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18 Jul 2013
Luis Fernandez is one of the youngsters with more possibilities of earning a spot at the first team during the pre-season. He’s said to be calmed and that he already feel integrated to the rest of the squad.

Eleven Fabril’s players are currently working in Monforte, striker Luis Fernandez is among the ones with more chances of getting the so-desired promotion. He offered a press conference on Wednesday and talked about his first moments training with the first team.

He starting saying that the long and intense sessions are necessary in order to be in shape, “Yes the trainings have been hard, but you need to be fine in a physical sense; the quality is something we already have, supposedly, so the important thing is to be prepared in a physical level. That’s why the trainings are so hard.”

The 19-year-old attacker didn’t give importance to the fact that Fabril’s members have only rested for fifteen days after missing the promotion in the playoffs at Tercera División, “We have only rested for fifteen day as we were playing with Fabril until June 30, but everything is fine.”

He insisted that the main goal is to gain a spot at the first team,  “I see things with normality. I’m here in order to gain a spot at the first team. We’re lacking strikers and that fact can give me more responsibility but we can also sign reinforcements. I am here in order to demonstrate to the coach that I can have a spot.”

“We are here in order to train with top players. We are learning and in the end we can adapt to their pace. We want to demonstrate that we can be here. The group is spectacular. All the players are helping us and the Fabril’s players are feeling motivated and are eager to demonstrate to the coach that we can be here.” He added.

But in any case, the Fabril’s attacker isn’t feeling pressured to score goals and impress the coach, “There’s no pressure. The important players at the first team talk to us and transmit the idea that we cannot have pressure. I already scored in the training sessions, it was only a goal, and let’s hope it can be in an official game.”

Coach Fernando Vázquez has stated that defender Insua will be one of the promoted players from Fabril, and he didn’t say anything else about the rest. In the meantime Luis told to reporters that he hasn’t talked to him yet,  “No. I am working and we will see.”



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