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18 Jul 2013
Juan Dominguez ad Luis Fernández scored a hat-trick in the first game on the pre-season. The rival didn’t give any problem and all the eleven players from Fabril had the chance to play with the first team.

Coach Fernando Vázquez presented a 4-2-3-1 squad for the game, Fabril’s Cañi, Dani Iglesias and Bicho were debuting with the first team. Lux was the starting goalie; Manuel Pablo performed at the left-back position, Laure played at the right, while Kaká and Pablo Insua were the centre-backs.

Álex Bergantiños and Juan Carlos were the centre midfielders, Cañi played at the right wing, Juan Dominguez was the playmaker in the formation, Bicho attacked from the left and Dani Iglesias was the central attacker.

The game left some positive news despite the rival is a team coming from the Preferente Autonómica league (fifth level of Spanish football). The first is that Juan Dominguez is a real option to perform as the playmaker of the squad, the position left by Valerón. That was the first thing to notice taking in mind the hat-trick scored by the Galician player in the first part.

In this opportunity Juan Carlos performed as a centre midfielder as he did before at Fabril. He looked comfortable the half an hour he played alongside Álex Bergantiños. The second thing to notice from the first half were the moves of Bicho and Cañi, pretty active throughout the half.

Still, the first half an hour was boring, with only two goals opportunities, the first a direct free-kick of Aitor saved by Lux and the second an assist of Bicho that left Dani Iglesias alone before Lemos’ keeper, Bene, but the young striker sent the ball out with his crossed shot.

Then it came the first goal, Laure released a cross from the right that Juan Dominguez sent into the back of the net. Then Fernando Vázquez made three changes allowing the debut of Stefan Deák, Oumar Sidibé and Uxío Marcos.

Immediately, Depor scored the second goal. Again with Juan Dominguez as the author, this time collecting the ball after a deflection inside the box. And five minutes later the midfielder scored his hat-trick after a pass of Cañi that he transformed into a strong shot from outside the area.

For the second half, Fernando Vázquez made eight substitutions only leaving on the pitch the three players that entered at the middle of the first part. Aranzubia, Seoane, Ayoze, Teles, Lemos, Romay, Bruno Gama and Luis Fernandez were the players that entered. Four of them were making their debut at the first team (Lemos, Luis, Romay & Teles).

If the first half was for Juan Dominguez, the second was for striker Luis. The 19-year-old attacker not only matched the hat-trick of the midfielder, but also demonstrated his skills to assist his partners (two assists). Still, and as it happened in the first half, the first half an hour was boring. Depor were feeling comfortable and the rival was just trying to avoid a bigger loss. The only dangerous action was a long-range shot of Ayoze that hit the crossbar (47’)

But everything changed in the final stretch as Deportivo scored four goals in a matter of four minutes. Firstly, Luis scored his first goal of the evening with a direct free-kick from 30 meters. Then Bruno Gama scored the fifth with a long-distance attempt after a deflection from a rival. The next two goals were combinations between Fabril’s players.

In the first Luis made a great play to send a cross that Romay just had to push in, then the one that made the great play on the wing was Álvaro Lemos, who released a cross into the area to see Luis scoring the goal.

Then Fernando Vázquez, with the 0-7 in the scoresheet, did the same thing he did in the first part: to replace both centre backs and a centre midfielder, in this sense Rochela, Aythami & Assunção replaced Uxío, Deák and Sidibé.

The last two goals came within the last ten minutes, the roles of the seventh goal were inverted in the eight goal as Luis was the one sending the cross from the right to see Lemos scoring. The final goal meant the hat-trick for Luis in a solo-play in which he eluded the keeper before sending the ball into the back of the net.

25 of the 27 players picked for the stage in Monforte played in the match. Ze Castro and David Gómez were the only players that didn’t perform in the game. The next friendly match is against RC Vilalbés (Tercera División) on Saturday (19h00 CET).

Lemos: (4-2-3-1) Bene - Davicin, Vicente, Iván I., Aitor - Maikel, Óscar - Alberto, Canoa, Gonzalo - Araújo. Also played: Ángel, Valdo, Freire, Ivo, David, Iago, Chema, Iván II, Abreu, Fedello, Héctor, Enriquez, Rodri, Andón, Castro & Miguelín.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux (Aranzubia 46’) – Laure (Seoane 46’), Insua (Uxío 30’) (Aythami 61’), Kaká (Deák 30’) (Rochela 61’), Manuel Pablo (Ayoze 46’) – Álex Bergantiños (Sidibé 30’) (Assunção 61’), Juan Carlos (Teles 46’) – Cañi (Lemos 46’), Juan Domínguez (Romay 46’), Bicho (Bruno Gama 46’) – Dani Iglesias (Luis 46’)
Goals: 0-1: (28’) Juan Domínguez, 0-2: (34’) Juan Domínguez, 0-3: (39’) Juan Domínguez, 0-4: (69’) Luis, 0-5: (70’) Bruno Gama, 0-6: (71’) Romay, 0-7: (72’) Luis, 0-8: (80’) Lemos, 0-9 (84’) Luis
Referee: Pereira Ferreiro
Venue: Estadio Municipal A Pinguela (700)



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