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03 Sep 2013
The first team of Deportivo is now composed by eighteen players, at least for now. It’s the lower number on this century. 16 of the 24 players that ended last season have left the club. There were seven signings during the summer transfer window.

Moved transfer window for Deportivo. The financial problems forced the club to allow several exits and not to hire too many players. For this reason the first team was closed with only eighteen players, the lowest number on this century.

And it’s that sixteen of the twenty-four players that ended last season (67% of the total) have left Deportivo. These players are: Aranzubia, Sílvio, Aythami, Ayoze, Evaldo, Jesús Vázquez., Abel Aguilar, André Santos, Paulo Assunção, Valerón, Camuñas, Bruno Gama, Pizzi, Salomão, Riki & Nélson Oliveira.

In order to fill up the gaps the club hired seven new players: keeper Fabricio, centre midfielder Wilk, left-back Luisinho, winger/playmaker Culio, plus attackers Rudy, Arizmendi and Borja Bastón. Meanwhile, three players renewed their contracts: keeper Lux, plus centre-backs Kaká & Marchena.  Also, full-back Diego Seoane, centre-back David Rochela and playmaker Juan Carlos return from a loan spell. Finally, only one player from Fabril has been promoted on a permanent basis: striker Luis Fernández.

It was surprising to see Pablo Insua out of the final list, after all Fernando Vázquez included him as a fixed player for the Segunda campaign. But what happened is that the administrators of the club only wanted 18 players at the senior squad, so the Galician centre-back will be inscribed as a B team member, but will stay competing at the first team. Other youngsters like Bicho, Dani Iglesias and Teles will be alternating between the first squad and Depor.

Still, eight of the eighteen players inscribed so far (44% of the total) performed before at Fabril: Fabricio, Rochela, Seoane, Laure, Álex, Juan Domínguez, Juan Carlos & Luis. It’s the biggest influence of the academy within the last decades.

Despite the market is already closed, Deportivo are pending to make two more moves. First is to concrete the exit of Rochela, who hasn’t made the medicals yet in Thailand. This will reduce the list to seventeen players, which will allow the spot for Insua’s promotion.

The other move is the possible arrival of a striker, something that’s possible only if the club signs a free-agent. The LFP allows the signing of a free agent without deadlines. Lendoiro and even the administrators admitted the possibility.

Final squad for the season (shirt numbers in parenthesis)
Keepers: Lux (1) & Fabricio (13)
Defenders: Manuel Pablo (2), Laure (15), Marchena (5), Rochela (14), Kaká (23), Luisinho (16) & Seoane (22)
Midfielders: Álex Bergantiños (4), Juan Domínguez (10), Wilk (20) Juan Carlos (25) & Culio (19)
Attackers: Rudy (8), Arizmendi (11), Luis Fernández (24) & Borja Bastón (9)



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