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02 Sep 2013
The media praised the performance of Deportivo, especially the debut of Borja Bastón and his brace. There was also a positive review for Luisinho, the other player of the Galician team that was making his official debut.

La Opinión A Coruña: Borja defines, Luisinho convinces. Luisinho and Borja seized their first official match with Deportivo to confirm in Sabadell the good feelings offered in the Teresa Herrera, the Madrilenian as good finisher and the Portuguese as a full-back with depth, fine with the ball and skilled at dribbling. The two goals from the striker, who only have completed three training sessions with his new teammates, are useful to gain confidence and face the following matchdays with greater confidence. He lives of the goals and yesterday’s brace inaugurated his private count, which is expected to continue next Sunday against Murcia.

Depor won fairly and the result was short. The team played with the classic 4-2-3-1, but with much freedom of movement for Culio. Within the first 20 minutes Depor were inaccurate, folded in their field, without pressing, yet well positioned. They barely arrived to the opposite area. From there it advanced the lines, pushed higher and created opportunities from open plays and set-pieces. They had two good chances on the feet of Rudy and Borja. In the second half, Deportivo had a spectacular exit. They played almost all the time in attack, always having the ball possession. They controlled the game based on many supports and aids. It went really well on the counterattack; taking advantage that Sabadell didn’t make any surveillance at the moment of throwing the set-pieces.

The best was the second half of Depor and the two goals of Borja Bastón. In the first he shifted between three opponents, released a shot from outside the area and placed the ball on the far post. In the second goal he received the ball with a short angle, but knew how to place the ball at the far post to surprise the goalkeeper. It was also noticed the veteran behavior, hard work and craftiness of Culio. With the Argentine on the field the set-pieces improve and make sense. The worst were the first 20 minutes in the game and that Culio has to be careful with the fouls he commits when he’s already booked. He could have taken more advantage of strategic actions, because Sabadell defended only with a man at the near post. .Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: Welcome Mr. Borja. "I have great confidence in him, I see great things and I think he will be helpful." Juan Dominguez only needed half a training and three quarters of an hour in the Teresa Herrera to measure Borja Bastón. The day after the friendly against Real Madrid the midfielder predicted a promising future for the Madrilenian striker. His partner just took 48 hours to give him the reason.

He did it yesterday in Sabadell with a good play and a great shot that opened first and deepened later  the great win of Depor at the Nova Creu Alta. The striker shone there, he just turned 20, in perfect harmony with the rest of the team. From less to most effective, like the rest of the players. He started hesitating and being too individualistic, losing the ball without beating the mark. He threw out what was the first shot in the game and blew a very good opportunity. He collected an assist from Culio and there, without any pressure around him, immediately wanted to shoot. He didn’t connect the ball properly, it was bouncing gently until crashing into the left post of the goal of De Navas.

An error completely buried in a second half in which he attempted in other three times and two of them ended up finding the net. After leaving the changing room, Borja converted into an assist what was initially a hurried clearance from Kaka. The number 9 got the ball and dumped Olivas and Carlos Hernandez to beat the goalie with a very tight shot. As much as the one that meant the 0-2. For the second, Borja was served from a great team move that ended with Bergantiños releasing a cross. The midfielder put the ball back and the striker pulled an uncontested shot fifteen minutes to end the match. Xurxo Fernández

AS: Deportivo clinched a big win in Sabadell, this after a first half in which they sweat to keep a clean sheet. Their reaction after the break, and the better union as a team, were decisive. The early stages of the match were clearly dominated by Sabadell, side that pushed the outcome of the ball and that gave troubles to Lux within the first ten minutes. Anibal, well attended by both sides, was the most dangerous man for Los Arlequinados and may have opened the scoresheet at minute 26.

But he smashed the ball into the body of the keeper and later Kaká  saved at the goal line. An action that perfectly defined what had happened so far: Depor could not leave their area beyond the cleared balls. Only Rudy, the best for the Galicians, offered some glimpses keeping the ball on his side. Still in the first part, Depor were clearly improving, and left the feeling of being more comfortable on the pitch. They left the cave, and evidently brought danger: Borja Bastón hit the post with a shot in which he didn’t connect the ball properly.

It was an omen of things to come in the second half. Fernando Vazquez pushed his players during the break, as Depor came out with a very different attitude. More aggressive, pressing up and bringing the point of intensity that was lacked within the first 45 minutes. And Borja only needed three minutes to open the score. Cristian didn’t manage  to clear the long ball, Olivas wasn’t expecting the failure of his team mate and Borja, smarter than anyone, beat De Navas. From there, the game was very downhill for the Galicians. They dominated the match, the ball possession and in the second goal Borja burst the net of De Navas with a crossed shot. Great finish and game over. Arizmendi, with a proper play from a Primera player, put the third to perfectly end a counterattack for the Galicians. Álex Biescas



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