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15 Jul 2013
The captains of Deportivo had a meeting with Lendoiro: Depor’s president told them that the players will be able to collect their unpaid wages during this week. Manuel Pablo told to reporters that the players are satisfied with the outcome.

The several comments, in some cases protests, of the players during the press conferences regarding their unpaid wages moved president Augusto César Lendoiro to organize a meeting with the captains in order to calm down the nerves.

On Friday, Manuel Pablo, Dani Aranzubia, Aythami Artiles and Álex Bergantiños attended to the meeting with the president. Laure was going to be there too, but he was invited to an act with a Peña and skipped the reunion.

One day later Manuel Pablo confirmed to reporters that the president promised that the players will start to receive their money on this week. The Canarian defender said that Lendoiro told them it’s possible to pay the wages before reaching a final agreement with the creditors. He also said that the players are satisfied with the outcome of the meeting.

Last week Manuel Pablo was complaining of lack of information, ”We would like to know the deadlines, when we are going to collect our money. We don’t know yet. You don’t know how things will be solved. We know the team will compete at Segunda, but would also like to have more information.” He said, which was followed by the criticism of other players like Juan Dominguez and Aythami.



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