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07 Aug 2013
Dani Iglesias is the second youngest player at the training camp of Deportivo; he’s one of the top-scorers during the pre-season, but knows that his spot in the short term is at Fabril, so the striker sees this stage as a reward.

The singular situation lived by Deportivo during the summer has opened opportunities to the players from the academy, one of them is striker Dani Iglesias, who is one of the top-scorers at the team during the pre-season (3 goals in favour).

The striker, who in ten days will be 18, has been one of the pleasant surprises during the pre-season, but the point is that he will a regular of Fabril during the Tercera campaign and this was only an exam that will help  coach Fernando Vázquez to determine what to expect from the player in future seasons.

Dani is aware of this, as he explained on Tuesday during a press conference, “For me it’s a reward to be here with the first team been a Juvenile player. The concentration in Monforte was pretty good. I was lucky enough to see the other players of Fabril joining the team too. I was treated well by the captains and the most veteran players, truly I’m very content.”

“It’s an honour to train with a professional team like Depor. Many things change: the intensity, the pace… the physical aspect as it isn’t the same to compete against other boys than to do it against more experienced men, so I believe this is converting me into a better player in order to compete at a highest level. It’s important to me to gain the confidence of the coach, now I only expect to give back the confidence to Fernando during the games and the trainings.” He added.

He continued insisting that he dreams of having minutes, but that at the same time he keeps both feet on the ground, “Clearly you dream of having minutes when you start to train, but well… I already said that I was taking this chance as a reward. My team is Fabril, but now that I’m here you will try to fight in order to have minutes, to convince the coach you are useful to be here.”

The striker also felt sorry for the serious injury suffered by his partner Álvaro Lemos, “It was a big blow for us. I have been playing with him for many years at several teams. He doesn’t deserve this and I can only wish a quick recovery. He will return stronger than before.”

Finally, Dani Iglesias told to reporters that, despite living a dream in recent weeks, his life remains the same, “I try to remain calm. My life hasn’t changed, though it’s a pride to be with the first team. In any case my life hasn’t changed at all. It all remains the same.”



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