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11 Aug 2013
The pre-season ended for Deportivo with a victory at the Riazor. Two very different halves with the goals landing for the second part; Culio changed the tide and Deák scored a brace. Arizmendi & Bicho also had a nice performance.

It was the last match on the pre-season and the only one that was played at the Riazor. Coach Fernando Vázquez chose to play with a 5-2-2-1 system and with ten of the eleven starters with a previous career at Fabril; actually nine of the starters were Galicians. Goalkeeper Lux was the only foreigner at the starting squad.
Madrilenian Laure performed at the right-back position, Seoane was moved to the left side of the defense, while the trio at the centre was composed by David Rochela, Uxío Marcos and Pablo Insua.

Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez were the centre midfielders, then there was a line of two playmakers with Bicho and Juan Carlos. Finally, Luis Fernández was the central attacker.

The rival for the presentation  was Gil Vicente FC; a team from the liga ZON Sagres that suffered a lot in order to clinch the permanence on last season. Coach João de Deus was presenting several of the normal starters, including captain César Peixoto, but new signing Paulinho, who scored 11 goals in 35 Segunda matches with Tofense, was on the bench. There was a poor attendance to the stadium with only 3,500 fans at the Riazor.

It was a match with two very different halves. In the first there were only a few scoring chances and it was boring, while the aim showed up in the second and therefore the game turned to be really exciting, with the score changing hands up to three times.

Depor had the initiative since the kick-off, with Juan Dominguez commanding midfield territory and with Bicho as the most active player in attack; at minute 8, the 17.year-old player assisted Insua, who sent the ball wide from close range. It was going to be one of the few chances for the Galicians in this half.

The enthusiasm of the youngsters was drained with the passage of the minutes, Gil Vicente were creating danger with the duo Draman-Bruno Moraes, the latter scored a goal that was disallowed due to a previous foul over Uxío, but they also missed more effectiveness at the moment of making the passes.

There was a high pace in this half, but it wasn’t transformed into a large number of scoring opportunities, what happened is that there were a lot of fouls, something that reduced the presence of the attackers at both areas. Depor were too thick attacking by the centre and missed depth at the sides, mainly with Seoane having problems to release accurate crosses from the left. In this sense the performance of the team was flat and lacking aggressiveness. Still, the individual skills of Bicho were enough to encourage the small crowd at the stadium.

For the second half, Fernando Vázquez made ten changes, only keeper Lux stayed on the pitch. The draw still was a 5-2-2-1: Lux – Manuel Pablo, Aythami, Deak, Kaká, Ayoze – Assunção, Teles – Bruno Gama, Romay – Arizmendi.

And the aim highly missed in the first part showed up in the second. João Vilela was the leader of his team and the entry of João Paulo Dias ‘Paulinho’ turned to be deadly for Depor. At the same time Arizmendi demonstrated that he can be important on the new season. The Madrilenian performed at the centre of the attack and caused a lot of damage at the rival’s defense, but what changed the game was the debut of Culio, pretty motivated in the final stretch.

The second half began and, like it happened in the first part, the first minutes were intense, with both sides having chances to score. Bruno Moraes had a clear chance to score after been assisted by Brito, but his attempt missed the target (47’). Depor responded with an attempt of Paulo Teles that also missed the target (53’). Five minutes later, Arizmendi missed the ball after a great pass of Teles.

The big difference in this half is that both sides were still having chances to score after the first fifteen minutes; actually the first three goals were scored in a matter of eight minutes. First, Bruno Gama made a play at the right wing and released a cross searching for Arizmendi and the Madrilenian was clearly pulled inside the area, the referee whistled the penalty and Bruno Gama didn’t miss from the penalty spot.

And just three minutes later the visiting team surprised with a quick play in which Leandro Pimenta assisted playmaker João Vilela, who scored from close range. The local team protested a possible foul over Ayoze. And only four minutes later the Portuguese outfit had already turned the score upside down, this after Paulinho scored the second goal in a new lack of concentration of Deportivo’s defense and after an assist of João Vilela.

Then Vázquez made two new modifications and Argentine Juan Culio made his debut replacing Romay. He played the last ten minutes as the playmaker in the scheme. Sidibé also replaced Teles.

The entry of Culio changed the final stretch of the game and therefore the final score, because he was going to participate in the goals that changed the tide, first he released a corner-kick that nobody cleared inside the area and Serbian Stefan Deák scored the equalizer from close range. And just three minutes later, the same connection appeared again to bring the winning goal, this time Culio released a cross from the right and Deák headed the ball home. Before, Culio was also close to score with a shot that missed the target.

Dani Aranzubia and Dani Iglesias were the only players that didn’t participate in the game, with Cañi, Rudy and Lemos injured. Also, Ze Castro was left at the stands and it’s rumoured he’s about to leave Deportivo. In one week the team will be debuting in the Segunda tournament visiting UD Las Palmas (Estadio de Gran Canaria, 19h00 CET).

Deportivo: (5-2-2-1)  Lux – Laure (Manuel Pablo 46’), Rochela (Aythami 46’), Uxío (Deák 46’), Insua (Kaká 46’), Seoane (Ayoze 46’) - Álex Bergantiños (Teles 46’) (Sidibé 78’), Juan Domínguez (Assunção 46’) – Bicho (Bruno Gama 46’), Juan Carlos (Romay 46’) (Culio 78’) – Luis (Arizmendi 46’)
Gil Vicente: (4-4-2) Facchini (Caleb 46’) – Gabriel (Eder 72’), Halisson (Peaks 86’), Danielson Luís Martíns  (Vítor Vinha 80’) - Diogo Viana (Luan 86’), Peixoto (Leandro Pimenta 56’), João Vilela (Vítor Gonçaluis 80’), Keita (Nélson Agra 89’ – Draman (Brito 46’), Bruno Moraes (Paulinho 56’).
Goals: 1-0: (63’) Bruno Gama (penalty), 1-1: (66’) João Vilela, 1-2: (71’) Paulinho, 2-2: (85’) Deák, 3-2: (88’) Deák
Referee: Rubén Eiriz Mata. He showed yellow card to Gabriel (20’), Juan Carlos (24’), Peixoto (28’), Luis (41’), Assuncao (69’) Halisson (82’) and Vítor Vinha (85’)
Venue: Riazor (3,500)



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