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30 Jul 2013
Depor’s administrators had a meeting with the judge on Monday’s morning; after the reunion they talked to the media outside the courthouse and said that they are doing anything they can in order to avoid the relegation to Segunda B.

The current situation at Deportivo is leaving the administrators of the club and the judge on the horns of a dilemma. The administrators are doing what they always did in previous cases, but the new rules and previous agreements between La Liga and the Players’ Association are complicating the things.

They decided the full unpaid wages cannot be included in the list of debt that will have the priority (mass debt), something that unleashed the fury of the players. Now they are inside a trap from which no one can leave. On Monday’s morning the two administrators, Francisco Prada and Fernandez Maestre visited judge Rafael García in order to discuss the current situation. They were going to have a meeting with the players, but it was cancelled.

Moments later both administrators left the courthouse and talked to reporters. Francisco Prada was the one that talked to journalists; he said that, “The whole situation is passing through the possibility of seeing the players understanding that it’s impossible to pay debts that are considered administration debt. Since that point there are several solutions and alternatives, and we hope to present a concrete solution in the coming days.”

Prada & Maestre leaving the courthouse
“Let’s see if we can find a solution that can protect everybody’s interests. We think that the players themselves are interested in the continuity of the club. There’s no doubt on that. In this sense we are working in order to seal an agreement to pay the debt, though nothing is sealed at this point.” He added.

What the lawyer emphasized is that the main problem right now is related to the treasury of Deportivo, “The real emergency right now it’s a treasury problem. It is the thing worrying us and not the final agreement with the creditors, but both problems are linked as the creditors won’t unfreeze the money until having a concrete proposal.”

"The possibility of dispensing certain guarantees that are making impossible the availability of funds is passing through the depiction of a proposed agreement. No cash, then it’s impossible to continue". Prada finalized.



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