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30 Jul 2013
Tense situation inside the club; the players are upset because, two days before the deadline, the parties involved in Deportivo’s administration haven’t resolved the case of their unpaid wages. They want a solution.

It is a riot, or at least it’s promising to be a riot if the club, the administrators and the judge don’t fix the situation before Wednesday’s afternoon. The captains of Deportivo, Manuel Pablo, Aranzubia, Laure, Juan Dominguez & Álex Bergantiños addressed the media before Monday’s training session. Hours before they talked with the lawyer of the Players’ Association (AFE) and he told them that there were no sealed agreements regarding the payment of their unpaid wages.

The administrators of the club and the judge were planning to have a meeting with the players later in the morning, but the players themselves cancelled it. Later they called for the press conference and announced two things: The first is that they understand the current financial problems and that they don’t want to receive the full money now, instead what they want is a guarantee that they will receive the 100% of their salaries in the coming months.

The second thing was a menace: Deportivo won’t play Wednesday’s match in Portugal before FC Auroca (19h00 CET) if their demands aren’t fulfilled throughout that morning. They clarified that the players will normally train between Monday and Wednesday’s morning, but if their situation isn’t fixed before noon then they won’t make the trip to Portugal (there’s a second game scheduled for Saturday against Rio Ave FC).

Manuel Pablo and Aranzubia were the players that did all the talking. The Canarian defender said that, “We still waiting for a solution. We thought that things were going to be fixed during the vacation period, but they didn’t make the decisions. Now two days are left and we are still waiting for a solution. It’s a long thing that has been left for the last minute. We don’t see the point of traveling to Portugal if there’s no solution to this situation. We will train that morning, but won’t make the trip if things aren’t fixed before.”

Later Aranzubia explained that what the players want is a guarantee that their wages will be completely paid, “We don’t want a full payment now, but to have a guarantee that the full wages will be paid. If the guarantees are the same of past years, i.e. backed promissory notes, then we are fine.” This deal was reached by the AFE two years ago through a strike and we aren’t going to throw it away now.” Then Manuel Pablo added that, “Football is like this and they can criticized us, but this is our right. Probably we will be pointed out, but it isn’t our fault, it’s something coming from six months ago. We all know that this could mean the relegation and liquidation of the club, but everybody is responsible.”

Depor’s captains during the press conference
Deportivo and the players agree that the Galician club owes them around €11 million as part of their wages and mainly the primas of the season 2012/13. The problem begun when the administrators didn’t included the full debt into the mass debt reported to the judge. Instead they just included €6 million as they divided the primas between twelve months and not considered as a single payment made at the end of the season.

Bruno Gama appealed the decision in name of the whole group (including players that already left Deportivo), but the judge rejected the motion. It means that Deportivo are only forced to pay the €6 million included in the mass debt of the club, something refused by the players, the AFE and even La Liga authorities, this since the amounts out of the mass debt aren’t considered a priority and could be included in the forgiven debt in the final agreement signed by the creditors.

The dilemma right now is that Deportivo cannot pay the full €11 million despite having enough money in the bank account, because the decision of the judge is blocking this possibility. The point is that a previous agreement between the LFP and the AFE establish that all the unpaid wages with the players must be fixed before July 31 on every season, if not the clubs will face demotion.  It’s not a matter of paying before the deadline, but of reaching an agreement to pay the debt.

It is something that always affected Deportivo in recent years, after all the demands against Deportivo were a “routine”. The big difference right now is that the club cannot guarantee the payment on this opportunity as the situation is out of their hands, so it is the reason why the players are protesting, always remembering they don’t want the full payment now, only a guarantee their full wages will be respected.

 It seems to be a tricky problem; Deportivo cannot pay what the judge hasn’t authorized. Still, the solution seems simple: to refinance the full players’ wages through a new loan that has been offered by Novagalicia Banco and that’s part of the offered deal to face the club’s debt.

So, the whole problem with the players’ wages is taking the situation to the next level: the signing of the agreement in order to pay the global debt of Deportivo. It is expected that this plan will be ready in the coming hours.



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