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09 Aug 2013
Juan Carlos Real is battling in order to earn a spot at the first team; the playmaker addressed the media and said that he’s fighting for the spot; also that Deportivo must aspire to the promotion to Primera División.

For the second straight year Juan Carlos Real is fighting in order to get a spot at the first team; last year he lost the battle and spent half of the season at Depor B and the other half loaned at SD Huesca, which wasn’t a good experience for him. Now it is commented that he could go out loaned again, but the player wants to keep pushing for a spot at the final team.

He commented it during a press conference held on Thursday at Abegondo, “I don’t know anything yet. Nobody has told me anything. I will clench my teeth and work hard. In the beginning I’m counting in staying until somebody tells me otherwise. I work to stay here at Deportivo and it is my hope. If later other things happen then we will study the case, but I hope of staying and been able to work on here.”

“My goal is always to be here. My idea is to stay at Deportivo. I have felt fine at the team. The work has been intensive, but I feel fine. I always said that, despite new people are coming for your position, you cannot feel worried. It’s a matter of the club. And if they don’t bring anyone then they will surely be able to relocate another player for that position. It isn’t my business. I just need to prove that I can play no matter who’s here.” The playmaker added.

About the promotion aspirations of Deportivo, the Galician player is confident the club will end making a solid team for the goal, “Surely the situation of the club isn’t what it used to be, but still, despite all the problems, we will end up making a team with guaranties. Beside, people are eager on here. The players are excited.”

“I want to aspire to the highest goal, to the highest one, but will judge things later as everything can change. For now our people are having the idea that we can do the right things, because we are convinced that the team will be ready to compete and that we are going to fight for the highest goal that’s possible.” Juan Carlos ended.



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