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25 Jun 2013
A furious Lendoiro assured that nothing will happen to Deportivo at the end of the month, this after the media published articles in which it was hinted that the relegation to Segunda B was possible in case of not paying the players’ wages.

Newspaper La Voz de Galicia has been spreading the news regarding the possible relegation of Depor to Segunda B in case of not paying the players’ salaries before June 30. But this is not true as it was previously reported by

The key date is July 5, that’s the deadline to present demands by the players to the AFE (Spanish Football Players Association), later this institution presents a final report to the clubs, the Spanish federation and the LFP, and then the clubs have until the end of July in order to pay the whole debts. Until this day the AFE hasn’t received any demand from Depor’s players, though the club owes them part of their wages.

And a furious Augusto César Lendoiro talked after the game of Deportivo B at the Riazor. He was upset for the disinformation appearing on the papers. He was asked if the relegation was possible at the end of June and he said that, “It’s a lie that this will happen; these rumours just make the fans nervous. I don’t even want to talk about it, because these things make me mad. What will happen on June 30? Nothing. I insist nothing will happen. We are working with the Spanish Treasury. We are working with the banks; we are working with the players, la liga, the AFE and everybody at all levels.”

“People must remain calm. Nobody can understand these things as the ones that are there negotiating. No matter what you say. Unfortunately the media infiltrates news that are false. And we have enough with this. I just can tell the fans that they shouldn’t be worried, because everything will be fine. I cannot say anything else, but to reinforce the confidence we have had. They trusted in us for 25 years, and nothing has changed in those 25 years.” Depor’s boss added.

He ended the conversation saying in a very emphatic way that, “In any case we won’t witness the relegation of Deportivo due to administrative issues. We have told people about this all the time. For now the president of the board of directors is in charge, for good or bad and period.”

Before this, Lendoiro was asked about the interview of Depor’s lawyer in which he criticized the family of the president, and he only said that, “It seems the freedom of speech exists even for the lawyers.” Finally, asked about the absence of transfer news, the president assured that the club is working “in order to build up the stronger team that’s possible.”

In recent days several sources, like Sportpaper Deporte Campeón (DxT), are reporting that some shareholders are already searching the way to convene an extraordinary meeting in the attempt to search for alternatives to Lendoiro. Still, it will be hard to take the president out of the job as there are important groups that support him.



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