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24 Jun 2013
Frantic game with Depor B getting a valuable two-goal lead before a tough opponent; still, the youngsters of Deportivo should have secured a bigger score and things will be decided in Malaga on next Saturday. Luis scored a hat-trick and Romay gave three assists.

In the end coach José Luis Devesa left Paulo Teles on the bench, therefore Adrián Martinez stayed at midfield with Iván Gonzalez entering into the squad in order to perform at the left side of the defense. The draw was a 4-2-3-1, with Marc Martinez defending the goal, Diego Vela covered the right-back position, while the centre-backs were Uxío and Insua.

Sidibé joined Adrián Martínez at midfield, Álvaro Lemos attacked from the right wing, Víctor Díaz did it from the left, Romay was the playmaker and Luis Fernández was the central attacker.

At CD El Palo, coach Pablo Adrián Guede surprised as Ignacio Pérez was joining Ibón Arrieta in attack. The rest was the expected 4-4-2 figure, with captain Jesús Sánchez ‘Jesule’ already recovered and leading the defensive zone. 8,000 persons witnessed the game at the Riazor, including 100 fans of El Palo.

Once again Depor B were able to clinch a two-goal lead in the first-leg of a series in the playoffs. The Galician youngsters were the superior side and had countless chances before a disoriented defense, but their own errors defending the set-pieces left the series open until the second-leg. There were also incidents in and outside the pitch, nothing serious, but the tension slowed the speed of the match.

El Palo had the first approximation in the game during a corner-kick action, but a foul was called when Fabril’s defenders were unable to clear the ball out. The Andalusians were looking fresh within the first minutes, while the Galicians were nervous. But that impression changed soon as the locals scored twice in a matter of two minutes.

And the goals were the product of the virtue of Fabril’s players, but also of the poor tactic of El Palo, because the visitors were advancing the lines, but it just opened the gates to the skillful attackers of Depor B. The first goal was born of a long pass of Vela, it left Víctor alone before visiting goalie Lorenzo Gallardo 'Loren’ and then he assisted Luis Fernández, who just had to push the ball in from close range.

The action was repeated one minute later, again Luis had a one-on-one action before Loren and once again it ended with the ball at the back of the net.  The assistor was Romay with a brilliant drilling pass. Depor B already had what it was seeking for: a two-goal lead and it came before the 10-minute mark.

But the errors at defense were not only reserved to El Palo, because Iván committed an error that allowed a corner-kick for the Andalusians, and they scored a valuable goal using one of his best resources: the aerial game, because midfielder Antonio Muñoz headed the ball home after the cross of Julio Cobos.

The chaotic first ten minutes were closed with a polemic play, once again Luis was left alone before Loren and the keeper committed a clear penalty, but inexplicably referee Francisco Manso García booked the striker instead of whistling the penalty and show the red card to the keeper. The play was protested by the public at the Riazor. To make things worse, the card causes a suspension for Luis ahead of the second-leg.

El Palo changed the tactic and were no longer playing with the defensive line playing in an advance position, but still, Depor B were creating clear chances to net more goals. At minute 16, Lemos missed the target from close range, ten minutes later Luis was close to score with a direct free-kick that passed close to the far post.

Javilillo was the most dangerous player at El Palo, he gave a lot problems on the right wing; at minute 33 he scored a goal, but it was ruled out for an offside.  At Fabril, the attacks were focused in the left, with Víctor and Romay penetrating by that side. Perhaps that’s why Vela and Iván exchanged positions, because Vela has more depth as he was used as a winger in previous stages.

And the visitors were going to tie the game before half-time, again in a free-kick action; this time Nacho Aranda showed up to collect the low cross after a lateral free-kick of Julio. Depor B were in shock as it passed from a comfortable situation in which they were closer to a big score and now were at the same point of the beginning, but Luis showed up again to score a hat-trick. It must be said that Romay committed a foul over Ibón at the moment of stealing the ball, but it wasn’t whistled. So, the referee committed two crucial errors that affected the result.

The tension appeared for the first time with both teams heading to the changing room; a fan from El Palo starting to sing Depor a Segunda, which just caused a furious reaction of Depor’s fans, who began to insult Malaga, the hometown of El Palo.

The second half begun as the first started, with El Palo giving a lot of space at defense, as consequence Romay and Luis had a new one-on-one situation, with the latter sending the ball out from close range (48’). Depor B were still having the ball possession, but it missed more depth to seize the gaps at the rival’s defense. Besides, the pace was reduced, mainly for the countless fouls committed by the Andalusians. The game was even stopped for some minutes after flares appeared at the stands.

At minute 53, Javilillo had a new attempt to score entering by the right wing, but Marc Martinez was there to make the save. Two minutes later Romay missed the target after he headed the ball wide from close range. Then Devesa ordered the first substitution and Teles replaced Adrián Martínez.

And the game turned to be frantic once again; first Duran was sent off after committing a tough tackle over Sidibé. And just one minute later the locals scored the fourth goal. Luis made the play at the left, he released the cross and Romay got the ball to end to end releasing a wonderful pass that allowed Álvaro Lemos to score the goal from close range.

The fourth goal brought confidence to the Galicians, though they were still pushing for more. At minute 71, Insua headed the ball out in a corner-kick action. The players were too tired for the final fifteen minutes and there were only a few scoring chances in this stretch of the game. Bicho entered for Víctor and he starred the next scoring opportunity with a cross searching for Vela that missed the target (88’). One minute before Luis was sent off with two yellow cards, but the time the game was already sharp with several fouls and even a couple of fights between the players.

The final opportunity was for Luis, who missed the target in a free-kick attempt. The frictions between both sides continued after the final whistle, with the public insulting the players of El Palo and with Loren, the keeper of El Palo, having an ugly gesture showing with his fingers the number two (indicating that Depor were now at Segunda). It was even reported that some officials of El Palo were throwing punches.

Deportivo B did what it should: to win the game and at least clinch a two-goal lead, but it left the feeling of wasting a great chance to define the series since the first-leg. El Palo turned to be a rough team, but also naïve in defense. And it’s that Depor B brought a lot of danger each time it was surpassing the defense of the rival, playing in an advance position in several stretches of the game. Romay, Lemos and Víctor led the team, but Luis was in the spotlight thanks to his hat-trick, also Romay, with his three assists. The returning leg will be played on Saturday at the Nuevo San Ignacio field (20h00 CET). The club will probably appeal the yellow card saw by Luis, a card that means a one-game suspension.

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez – Vela, Uxío, Insua, Iván – Sidibé, Adrián Martínez (Teles 55’) – Lemos, Romay, Víctor (Bicho 83’) – Luis.
El Palo: (4-4-2) Loren - Óliver, Jesule, Nacho Aranda, Antonio Muñoz (Diego 71’)  - Javilillo, Gerrit, Julio (Eugenio Pérez 64’), Durán – Ignacio, Ibón Arrieta (Ismael 65’)
Goals: 1-0: (5’) Luis, 2-0: (7’) Luis, 2-1: (9’) Antonio Muñoz, 2-2: (39’) Nacho, 3-2: (41’) Luis, 4-2: (61’) Lemos.
Referee: Francisco Manso García. He showed yellow card to Luis (11’), Julio (22’), Ibón Arrieta (43’), Teles (64’) and Gerrit (74’). Duran (45 & 60’’) and Iván were sent off (76’ & 87’)
Venue: Riazor (8,000)
Stats: Attempts to score (13 – 6); Corner-kicks (11 – 5); Fouls committed (10 – 19)



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