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26 Aug 2013
The papers weren’t too disappointed with Deportivo’s performance, mainly as they understand that this is a team under construction, but they still criticized the error in the play that meant to lose the match.

Deporte Campeón: Victim of ingenuity. A goal from the slate at the 67th minute caused to see Deportivo debuting at home with a defeat. Los Blanquiazules, ineffective on offense during the first half and better in the second, succumbed before a team that, without brilliant football, knew how to play their cards and that succeeded in one of the few scoring opportunities that they had. Galicians and Andalusians offered a soporific first half in which the scoring chances were non-existent, and among the few things that can be rescued are the good feelings transmitted by Portuguese Rudy (fast, electric, talented and excellent vision of the game). Israel Zautúa

La Opinión A Coruña: Innocents. The first, Culio. It hurts to see him at the stands rather than on the pitch, place where he should have been. And all for the famous second booking in Las Palmas. The referee was wrong and this was demonstrated by the television images. No doubt offered. Innocent for everyone except for the lights of the various committees, determined to protect each other, even against reason and common sense. Zero justice. So, things work like this in the country of the tambourine. This was an important casualty for Deportivo, still very green and missing people, especially in attack. The team missed it. It was hard to get into the rival’s area, partially for the absence of the Argentine player, an already made footballer, something that’s rare in this new homegrown Depor.

It’s a pleasure to watch them, but they cannot be charged with the full responsibility. Everything, in time. They have to slowly enter into the team, tucked behind by other players with weight as Culio himself. They must be growing step by step, driven by victories like the one in Las Palmas, but also defeats like yesterday’s one. Depor lost due to its collective innocence in a set-piece action poorly defended. Blame on everyone, not just on the kids. It will serve as a lesson, as long as you don’t repeat other similar foolish plays. The details defined the game. For better or for worse. Details such as Rudy, looking like someone that can make the difference. Or Insua increasingly feeling used to the role of starter. They already are. Now the team is missing other players, starting with two strikers. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: Very solid, very few ideas. In this Depor that remains in the road of formation, there is an undeniable virtue: strength. The preseason work has allowed polishing the marks, plus giving a bonus in the physical condition that multiplies the aids. For the rest, there are still many pieces to come and sessions to hold at Abegondo.

Errors in the output of the ball. Depor chose to play on long throws and the taste to create game from behind was about to cost some troubles. Although clean cut, Depor’s centre-backs had more difficulties in moving the ball. Mainly, by the side of Kaka, place where the Brazilian and Laure lost many balls. The more important one, the play that ended in the monumental failure of Xisco. Insua was also wrong in his first run, it almost cost a counterattack, but from there he won experience and was the wisest in the passes. Meanwhile, Manuel Pablo had to overcome the difficulty of playing at the other side of the defense.

Many meters for Luis. Depor retreated and for this reason Luis had to travel hundreds of meters to reach the opponent's goal. He spent most of the match at midfield searching for the ball backwards the goal. The side of Arizmendi barely produced anything and only Rudy, portentous, and the subsequent entry of Bicho, helped to create some danger Xurxo Fernández

AS: Córdoba, side that added the second consecutive win in the league, made history at the Riazor getting the first victory of its history playing at the Galician stadium. The Andalusian triumph showed the serious deficiencies of a Deportivo that have eight days to sign and balance a squad that remains under construction.

The shortcomings are such that the definitive, and incomprehensible, casualty of Culio was enough to dismast Vazquez’s starting eleven. Without the Argentine playmaker, Juan Dominguez advanced his position and the double pivote functions were for Bergantiños and Wilk, two midfielders whose virtue is to destroy and that look so much that both are blond. Only with that, Depor’s football faded away.

The game, condemned to the draw, was decided in a child error during a free-kick at the edge of the area. López Silva fooled everyone and Abel, instead of shooting, made a pass that left the midfielder alone before Lux. , It was one of those gifts you don’t forgive at Primera, Segunda, Juveniles and not even in the school yard. Luis de La Cruz

Diario de Córdoba: Thank you Córdoba. The Blanquiverde heart beats, beats, sending fresh fluid at each stroke of muscle to revitalize something that seemed, if not dead, quite crestfallen, sick. Where there was boredom it now sees a chance to relive some moments of happiness. Where before it wasn’t perceived the road, now the path seems open and having a feeling of conviction in what you do. It’s the best from this Cordoba that can launch itself or others, to everyone who is willing to believe, everyone who listens. It’s hopeful, like it or not (anyone not like?), it excites. It isn’t for its game, of course, but may have intermittent passages that recognize quality details. But long ago, decades, this is what the average fan of this Cordoba aims is to see: their team winning. From continuous victories there will be time for the delicatessen. First it’s necessary to get used to the daily meal to claim later, if necessary, best delicacies. Ignacio Luque.



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