already think of how the new season will be, playing one level higher, and this means they are having hope with the goal of the B squad, not only with the chance of been promoted to the first team. They’re ambitious, they want to keep learning, growing up and we’re following the right path.

Q: And until which point it would be important for the club having the B team at Segunda B?
A: In a sporting level, there’s no doubt it will be important to be just one level behind the first team, and later to be fighting for the top positions. We would all grow up together.



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