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01 Aug 2013
Remarkable job of Deportivo’s youngsters as they had to cover the absence of the professional players; they failed in the first play of the match, but later completed a solid work and grabbed a valuable draw before a more experienced rival.

Wednesday was a weird day for Deportivo. If all the mess surrounding the possible relegation of the club wasn’t enough, the first team had the compromise of playing before FC Arouca, a recently promoted club to the Portuguese first division that planned the game as their presentation before their fans, besides to be the first home game for them after the remodeling of the stadium (it can now hosts 5,000 spectators).

Since the first team players decided to boycott the game then there were a lot of novelties at the team, starting with the fact that Fernando Vázquez decided to stay in Spain, while Fabril’s coach José Luis Devesa was the one sat on the bench. There were three debutants at the first team; actually two of them haven’t even made their debut with Depor B yet during an official game.

David Gómez was debuting at the goal, Uxío Marcos performed at the right-back position, Stefan Deák and Jorge Callón were the centre-backs, this last one was making his debut directly coming from Juvenil A, the same goes with Aarón Rama, the left-back that has just been signed for Depor B.

At midfield Oumar Sidibé and Paulo Teles were controlling the traffic of the ball, Bicho was the playmaker, Jorge Romay attacked from the right wing, Cañi did it from the left and Dani Iglesias was the central attacker.

Fewer things can be asked to the players from Fabril, they were told at the last minute that they had to travel to Portugal in order to play for the first team and the true is that they left a positive impression before a humble, but at the same time more experienced rival. After all, the eleven players on the pitch had never performed at Primera División and were facing a team that will play at the elite of the Portuguese league during the new season.

The only spark came just seconds after the kick-off; the ball was passed to Sidibé at the edge of the area, but he got confused with keeper David Gómez, and the duo were surprised by the pressure of attacker Carlos Pedro Carvalho de Sousa ‘Pintassilgo’, who stole the ball in front of their eyes to score the goal from close range.

The goal brought relaxation to the local team and they were locked at the back, while this young Deportivo began to control the ball possession. Teles was among the best players in the game, always correct with the passes, still the Galicians missed depth and barely stepped into the rival’s area. Instead, they spent the time passing the ball at midfield

Arouca were also calmed and only created problems in three opportunities, in the first Callón cleared to corner-kick a dangerous drilling cross coming from the left (12’), then midfielder Bruno Amaro had a chance to score after collecting the ball inside the area, but his shot was just too easy for David Gómez.

The clearest chance for the Portuguese outfit was a corner-kick that miraculously didn’t end in goal. The cross coming from the left went directly into the path of defender Michael da Conceição Figueiredo ´Mika’, who connected a downward header that hit the ground and later went over the crossbar (35’).

It seemed the score wasn’t going to change before half-time, but suddenly Deportivo scored its only goal capitalizing their only scoring opportunity in the match. Romay got the ball at the left wing and drilled a perfect pass, beating the offside trap to find Cañi inside the area, then the winger drilled the ball into the box after eluding local goalie Igor Stefanović, then Dani Iglesias just had to come from behind in order to score his third goal during the pre-season.

The second half was less frantic, with both sides exchanging the dominion, but without important scoring opportunities. The locals were only close to score twice, first with a shot of Tinoco that was saved by David Gómez (56’) and one minute later Mika missed the target again during a corner-kick action.

At minute 60, Devesa changed the eleven players on the pitch and it occurred an unseen thing in the history of Deportivo: there were 11 debutants coming from the youth teams, and only five of them were coming from Depor B: Felipe Ramos, Róber, Álex Pérez, Adrián Martinez and Álvaro Queijeiro, the rest of players were 17-year-old youngsters from Juvenil A: centre-backs Ángel and Enrique Fornos, midfielders Gabi and Óscar García plus winger Juanpa and attacker Pancho Cotos.

The good thing is that the youngsters responded, perhaps without creating any opportunity to score, but looking solid at midfield and without conceding any opportunity to a rival that controlled the game within the last ten minutes without creating any harm to Felipe Ramos, only a shot of Bruno Amaro that the keeper sent to corner-kick (77'). The pre-season continues on Saturday as Deportivo play again in Portugal, this time against Rio Ave FC, and it will do it with the normal starters.

Deportivo (4-2-3-1): David Gómez (Felipe Ramos 60’) – Uxío (Ángel 60’), Deák (Quique Fornos 60’), Callón (Róber 60’), Aarón (Óscar Garcia 60’) – Sidibé (Gabi 60’) – Teles (Adrián Martínez 60’) – Romay (Juanpa 60’), Bicho (Queijeiro 60’), Cañi (Álex Pérez 60’) – Dani Iglesias (Pancho Cotos 60’)
Aoruca: (4-2-3-1) Stefanović – Luís Dias, Mika, André Claro, Roberto – Tinoco, Bruno Amaro – Nuno Coelho, Soares, Diego - Pintassilgo
Goals: 1-0: (2’) Pintassilgo, 1-1: (43’) Dani Iglesias
Venue: Estadio de Arouca (3,000)



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