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25 Jun 2013
Devesa was accepting the performance of his team, but was furious at the same time for the way the rival behaved at the Riazor. He even denounced that a club official form El Palo attacked his second keeper. The coach of the rival was prudent.

Fabril’s coach José Luis Devesa was content with the performance of the team, but not with the errors that provoked to leak two goals, “Fabril was the superior side, and it was a pity as we studied the rival before. We were clueless and it was a pity. We didn’t failed, only had some mismatches. We would have failed if we have missed the victory after the equalizer. We were correct before in set-pieces, but today we were clueless. We grew up in the second part and it was a pity as the team missed strength to pull up.”

At the same time the coach was furious for the behavior of the rival; and it’s that it was reported that there were several assaults after the final whistle, including the one of goalkeeper Loren against Fabril’s Bicho and even an unidentified club official of El Palo that kicked second goalie Ricky Alonso.

“People cannot come here without anything occurring and then they end threatening you. If you ask the players about what they were told it is to take civil actions, because you cannot allow death threats. That's incredible. At half time they threatened the players and at the end a club official kicked Ricky from behind, it is for cowards. I fear for the safety of my players in the second-leg.” He said about the issue.

“I find it demeaning to have teams that are allowed to compete in a national league having this behavior... Burgos wrote a letter of protest before [their rival in the round of Champions]. One thing is that they put obstacles to upset you, but that’s typical, this is different as they had a degrading treatment and there are no words for it.” He added."

Meanwhile, centre-back Pablo Insua was impressed with the response of the public that visited the Riazor, “It’s incredible to see the fans that we have, it’s simply spectacular. Many thanks to all of you. We won’t miss the promotion.”

Striker Dani Iglesias was also impressed with the support of the fans, “I never lived something similar in my life, what a spectacle with the fans. Many thanks to all. After all I have lived with the fans today, I feel more proud of being at this club.”

Jorge Romay was feeling sorry for not conquering a bigger score, “I believe we missed too many chances. We left them alive for the second game, but we scored more goals in this leg and must rely in ourselves.”

The playmaker expects for a hostile environment in the returning leg, “They search for war and it seems they will find it. In any case we are going out for the victory. They’re hostile, but on the field they cannot do anything. We already played in Cornellà and Tuilla. We’ll do anything possible and will try to win..”

Daniel Pérez is the second coach of El Palo, it was him who was in charge of the team as Pablo Guede returned to Argentina due to a family issue. He commented that, “The beginning of the game was ugly. It happened to us in Burgos too and the good thing is that we never surrendered. We go home with a 4-2, which is a result that we can surpass.”

“Fabril was the superior side, especially in the second half motivated by the numeric advantage. When we found our place on the field then things were equal, each side based in their own game. Fabril is a team with quality, really good and things were tough for us knowing that this could happen. So I am the one to blame for not been able to transmit the sense of danger. It was an intense game that was decided by the quality to score goals. We must congratulate them.” He ended.

Luis Fernández saw a yellow card early in the first half for simulating a penalty, it’s his third in the playoffs round and according to the rules the striker is now suspended for the next game. But the images are clear and the call should have been a penalty, so the club will appeal to the Spanish Federation in order to lift the card.

About the issue, coach Devesa said that, “In all the playoff round the level of the referees has been terrible. The pictures are clear and let’s see what we can do in order to see Luis playing.” Who will miss the game is right-back Iván, who was sent off with two yellow cards.



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