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10 Aug 2006
Lionel Scaloni is near to obtaining his freedom from Deportivo. The Argentinean player talked with Sportpaper Ol?© about his current situation and confessed that he and his father are negotiating in order to find an exit from Deportivo. Scaloni also said that he wants to return to Argentina, but that his near future is still in Europe.

Q: What's your situation in Deportivo?
A: This afternoon my dad will have a meeting with the club and I have to talk with their lawyer. During the night I will have a solution to my case. I can play with normality with the rest of the group and we are trying to solve my contract.

Q: Did you talked with Joaqu?­n Caparr??s?
A: Yes, we did it yesterday. It was a one-hour conversation. I never had troubles with him and it seems that he thinks the same that I do. He said to me that the club's officials were expecting to sell me for an interesting amount and he was surprised to see me returning to  the club. The only thing I said is that there's no comeback for me. After ten years in the squad, there's no comeback after being discarded by him and the club.

Q: What happened?
A: The truth is that the coach received the promise that I would not return, that I will be sold. So, when I appeared in La Coru?±a, the coach thought: what is he doing here? the practice (Tuesday's training) was suspended and nothing more. I wasn't involved in that. Caparr??s told me that the suspension wasn't my fault, he though that my comeback was unfair for the rest of the players.

Q: Depor's fans are sending you to the bench...
A: I have the support of the people. They stop me on the street and ask me to stay. But unfortunately, I won't be in a place in which I am not comfortable. I never wanted to leave, but in this case, my continuity is difficult. We know that in this club the players had some troubles when  they left. The case of Fran, Mauro Silva, men that spent their career here and that abandoned the club by the exit door. I believe that they want to do the same with me, but they won't succeed. I have the love of the fans and that was demonstrated when they cheered me in the training.

Q: So, the problem was with the Club's officials?
A: I know that the problem wasn't related to football. I only have one year in my contract, they knew that I was going to the World Cup and they expected to recollect some money with me, so I was already sold. But the offers that were presented to me by the club were pointless, I wasn't interested in them. This situation has changed the work of the coach, he's in a difficult position right now. The Spanish Federation has clear rules and I have to train with the squad, which for the moment is something that I already achieved.

Q: And the next steps are?
A: To obtain my freedom, I want to leave the club using the front door as I deserve. I believe that I will exchange my freedom for the debt that the club has with me.

Q: So, you already have offers...
A: Yes, but I will not make any public declaration about it. But I need my freedom before. I will talk about the offers as soon as I obtain my freedom. I believe that it will occur between today and tomorrow.

Q: Will you like to play in any particular league?
A: I like England and their people, I did a good job there and we could have something there. In France too, but I still waiting to know what will happen in Deportivo. If I obtain my freedom, then the offers could come.

Q: What's your opinion about Alfio Basile as Argentina's national coach?
A: He is a respectful coach, everybody talks good things of him, and that's a good thing. We must think that it's normal to have different opinions, but when everybody says the same, it's because the situation is positive. I believe that's a similar line as the one followed before: to play good football and give freedom to the players.

Q: Did you think of returning to Argentina?
A: I will love to return to Estudiantes. I'm convinced that I will return to the club. But the possibility of leaving Depor is a recent thing and I am managing other offers in Europe. There's nothing about Argentina right now. I always said that I will return as soon as my contract expires, and my contract ends on the next year. I believe that I still have the age to be playing here in Europe. I can't discard anything, but my future is in Europe.

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