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09 Jul 2013
Midfielder Álex Bergantiños addressed the media on Monday; he’s convinced that Depor need to close the first team as soon as possible in order to have a strong team for the Segunda season. He relies in the academy, but also understands that the process needs time.

Álex Bergantiños offered a press conference on Monday. He didn’t want to establish a goal for the Segunda season as Depor hasn’t closed yet the squad for the new campaign. He’s also convinced that there’s enough quality at Depor’s academy, though the youngsters need time to grow up and reach the first team.

The midfielder started talking of the hardness during the first training sessions, “We have been working hard. Luckily we rested on Sunday, but today it was hard. This week things will be more intense having two sessions per day. But we need to prepare the season in order to start in the best possible way. We need to improve and let’s hope the rest of players will come, little by little the players from Fabril will come and also new signings will come. We need to integrate everybody in order to have, as soon as possible, a strong team.”

Then he assured that Deportivo cannot have a target for the Segunda season, simply because the team isn’t done yet, “It’s hard to tell when you don’t know the team that we will have. In order to talk of goals we will have to wait for August as, at that time, we’ll know the team. For now it’s hard to talk about it. For now we need to prepare ourselves and build up a team with the players that will join the daily work. Each year the clubs make signings at the last minute trying to get the best players at the best price, the teams will be made with the passage of time, so the process of building up teams is not taking more time. But if we get the players before the end of the month, then maybe I can tell you that we have a strong team and that our target is the promotion.”

Álex is only living his third year as a first team player, so he avoided to describe himself as a pillar at the first team, “There are many turns on this; I don’t know who will be a pillar. We only want to prepare a competitive team. Each year the squad is different and also the goals. We can just try to help the team in everything they want. In my case there’s more confidence as you see things differently to the situation two years ago, because at the time I didn’t know if I was staying.”

Neither is he thinking of becoming the captain of Deportivo, “The important thing is to feel part of the team. I only have three years at the first team and there are several players with more time than me, so I am not thinking of it.”

The Galician player is also hoping that the financial problems at the club can be solved as soon as possible, “We are waiting, always talking to the club and the AFE [Players’ Association]. Truly things need to be fixed. There’s little time to find a solution and that’s what we are waiting for: to reach an agreement and solve the situation. We are aware that things must be solved on this month.”

“Since the beginning it was told to us that these cases are difficult and long. We know that it was going to take some time and we are aware they are working in a viability plan. We hope to reach an agreement and that it will be good for all the parties involved. People need to be calmed, the president already said it: the club won’t disappear for going into administration. It was weird to hear that if there’s no agreement in fifteen days then the club will be liquidated. For me it is impossible ad it is what I think.” He added regarding the issue.

With some of the players returning from loans, Álex is convinced that’s an enriching experience for them, though it doesn’t mean they will have a spot at the first team, “The partners that are arriving already have some experience. It’s good to see other clubs, because you know other cultures and see football in a different perspective, in that sense players like Juan Carlos, Rochela and Seoane have had minutes at other clubs and it’s important. Now they are like the rest, preparing the season had hoping to be at the team. But all the loan cases are different. I don’t want to be an example; Juan Dominguez was there and was promoted directly.”

Then he assured that the Segunda tournament is going to be pretty equal, “Things are pretty equal, last year there was an exception with Elche, but now I think it will be very equal. There are strong teams and it’s harder. The last ten places at Primera are equal, and it is the same with the first twelve at Segunda. And with the playoff the competition will be open. It’s uncertain to know the teams that will be at the top.”

Finally, Bergantiños is convinced that Depor’s has quality at the youth teams, but also that the club must have patience as it’s impossible to fill the first team with youngsters without experience, “We have good players and good installations. We are also competing in national and international tournaments, but what should be clear is that we aren’t going to extract twelve players from the youth teams in just one year, it’s simply impossible. It’s the same at other teams, at the Juvenil squad four or five players are promoted and that’s the idea with the rest. I believe we are working well and little by little we are going to have players coming from the academy.”



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