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30 Jun 2013
Unfaithful destiny for a Deportivo B that couldn’t hold on the two-goal advantage falling before the aerial game of a very limited rival. Grey game of Fabril and the consequence is to miss the promotion to Segunda División B.

Coach José Luis Devesa surprised with a 5-3-2 figure, an unseen thing throughout the season. With Marc Martinez defending the goal, Diego Vela covered the right-back position, Ángel Martinez performed at the left, while there were three centre-backs: Marcos Caridad, Uxío Marcos and Pablo Insua.

Oumar Sidibé was the lonely pivote, Álvaro Lemos attacked from the right wing, Víctor Díaz did it from the left, finally Jorge Romay was playing behind Luis Fernández  in attack.

CD El Palo presented the expected 4-4-2 draw. Francisco Flores was the main novelty compared to the previous game. Coach Daniel Pérez was relying in the combination between Javilillo, Ignacio and Ibón Arrieta in order to score the needed goals.

The game missed the expected quality from two teams aspiring to promotion. El Palo had the initiative, but it’s a limited squad that was only relying in long throws, long crosses into the area and set-pieces. Worse was the performance of Depor B, feeling comfortable at defense, but completely lost in attack and without finding their place in a small pitch like the Nuevo San Ignacio.

The first minutes were tense, with the locals betting on the direct game, while Depor B spent the time locked at their side of the pitch. There were no scoring opportunities within the first ten minutes and no one was dominating the actions. The first shot on target came at minute 12, it was a direct free-kick of Francisco Flores that was too easy for Marc Martinez.

One minute later there was a polemic play, because Ibón Arrieta scored a goal after an error between Sidibé and Marc Martinez. And the goal was disallowed for an offside that was very doubtful. The action brought the nerves on for the Galician youngsters; they were suffering a lot before the push of the Andalusian outfit.

At minute 27, Javilillo was left alone before Marc Martinez after a great pass of Francisco Flores, and the Catalan keeper was there to make the save. The locals were having the ball possession and harassed Depor with long throws taking advantage of the pitch dimensions, still they only had two clear chances within the first thirty minutes.

Depor B were trying to waste some time, but also were too hurried at the moment of having the ball possession,n reason why they never created any harm lo local goalie Loren. Meanwhile, as it happened at the Riazor, Javilillo was giving a lot of problems with his velocity.

At minute 35, Francisco Flores was close to score with a strong shot that passed close to the far post of Marc Martinez. Flores was another player that shone in the game, the one with the vision to pass the ball. Still, the Andalusian outfit missed aim and clear ideas to transform the dominion into scoring chances. The lonely scoring opportunity for Depor B in the first half came at minute 40; it was a free-kick of Víctor that Sidibé headed wide from close range.

Romay wasn’t appearing and neither Lemos, so Luis passed unnoticed. There were a lot of comments about what could happen after all the things that were said the week. The true is that there were several incidents, from people that were spitting to Marc Martinez each time he was about to make a goal kick to a confrontation between a Galician fan with other people that were threatening his 12-year-old daughter. The police had to intervene.

The script didn’t change for the second part; the locals were having the ball possession, but later they weren’t able to create any harm before Marc Martinez. At least they didn’t convert the harassment into shots on goal, just into countless corner-kicks, though this was going to be the definitive factor in this tie. Luis had his first chance to score at minute 51, he picked the ball at the edge of the area and attempted to chip the ball over the keeper, but Loren cleared the danger to corner-kick.

Fabril were looking comfortable in the second part, until the Andalusians scored the first goal. And it wasn’t a surprise to see them pulling a goal through the aerial game. It was a corner-kick of Francisco Flores that captain Jesús Sánchez ‘Jesule’ headed into the net.

The harassment was bigger and Depor B lived the worst moments, after all one more goal for El Palo was going to change the tide of the series. At minute 65, Julio released a new corner-kick and this time replacement Ismael Ruano headed the ball out. But then the locals committed a mistake as Nacho Aranda hit Luis without any provocation and without having ball. The centre-back was sent off and Depor B played the last ten minutes with one more player.

The last opportunity for Luis in the game was a direct free-kick that passed close to the post then the striker was replaced by Dani Iglesias. Dani brought velocity to the game, but he didn’t have any direct impact in the game. Depor B failed to create any harm in attack; they neither found the needed room to release counterattacks nor to make harmful passes at the other side of the pitch.

Still, it seemed that the worst had passed, ten minutes were remaining and Depor B had one more man on the pitch. But a new corner-kick was going to define the series. Romay got injured in the action that provoked the corner-kick and Adrián Martinez replaced him, but exactly in that play Ismael didn’t miss the target this time as he scored the goal after finding the loose ball inside the area.

Eight minutes were remaining and both Romay and Luis were off, Lemos was disappeared, Teles entered for Lemos, but it was too late. So, Depor B never created any chance to recover the advantage. To mention the shameful behavior of the locals fans, who threw three balls into the pith in the lonely attack of Depor B in this last stretch of the game, local coach Daniel Pérez was even sent off for protesting (90+4’).

Fabril ended a season that turned to be really negative for the Deportivisimo. In the whole series they played the best football, but also allowed four goals in set-pieces, a thing that turned to be really expensive. CD El Palo gets the ticket to Segunda B thanks to the away-goal rule (aggregate 4-4). Fabril will have to play one more season at Tercera. Meanwhile, CD El Palo clinched its first promotion to Segunda B.

The players of Deportivo B are now in vacations, some of them will only be off for a couple of weeks as they will be picked by coach Fernando Vázquez in order to begin the pre-season with the first team. Once again there will be big movements at Fabril as several youngsters will be promoted from Juvenil A ahead of the season 2013/14.

El Palo: (4-4-2) Loren - Óliver, Jesule, Nacho Aranda, Antonio Muñoz  - Javilillo (Galo 90+1’), Gerrit, Flores, Eugenio (Ismael 46’) – Ignacio, Ibón Arrieta (Julio 60’)
Deportivo B: (5-3-2) Marc Martínez – Vela, Caridad, Uxío, Insua, Ángel – Lemos (Teles 84’), Sidibé, Víctor – Romay (Adrián Martínez 81’), Luis (Dani Iglesias 70’)
Goals: 1-0: (60’) Jesule, 2-0: (82’) Ismael
Referee: José Manuel Pardo Martínez. He showed yellow card to Nacho Aranda (39’) and Gerrit (61’), Ignacio was sent off (67’)
Venue: Nuevo San Ignacio (1,500)
Stats: Attempts to score (8 – 2); Corner-kicks (14 – 4); Fouls committed (19 – 10)



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