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19 Aug 2013
The Galician papers were celebrating the result of Deportivo conscious of the big problems faced by the club throughout the summer. The Canarian media was disappointed with their team and surprised with Depor’s performance.

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo La Coruña starts with a meritorious victory in Las Palmas. Depor return with three points and a message of hope. Above the result and the game, the team sent a message, more of domestic consumption that over the face of the rivals reinforcing the self-esteem of the squad and also the fans. Victory in a complicate pitch before Las Palmas, a rival budgeted for promotion in the forecasts. A header by Insua gave Depor the victory and it was the reward for their sweat, which offset the deficits in one of the most tumultuous pre-season in the club’s history.

Insua’s header in a corner-kick of Culio was enough for the three points, also helped by the untimely effort of Barbosa, keeper who had saved Las Palmas in the first half. Deportivo La Coruña, weighed in the pre-season by the uncertainty of the final preparation of the squad, turned to be a real team at the Canary Islands and that's the best you can say about it at this point. They knew how to defend with a line composed by four men, just when he tested before the line of five defenders. They arrived by the sides with wingers playing outside of their normal position. They converted their goalkeeper into the best player in the game and it didn’t face too many problems to maintain their advantage, even with inferiority after the expulsion of Culio. Kaká and Insua became giants to hold the advantage against a rival that started better, but that fell down with the passage of minutes. Miguel Piñeiro.

La Opinión A Coruña: It is the reality now. To celebrate and feel hopeful, because there are motives, but without jumping to conclusions prematurely. Whatever the outcome and the good feelings, we must be patient with this half-done team. We will have to wait and see who comes and who goes out to calibrate what may be the real potential of this new Depor. For now, it looks good. To compete so well from day one has merit, much credit, especially after a summer so hectic and with so many unknowns, some still unresolved. Everybody fought hard in Las Palmas, the new ones and those who already were there. Included Bruno Gama, who didn’t care to squeeze himself despite his imminent departure.

From least to most was the impression left by this new Depor, firm at the back, tightening up and with interesting offensive alternatives. More will be added by Geijo, called to be one of the new leaders. Culio already is. Leader and good footballer. It’s enough to see him hitting the ball. Until his unfair expulsion he left promising details. As Arizmendi, who’s doing well as he did when he joined Depor for the first time: great stride, good diagonal and hard work. He isn’t at the top yet, but still showed he can contribute a lot at Segunda. It was one of the names of a game that serves to reaffirm that Depor is alive and wants to be protagonist. Of corpse, nothing. Three points to start and good feelings. Merit of the players. Of them and of course Fernando Vazquez. They bring hope. For this you don’t  need the signature of the administrators Eugenio Cobas.

Deporte Campeón:  The best possible return. Deportivo returned to Segunda Division in a big way, with a victory over UD Las Palmas based on defensive order and the punch in set-pieces. The youngster Pablo Insua, who debuted in the league, proved to be prepared for a starting role and scored the winning goal at the 49th minute. The centre-back headed in a corner kick made by one of the stars of yesterday’s game: Argentine Culio, who, as he had done in the presentation of Depor before their fans, proved to be lethal in set-pieces. But he couldn’t finish the game after been expelled by the referee at the 62nd minute for a second yellow. Unfair decision, because the second card showed to the South American player by referee Vazquez Figueroa was derived from an action that was not even foul. Israel Zautúa

AS: Insua's goal decided and steals the limelight from Valerón. The initial nerves were only a curtain of a match without speculations. Attacking football from both sides, solid defense, good combinations and a vital error: Barbosa, after working three miracles, put a red carpet to Insua and allowed him to head the ball home. The centre-back was hero and leader of this half-done Depor.

The tension of the first few minutes took second place and the real protagonists showed up to the stage: Las Palmas and Deportivo offered a somewhat blurry picture of what they can be this season: teams made to be at the top positions, but with a long way to go . Valerón offered in the first part some flashes of pure magic, although the lack of accuracy of the yellow team was evident. Meanwhile, Depor pulled of Culio’s quality and the brash of Luis, who together with Arizmendi forced Barbosa to give his best. The yellow goalie, who had worked less than Lux, made key saves in the closing stages of the first half to prevent Depor’s goal: first, before Culio and then twice before Arizmendi.

The second half began with an early goal from Insua, after a terrible effort of Barbosa. Cold water for the attendees, something that wasn’t relieved by the expulsion of Culio soon after. Depor followed their own, path, though a little closer to their area. Vazquez's team controlled the pace. The anxiety of Las Palmas grew by leaps and bounds. Lobera’s team was nervous, while the visitant team was quieter. More watching Valerón at midfield, totally disabled. The last quarter of an hour was an “I want but I can’t” with a well planted Depor and Las Palmas desperate for a tie that didn’t come and didn’t deserve. Diego de Félix

La Provincia (Las Palmas): The UD is sad. Little remains of the fragrance left by Union Deportiva Las Palmas on last season. Those were other times, other team and other scenario. That fresh smell now, two months after the defeat against Almeria in the promotion playoff To Primera Division, is just a memory. Nice, but already become the past, something abstract that doesn’t move anything. By the way, from that day until today, a few players who cheered that dream have left the project. Thievy, at this point, looking for a gap at RCD Espanyol. Vitolo marvels at t Nervión neighborhood with Sevilla CF. Murillo enlarges his promise wearing the colors of Granada CF. And among so much loss and so much change, the UD Las Palmas is sad. Trapped by melancholy, looking for a new direction, the team of Sergio Lobera ugly conceded a defeat against Deportivo La Coruña in the first day of the season (0-1).

Without inspiration or goal, the UD showed worse symptoms than the outcome of the meeting itself. Beyond the stumbling, the yellow team declared itself incompetent to fix the situation when Culio, after seeing two yellow cards, was ejected at the 63rd minute. With half hour ahead and the numerical superiority, Las Palmas was at the mercy of Deportivo’s whims, side that was well planted outside their own area and that didn’t face excessive problems keeping up the advantage after Insua's goal at the start of the second half.

From the Deportivo that was champion, the team that scared half Europe at the Riazor, there’s no shadow of it. But with players like Lux, Manuel Pablo, Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez, Culio, Bruno Gama or Arizmendi it can make a few luxury signings for Segunda Division. And Fernando Vazquez, with a few hours of flight on the bench, has built a solid base from a group of players that yesterday, against all odds after all the fuss and so much uncertainty, showed pride to give a strike and launch the first message to sailors: Depor are not dead.  Martín Alonso



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