11 Aug 2006
Antonio Barrag??n is the younger member that has arrived to the first squad during this season. The Galician defender talked with newspaper <i>La Opini??n A Coru?a</i> about his first days in Deportivo. He said that the first reason why he came to La Coru?a was for the presence of Joaqu?n Caparr??s in the club.

Q: How are yo living this first days in Deportivo?
A: I am very happy because I already know the players and the coaches, that's the most important thing, and now I have to work at the highest level.

Q: You left a good impression during the debut in Negreira. How did you felt on the pitch?
A: Although that it was my debut, I felt really comfortable, we must keep improving and little by little, I will give more on the pitch.

Q: You are a European champion and there were better offers coming from other clubs, Betis as example. Why did you chose Depor?
A: I came here because of the confindence that the president and the coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s had on me. This is the most important thing that one player could ask, for this reason I took this decision.

Q: What do you see in Caparr??s?
A: He trust in the young people, he knows how to do it and is a magnificent coach. I already knew him in Sevilla and for that reason I chose to come here.

Q: You will be one of the few Spain's U-19 players performing in Primera.
A: Yes, the true is that me and Piqu? (Zaragoza) are fortunate. I am lucky and it's important to take advantage of this chance, but my team mates are also good and I think that they will arrive soon to Primera.

Q: It seems that you could be a starter in the squad.
A: We don't have starters or substitutes in the team, everybody is working in order to be in the starting lineup, we are trying to do it using our personal skills, and little by little we must try to improve.

Q: What are your qualities on the field?
A: I am a left back that likes to attack, but I never left the defensive zone without coverage, I also support the work of my partners.

Q: Is this Deportivo the one that you were expecting?
A: Deportivo has always been a great club and that's what I already found, Depor is great and we will try to keep it on that way during this season.

Q: But the project is different for this year.
A: It's a project that mixes young people with veterans, I think that's an important step for the club, and we must try to work hard in order to fulfill the expectations.

Q: But also asking for patience from the fans.
A: I want to say to the fans, that work and sacrifice are two facts that won't be missed, if the things go well, we will be at the top. My philosophy is to go step by step and game by game. We will see how the thing ends.

Q: It's time for the Teresa Herrera. Did you knew this tournament?
A: Off course, I have seen it on the TV. It's an important trophy for us and we will try to win it.

Q: The rivals are important, you can't play as you did it in Negreira
A: No, we must be serious, we must go game by game and doing the things as a strong squad. We were missing the sparkle that the coach asks from us, but little by little we will find our rhythm.

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