23 Aug 2013
Striker Xisco returns to the Riazor, but it will be in order to play against Deportivo. The Majorcan attacker offered an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and expresses his feelings for returning to A Coruña.

Q: Again in A Coruña. This time at the visiting team. How do you see it?
A: It's going to be very special. I don’t think it's a surprise to anyone either in Córdoba or in Coruña. I have never hidden that Depor is my team. Besides the fact I spent a few amazing years in La Coruña, Depor have been everything to me. Whenever you get the calendar of the season I mark that game and am looking forward to play it.
Q: Your desire is fulfilled very early on the season. Do you think it will be good or bad for Cordoba?
A: Here we have been talking on these days that it’s never easy go play at the Riazor. I know well the house and I know better than anyone what it means to play there as an adversary. The best thing that could happen is to play at the Riazor as soon as possible, when the team isn’t settled yet and when they aren’t sure how things will be. Now is the ideal time.

Q: The true is that the team is still half-done. This season has been very intense. I guess you have followed the situation from the distance.
A: I have been reading the papers and have talked with some former team mates. Luckily Depor could stay at Segunda and nothing happened. Now I think we have a good squad and it will be one of the teams that will be at the top positions. A stadium with more than 25,000 people each Sunday is something really heavy.

Q: On July 31, you used the social media to show support for Depor and your former team mates. Did you live a bad moment?
A: No doubt about it. On July 31, I lived the situation with anxiety and uncertainty. It wasn’t a good day, for what it means to me and for the colleagues I have there playing.

Q: Do you think that after everything that has happened there will be unhappiness at the stands on Saturday?
A: What I hope and believe that will happen is that the fans will welcome the players. Just as it has happened in recent years. I think it was unfair to see the criticism towards Manuel Pablo, after all that Manolo has given for the club. He’s a professional, but of course the fans must be respected.

Q: Vazquez requested two strikers and until now they haven’t been signed. Many names were linked with the club. Did they call you?
A: There was something. But in the end it didn’t materialize for various reasons. I was a free agent and wanted to see if there were options to play at Primera or to go outside of Spain. And if it wasn’t possible then I had an agreement with the president of Cordoba about returning, because they were very good with me..

Q: But you plead to be a convinced Deportivista. Didn’t you want to return?
A: I'll be happy to return to A Coruña, as long as the situation is positive for me. I can never close the doors to Depor. But it must happen. These are things of football.

Q: I guess that if you score on Saturday the celebration will be saved for another day.
A: Of course I am not going to celebrate if I score. It would be disrespectful. For all that it has given to me in A Coruña. I'll be eternally grateful.

Q: Depor want to follow the path after the win against Las Palmas.
A: I couldn’t watch the game. My colleagues told me, "Your Depor is winning 0-1." To me the victory was no surprise. There are enough quality players at Depor and they will be a tough rival.



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