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26 Aug 2013
Disappointment at Deportivo as the team lost the first game on the league tournament. Vázquez was conscious that his team missed presence in attack, Dani Igleisas was happy with his debut, while Lendoiro talked of signings.

 Coach Fernando Vázquez was commenting that, “Córdoba gave us problems. Let’s say that, as long as Córdoba had the strength, they had the ball possession, while we missed to have the ball. We were fine in defense, but evidently when you don’t have the capacity to launch the counterattack, then you suffer. In the second half things were different, Córdoba lowered the level and the pressure wasn’t so incisive. They were more tired and the pressure wasn’t the same.”

“Still, we didn’t have the capacity to create a goal opportunity and tie the game. Their goal was stupid, because there was a foul and the definition of the play was bad. One player was out of position. There was a foul during the goal, but the solution was to not commit the previous foul. This defeat won’t stop us. You end disappointed, buy you knew the team was going to lose games.” He added.

Depor’s coach also confirmed that Arizmendi wasn’t feeling okay when he was replaced at half-time, “He was feeling dizzy and couldn’t continue in the second half” Then he commented the function of Juan Dominguez in the game, “We must think the situation was forced for Juan Dominguez as he was playing as a playmaker. In the second half Juan Dominguez returned to his natural position and Bicho performed as the playmaker. The pressure was lower and it was different. The team pushed, but didn’t find power in attack.”

Asked about Rudy, the Galician trainer said that, “The boy made his best effort. It was his first game with the team, though at times it gave the sense he didn’t realize about his situation. Still, he made a big sacrifice and I’m content with Rudy. He completed his first game and showed some details. I hope he can become a more solid footballer.”

About signings, Vázquez denied the arrival of Marchena, at least for now, “It’s non-viable, because for the moment we won’t sign any one that isn’t a striker, so there are no chances of seeing anybody coming that it isn’t an attacker. First the strikers. We need two and are waiting. Why? Because there are problems. I am not saying we will wait for Geijo until the deadline. The wait is over. If they allow us we will try to sign what we want.”

“It’s a no sense to remove an important piece from the structure in order to put another key piece. The players that are important are going to continue. I’ve been dreaming for months of having a full squad, It wasn’t possible until know, not only about the arrivals, but also for the exits. Still, we are there and I am happy with our situation. “ He finalized.

Captain Manuel Pablo was feeling sorry as Deportivo didn’t create enough scoring opportunities in this match, “We had pace, but missed more presence inside the area. We only had Luis up front, there were plays a both wings, but nothing was entering. We had one striker to face four or five defenders. There were some opportunities that in other games ended in goals.”

“In the free-kick that meant their goal there was a mismatch and they executed the play pretty well. Thanks to this play they claimed a match that was pretty equal. We never were able to break the barrier they put in front of us.” The Canarian defender added.

Juan Carlos was the best player in the second half; he commented that, “Today, in front of our fans, we had the idea of achieving the victory. We tried until the end and we didn’t get it. We’re sad. We faced a great team like Córdoba; we had our opportunities and felt looser in the second half as we dominated the game.”

“It’s a big joy to play here at the Riazor, in front of the people. You give more of what you have. I always try to help the team. I tried to give my best and adapt. The team fought until the end in order to reach the tie, but it escaped from us.” The playmaker added.

Dani Iglesias was one of the little good news in the game as the youngster debuted with the first team, “I am very content for debuting at the first team. It’s my dream since been a little kid at Deportivo. I had minutes and hope to have more chances in the future. The coach brings the confidence; he believes in the academy and we hope to do what we know on the pitch.”

I wasn’t expecting to debut, because during the pre-season I assumed it as a reward, but well--- the weeks were passing and it’s also true that the strikers didn’t arrive and the coach opted in giving me the chance to debut at the Riazor, so I am happy and content. The strikers will arrive now, but I will be happy training with the first team. I’ll work hard and let’s see if later the coach can give me another reward.” The striker added.

The other teenager in the game, Bicho, said that, “I’m pretty happy for debuting at the Riazor having a big attendance; the pity was the final result. I wanted to do more things and I’m saddened for the defeat. We couldn’t score a goal and this is too long, so we must move forward.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro talked about the signings, he talked of Borja Bastón, “He isn’t signed. We have a verbal agreement. There’s an agreement between Borja, Atlético and us, but he isn’t signed. Still, I calculate that on Monday he will be here.” He denied to talk of Marchena, “You already heard the coach, what he needs right now is people up front, so we are following this path. It’s difficult to find good strikers and later you have other circumstances.”

There was also a comment related to Geijo, “We have a deal with Udinese and the people that manage the things of Geijo, but if later there’s a conflict between Alex Geijo and Udinese that’s stopping the operation then we cannot do anything. We cannot force anyone to sign, but if he doesn’t come then we will have to make other decisions.” Finally, Lendoiro talked of exits, “More players will leave, but it will be because they don’t have a spot at the team, besides the fact we need to reduce the wages.”



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