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21 Jul 2013
Grey game at the Magdalena stadium, Deportivo lacked punch before a rival from Tercera División. Bicho and Juan Carlos were among the best players in the match. 17-year-old striker Dani Iglesias scored his first goal with the first team.

Coach Fernando Vázquez chose a 4-2-3-1 formation that was full of Fabril’s players, actually five of them played at Tercera División during last season, plus presenting one of the signings for Depor B ahead of the new campaign. After all, they were facing one of the teams that will compete against them in the tournament.

German Lux was the starting goalie, Diego Seoane performed at the left-back position, Laure played at the right, while Zé Castro was making his first appearance on the pre-season performing alongside Stefan Deák at the centre of the defense.

The rest of the team was coming from Fabril, with Oumar Sidibé and Paulo Teles playing at midfield territory, Cańi covered the right wing and Bicho performed on the left. Then Jorge Romay was the playmaker and Luis Fernández was the central attacker.

It was a moved beginning with Luis firing in a free-kick action that ended with keeper José Angel clearing the danger, in the resulting corner-kick Teles released the cross that Zé Castro found inside the area to score the first goal. Five minutes later Romay was close to score, again in a set-piece, but the playmaker missed the ball after Teles threw a free-kick.

Deportivo completely dominated the game, always having the initiative though they missed more depth and ideas to resolve the plays. Bicho was the best player in the first part, combinative and the leader in the offensive moves. Laure and Seoane were also pretty active by the sides. At minute 12, Luis missed the ball after a cross of Seoane.

The first clear opportunity for the locals came at minute 19, with José Varela sending the ball wide from the edge of the area. Then the game turned to be boring, between the apathy of the rival and the lack of depth by Deportivo. At minute 20, Romay couldn’t resolve a one-on-action and the loose ball was sent out by Cańi.

Luis, who was pretty effective in the previous game against Club Lemos, was time lacking aim, still he insisted and was pretty active up front. At minute 31 he attempted a scissors-kick shot that missed the target after a rebound in a rival.

The final minutes were boring and the last chance for Depor was a free-kick of Cańi that missed the target (37’). But Racing Vilalbés was going to score the equalizer before half-time, it was in one of the few chances they had and was also the first goal allowed by Deportivo on the pre-season. Winger José Varela found the ball after a cross from the right and he headed the ball home.

For the second half Fernando Vázquez changed ten of the eleven players, only Lux stayed on the pitch. Manuel Pablo covered the right side of the defense, Ayoze played at the left, the centre of the defense was for Kaká and Insua. Álex Bergantińos and Paulo Assunçăo performed at midfield, Bruno Gama and Lemos were the wingers, Juan Carlos was the playmaker and Dani Iglesias was the central attacker.

As it happened in the first part, Deportivo only needed a couple of minutes to score a goal, this time the play was made by Manuel Pablo, who released the cross to see Dani Iglesias scoring his first goal at the first team.

Once again Deportivo dominated the actions, this time lead by Juan Carlos, the most active player in the second part, another player that was insisting was Dani Iglesias, who had a new opportunity sending the ball out after been assisted by Álex Bergantińos (50’). Vázquez’s team had more depth in the second half, but this time the attackers missed aim.

At minute 53, the shot of Ayoze was blocked by José Ángel, the local keeper made another save one minute later before the attempt of Juan Carlos. At minute 69, Dani Iglesias had two opportunities and he missed both, firstly sending the ball out after a new cross of Manuel Pablo and later failing after a pass from Bruno Gama.

Then the game reached the same pace of the first part, with Racing Vilalbés blocked upfront and with Deportivo lacking ideas to score more goals. At minute 75, Pablo Insua had to be replaced after suffering a nock, he was replaced by Uxío Marcos. Still, there was time to score a third goal and it was in a new set-piece. Bruno Gama scored the last goal in the match during a free-kick action.

The two players that missed the game due to injury reasons were David Rochela and Juan Dominguez, while keepers David Gómez and Dani Aranzubia, plus defender Aythami Artiles were on the bench. There’s a new friendly match on Monday as Deportivo face UD Barbadás, a new rival from Tercera División (A Pinguela, 20h00 CET).

Racing Vilalbés: (4-2-3-1) José Ángel - López, Alex, Josito, Borja - Pablo Vivero, Make - José Varela, Justino,  Oscar Martínez – Nico. Also played: Juanjo, David, Diego, Muńiz, Villares & Efrén.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure (Manuel Pablo 46’), Zé Castro (Kaká 46’), Deák (Insua 46’) (Uxío 75’), Seoane (Ayoze 46’) – Sidibé (Álex Bergantińos 46’), Teles (Assunçăo 46’) – Cańi (Lemos 46’), Romay (Juan Carlos 46’), Bicho (Bruno Gama 46’) – Luis (Dani Iglesias 46’)
Goals: 0-1: (3’) Ze Castro, 1-1: (43’) Varela, 1-2: (47’) Dani Iglesias, 1-3: (77’) Bruno Gama
Referee:  Pérez Prado
Venue: A Magdalena (800)



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