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01 Jul 2013
Acceptable performance for Deportivo B throughout the Tercera season that has just ended, but it wasn’t crown with the promotion to Segunda B as the team failed in the last game. So, there’s a sense of disappointment too.

Long and intense season for Deportivo B; the fact of reaching the farthest round in the playoffs forced the team to play 44 games during 11 months of competition. The season was understood as a challenge, because there were solid rivals that were targeting the first four places at the Galician group of Tercera División. More in concrete there were six direct rivals that were searching for the same goal: Racing Santander, SD Compostela, Celta B, Pontevedra CF, CCD Cerceda and Racing Vilalbés.

The goal of the team was no other than to end among the first four places, since Tito Ramallo missed the goal on last season the club decided to pick José Luis Devesa for the job. He knew several of the players as he was the coach of the successful Juvenil A team that clinched important things some years ago. He also recalled players like Romay and Marcos Caridad, the intention was to bring some experience to the squad.

Devesa had problems to assembly his team at the beginning, after all the results weren’t so good in the first round, but later the team turned to be a goal-scoring machine in the second part of the season, after all 24 of the 76 goals scored in liga (32% of the total) were netted within the last eight games.

In the end the initial goal was achieved, the team ended fourth at the standings and took part of the playoffs. It passed the first two rounds only to fall in the final game after wasting a two-goal lead for the first time in their history. So, the players fulfilled the expectations, but also left a bittersweet taste in the mouth as they missed a great chance to play at Segunda B for the tenth time in the history of Depor B.

The start was a little doubtful for Depor B, because the team lost two of the first four matches. Still, Devesa’s team left a positive impression within the first two games. The liga campaign begun with the mini-Galician derby against Celta B played at Abegondo. It was an entertaining game that ended 2-2 and with both teams showing their credentials in the quest for promotion. That game was followed by a 2-1 win visiting UD Barbadás, match that was marked by the first goal of Juvenil A striker Dani Iglesias with the team.

But the first doubts showed up immediately, the youngsters lost two straight matches, firstly a unexpected 0-1 loss hosting Bergantiños CF and later losing 0-2 visiting Órdenes CF, a team that tuned to be one of the surprises of the season ending 7th at the standings.

In any case there was a quick reaction as Depor B added seven of the next nine points in dispute, also clinching three straight clean sheets. First with a 3-0 win over CD As Pontes and with Dani Iglesias shinning against as he scored a brace. Then there was a valuable 0-0 draw visiting SD Compostela, one of the direct rivals. Then there was another 3-0 win at Abegondo, this time over CD Dorneda and with Diego Vela as the main actor netting a brace.

The third defeat of the season came during the visit to Racing Club de Ferrol (1-2), but it should be understand as a normal result, after all Los Diablos Verdes broke the record of points on the season and only lost five times. Fabril returned to winning ways one week later as the team defeated Villalonga CF playing at Abegondo (1-0).

Matchday 10 marked a new disappointment for the team as there was a new defeat playing on the road: 1-2 visiting Betanzos CF, but this game was more important as it marked the return of Luis Fernández after one year injured. He replaced Jorge Cano at minute 63 and later turned to be the top-scorer at the team (21 goals in the regular season).

At this point the team was living outside of the playoff zone, but two straight victories allowed the team to reach the fifth position, in both games Depor’s youngsters netted three goals: 3-0 visiting UD Somozas and 3-2 hosting Rápido de Bouzas.

The instability returned at matchday 13, because Fabril were defeated during the visit to Alondras CF (0-1), another of the surprising teams on the season. But the true is that Depor B started to grow at this point, because it turned to be the last defeat in the first round. In the next six games the team added 14 of the 18 points in dispute.

A 3-1 win over CCD Cerceda confirmed the aspirations of the team, it was followed by a goalless game visiting another direct rival: Racing Vilalbés. The a devastating 5-0 win over CD Negreira, at this point on the season Devesa already had a fixed lineup and a fixed scheme, because it started playing 4-1-4-1 trying to seize the presence of Juan Carlos and Romay and then the scheme turned into the traditional 4-2-3-1, mainly after Juan Carlos was loaned to SD Huesca at Segunda División.

The first round ended with two 2-1 wins over Céltiga CF and Narón Balompé, and then a 0-0 visiting Pontevedra CF. This rally of results at the end of the first round allowed Depor B to reach the mid-point of the season lying at the fourth position, with a three-point advantage over the fifth place.

The best of the team came in the second round, frame in which Devesa’s boys only lost four games, starting with a 1-2 loss visiting Celta B. It was followed by a 2-0 victory over UD Barbadás and a new goalless game, this time visiting Bergantiños CF.

A spark in the successful second round came as Fabril suffered two straight losses, firstly hosting SD Órdenes (0-2), which turned to be the only team that won both games against Deportivo B. Then a disappointing game visiting relegation-troubled CD As Pontes (1-2). At this point the team was fifth at the standings.

But Depor B bounced back, and it did it with an impressive performance as the team clinched five big wins in the next six games. On matchday 25, Depor’s youngsters clinched an impressive 3-0 win over direct rivals SD Compostela, then a 4-1 win visiting CD Dorneda and with Luis netting his first hat-trick of the season.

In the middle of this period a meritorious 0-0 facing the all-mighty Racing Club Ferrol, the big wins returned immediately with the team netting thirteen goals in the next three games, firstly trashing Villalonga CF (1-4) with a brace of Luis, then a 5-0 at home against Betanzos CF and with a new brace of Luis, and then a new 4-1 win, this time over UD Somozas. Víctor Díaz was the one that scored a brace in that match.

At this point Deportivo B were already third at the standings and was on the right track to the playoffs, but a lot was still ahead as the difference with the fifth position was only of five points. This idea was pretty clear especially after the team suffered an unexpected loss visiting Rápido de Bouzas, still this was going to be the last defeat of the Tercera campaign.

And it’s that within the last seven games Fabril added five victories. At matchday 32 there was a 3-2 win hosting Alondras CF. Víctor Díaz netted a new brace and the result was 3-0 by minute 32, but later the rival grew up and was close to clinch the final draw. Also dramatic was the following game with Depor B getting a 1-0 win visiting CCD Cerceda, later a 1-1 draw hosting Racing Vilalbés.

More convincing were the next two games, with Depor B scoring ten goals and not allowing any. On matchday 35 there was a 4-0 win visiting SD Negreira, with Juvenil A playmaker Bicho making his debut with the team, and then the biggest win on the season: 6-0 over Céltiga CF, at the time this team was already relegated. Luis scored his second hat-trick of the season and, more importantly, the team secured the spot in the playoffs after Pontevedra CF failed to win their games.

With two games remaining in the schedule, Fabril had already secured the goal of the season, but now the objective was to end third and then search for the promotion to Segunda B. But Depor B failed to end third at the standings, and it was caused by the lack of concentration during the visit to Narón Balompé. The rival was already relegated, but Devesa’s team wasted a 3-1 lead at minute 77 and the game ended 3-3. The first goal of Bicho with the B team was the only positive news from this match. And the regular season ended with a refreshing 2-0 win over a sad Pontevedra CF. A curious one is that up to four Juvenil B players debuted with the team. Juvenil A were playing the Copa Del Rey and Devesa decided to give an opportunity to these youngsters.

Depor B were now in the playoffs, the fact of been fourth at the standings meant that the team was going to face the first or second places of the other groups before reaching the promotion. Three rounds were ahead and there were two common things in each one of them: Depor B clinched a two-goal lead in the first-leg playing at home and the returning leg was disputed in fields with artificial turf.

In the first round Fabril faced UE Cornellà, after a 3-1 win at Abegondo the team was close to be eliminated as it was losing 0-2 in Barcelona (the team spent seventeen minutes eliminated), but Luis showed up to score a goal that meant the qualification to the semifinals (1-2). In this new round Devesa’s boys clinched a 2-0 win at Abegondo facing the Asturian champions, CD Tuilla. In the returning leg the Galicians lost once again with a 1-2 score, but it was enough to pass to the final.

The last obstacle in the quest for Segunda B was CD El Palo, the champion from the Northern group of Andalusia. The first-leg was played at the Riazor and it meant a 4-2 win with Luis scoring a new hat-trick. And Depor B lost once again in the returning leg, this time a 2-0 defeat with the second goal arriving at minute 82. 4-4 in the aggregate score and eliminated due to the away-goal rule. Only eight minutes separated the team from Segunda B. Close but also far away. The players had an acceptable performance, but that last spark left a sensation of sadness, a perfect complement to what happened to the first team.



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