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13 Jul 2013
Midfielder Juan Dominguez joined the criticism of other players regarding the current situation at Deportivo. He told to reporters that the players were hoping for solutions back in June and that they still waiting for answers.

Juan Dominguez sent the message on Friday: the players won’t wait forever as the financial problems still striking the club. It was quite surprising as the ex-Fabril midfielder normally keeps a conciliatory speech.

He admitted that the lack of payment of their wages –and the club’s employees- affect the performance of the team, “These are things that influence in the performance of the team, to see things so unstable. To read all the things going out in the papers and the radio, always everything is bad news. The true is that things are complicated. In any case we need to be isolated, always giving importance to the circumstances, but adapting to it. We won’t win anything if we spent the time only thinking of this. What we need to do is to make a solid pre-season and then begin with the right foot.”

“We need to be isolated, but it isn’t easy. Patience is not infinite and we have spent a while living a tough situation, unstable, and it can’t be. We need an agreement and find some stability, we, the players, can only talk to the club or anyone else in order to be united. It cannot be to be that people are more pending of the negative news rather than be focused on the pre-season. We urgently need a solution.” He added

The Galician midfielder also explained that the rest of the squad was hoping to solve the issue back in June, “They fix a deadline and later it turns out that there’s a new problem and things aren’t fixed, then it happens the same as we end without solutions, we have spent months living the same. I agree with Manuel Pablo .The major part of the squad thought that things will be fixed by June. Later we hear comments that everything is fine and that there’s enough money and I hope that someday the words are translated into action. We hope to see the facts and not to end hearing another speech. The words are carried by the wind.” He explained

 “The message of the AFE [Players’ Association] is tranquilizing, because they always try to do the best for us. But they’re also having doubts, because even they need to wait to see other parties reaching agreements. Little by little I hope things will be fixed.” He added.

In any case, Dominguez isn’t thinking of leaving the club due to the financial crisis, “In my particular case I am not thinking of seeing Deportivo disappearing, neither I have other option. I hope Deportivo will continue and believe that things will be sorted out. I don’t think we need to think of an exit.”

He also talked of other issues, like the hard training sessions with Fernando Vázquez, “We are tired, which is normal in any pre-season stage. Neither the weather is helping to be at the top. In any case we need to train and prepare next season, with or without the heat and until reaching the normal season.”

The midfielder even commented that these training sessions are tougher than the ones had with Caparrós, “I need to lose weight, which is logical as you are stopped after the end of the season; it makes you return out of shape. The vacations are for this. In any case I don’t think any of the players are coming facing a dramatic situation. I remember the stage at Isla Canela with Caparrós, it was also tough as we were making triple sessions. I was only 16 and perhaps I noticed the most. In any case this pre-season is more intense; despite we only make double sessions compared to the three sessions with Caparrós.”

He also sent a message of encouragement to the ten Fabril’s players that will make the pre-season with the first team, “I believe these are good news, the more ‘canteranos’ we have, the better. These are homegrown players and later we’ll see how many will stay. I’m sure they are ready to help us. Let’s see how things go, it also depends on the signings.”

For him, the lack of offensive players in the trainings have had a positive impact on the rest of players, “Yes, that’s weird. But what we do is to alternate in the position of attacker and we complete part of the work. It’s good for us as we learn some new stuff. This is order to prepare ourselves and we need to absorb everything that’s possible.”

Finally, Juan Dominguez doesn’t want to talk of the aspirations for the new season, though he thinks Depor should be targeting the promotion, “I believe it will be more complicated than the last time we were at Segunda. It is like that. It’s more complicated. We only have a few players and the true is that I don’t want to fix a goal at this point, because we only have a few players. It depends on how we see ourselves at the end of the season. I believe that, for been Deportivo and for been a recently demoted team, we must have the promotion in our minds. It’s clear and cannot be ruled out. But we must be conscious that this situation isn’t easy and we need patience in order to reach the goal. It won’t be as easy as the last time.”



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